Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pulau Ketam - 吉胆岛

Looking for a short staycation or a relaxing day trip away from the urbans? I have an opportunity to stay there for a 3D2N when we went for filming for the upcoming Channel 8 - Fresh Farmers 2. Malaysians may probably know of this Island but I am totally clueless about it not until I set foot on the island.

About a 5 -6 hours drive from singapore, we took a ferry from Port Klang to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island).

Breath-taking views and I would use the word "Tranquil"to describe the place. Only sound of splashing waves and passing ships were heard. The pace of life on Ketam is slow and relaxing, people in the village were ever so friendly.

Try spotting the tiny crabs if you happen to be there.

Crabs spotting

They do not drive on the island. The mode of transport is only bicycles, either that, the people there mainly travel around by foot.

 If you love to cycle, there are bicycles for rental on the island. We paid RM 5 for a day.

Houses were made of wooden planks and on stilts.

For the rainbow lovers

It gave a really rustic feel, a great place to take pictures. Photography lovers, take note !

Beneath the houses, spot the mudskippers !

We saw bridges everywhere and they were used to connect to different areas.

Steep slopes too !
Steep slopes

Still waters

Such fun to have new friends around ! By the second day, they blended in and were having so much fun with each other, playing games, giving each other pushes on the swings and lazing around on the hammocks.

Exploring how to use a digital camera

I bet he wished that life can be like this everyday !

We continued to explore around the island, spotted an old school barber, with a bright, vibrant blue door that caught my attention.

Old school barber still exists !
A mouse trap with the tiny mouse trapped in it while the cat was keeping guard outside.

Tom and Jerry

Something which the city boys had not seen before, a mouse trap and a rat.

As I whizzed past the unsuspecting villagers' houses, they were all very friendly giving me a smile as I rode by.

Usually by the evening, fishermen will call it a day.

A fishing boat

Unload their catch and start weighing and sending to the market and eateries for sale.
Catch of the day

Stay tuned with me for the activites you can do on Pulau Ketam. At the moment, I can only reveal this much until the launch of Fresh Farmers 2.

Go for a seafood feast if you are in Klang or should you have a sudden decision to just drive into our neighbouring country during long weekends.

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Madeline Heng said...

Looks like fun! Although this city girl is not sure how I feel about travelling only by foot and bicycles haha!

xavvy said...

@ Madeline LoL !! I would say, wear a cap, put on a pair ofsunnies, wear light and enjoy the walk !

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