Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stuffed capsicum with baked cheesy Quinoa

Yes, I have been as busy as a bee since the start of 2017. Eczema management for Vera had a huge improvement and finally, she can run and jump about in shorts, twirl around in her dresses again and she has even started attending school. I felt that it's really much more managable with the change in diet. I shall leave the eczema management for another post.

One of my resolution for 2017 is, to restart my engine again in cooking more homecooked food for the family. Mornings are usually spent preparing lunch for Xav and if possible, prepare ingredients for dinner as well.

Basically, all my noons except for Mondays, are packed back to back, from school dismissal, lunch, rush down for Xav's trainings in town (three consecutive days in a week), back to Sengkang for his Chinese and Science enrichment on wednesdays and Fridays. On top of these, I have to pick up Vera from her school along the way and rush back to cook dinner. These are times whereby I wish I have a teleport to save us from all the travelling !

Back to the dishes before I forgot all about them, I have been cooking since January and if you have been following my Instagram (@Xavvylicious), you will see posts of my homecooked food. be it Vera's eczema diet or Xav's lunch/snack box, homecooked meals. I try to make an attempt to document down. I was also inspired by some of the mums who made bento boxes on daily basis and had inspired me to cook more!

Why Quinoa (pronounced as Keen-wah) ? Being the Mother of all grains, Quinoa is an energizing suerfood which is high in protein, minerals, good for metabolic health improvement, weightloss, rich in antioxident and best of all it's gluten free. Today, they call it "Super grain". Sounds like another option for Vera's diet as she is currently on a gluten free diet and Quinoa are easy to digest. It is naturally gluten-free and wheat-free. I came across an article while looking up for the benefits of Quinoa that you might want to read more about it.

I decided to try making a different lunch for Xav since I have Quinoa on hand. All I needed was:
- quinoa
- capsicum (Cut into halves)
- minced prawns marinated with some pepper and salt)
- spring onions(chopped)
- herbs (for garnishing)
- cheese (I used mozarella cheese)
- salt
- pepper
- vegetable oil (for frying)

I boiled the quinoa, drained off the water and pan fried it to dry, just like the way fried rice is being done. Add in the minced prawns and spring onions.

After everything was cooked, you can serve in a bowl like itself but I dished up and scooped them into the halved capsicums, topped with some cheese, sprinkle some herbs over and baked them into the oven until the cheese turned slightly golden brown.

Before serving, I sliced up the halved caapsicum into three parts for easy consumption, sprinkle with some herbs before serving. Something new and different for Xav, he polished up everything !

2017 - Dish #29

So if you are thinnking of sereving some superfood, consider Quinoa. But not for those who are on a low-carb diet.

I cooked a batch without prawns but added minced meat and vegetables instead for Vera as she has some food allergies which includes seafood.

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