Thursday, December 10, 2015

DIY Christmas gift tags & cards

School holidays are always busier than school terms ! I was busy sending Xav for his holiday programmes before we left for a two weeks trip. Before we left for our trip, I need to send some parcels out urgently, leaving me barely a day's time to really sit down and design some X'mas cards which are supposed to go in together with the parcels.

I have not much time but I have a box full of washi tapes. Hence, I decided to use the washi tapes and stick them into a Christmas tree with some journaling cards as it's base.

Simply just trim the two sides of the tapes of your choice. Just note that as you go up, the length gets shorter or vice versa. I prefer to work my way up. This can be done with your little ones as well. You can prepare the tapes and let the little ones practise their fine motor skills by peeling and sticking the tapes on.

Here's another simple DIY Christmas card which I have shared before. Happy diy-ing if you are planning to make some tags to stick on to the gifts. Meanwhile stay tune for the coming post for a Giveaway!

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