Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spurbox Halloween Party + Spurbox P-Skool Program

This is our first Halloween Party !! No, it was not a scary one but one filled with crafty and bubbly fun !

Last sunday, we were invited by SPURBOX to attend their Halloween Party as well as their launch of their P-Skool Program. A party filled with treats upon arrival contained in the cute, mini pumpkin holders.

Craft kits were given out together with the mini pumpkin "goodie pack". The kids were divided into coloured groups as per the colour of their aprons given.

The party started with some games of arranging the bones to form a skeleton, hands-on on crafts and a round of ball sweeping game before they ended the party with some bubbly dance!

Let's dance !

SPURBOX is a supplement to a child’s formal learning programs. They deliver their methodology through 3 different channels; Monthly events, Weekly Engagement Classes and Subscription Boxes delivered to your doorstep. In a nutshell, SPURBOX is a mash-up of learning and fun, without having you to go through the hassle of preparations.

SPURBOX aims to educate children through play and letting them explore, imagine and spur them out of the box to think creatively. The  learning focus of each stage is different and the box is catered to suit the appropriate learning of the particular age group. Click below to find out what are the contents in the box for each stage.

P-Skool Stage 1 (2-3 years old)
P-Skool Stage 2 (4-5 years old)
P-Skool Stage 3 (6-7 years old)

SPURBOX Halloween Box

For the upcoming event in November, SPURBOX is holding a Gingerbread Man Baking Class. Click HERE for more information and check out the other workshops too.  If you wish to find out more information, they are on :
Facebook : Spurbox
Website :

Happy Halloween !

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Disclaimer: We were invited to SPURBOX Halloween Party, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.


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