Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quickfix - Sliced Red Grouper Fish Soup with mixed vegetables

Running out of ideas on what soup to cook for lunch? Recently, my appetite was pretty bad. I can go without meals for the whole day without feeling hungry. Hence, I decided to cook something simple and light without having to eat out. The best dish that can be cooked will be one pot meal which requires minimal washing as well. This is perfect for lazy days.

Quite similar if you realise with the previous post on sliced fish soup or mixed vegetables soup which I posted before, the trick is change the fish and the type of vegetables to cook with to create a somewhat the same but different soup.

- Red Grouper (sliced)
- leeks (sliced)
- tomatoes (cut into wedges)
- siken tofu (cubed)
- shimeiji mushrooms
- parsley (optional)
- soy sauce
- pepper
- bonito stock powder (1 stick)
- water (1500 ml)

I got some stock powder from Isetan. I always use them when we eat steamboat at home. Surprisingly, naturally sweet tasting without overwhelming the taste buds. Alternatively ,you can also prepare the stock with ikan bilis. Verdict was the soup was light and tasty, a hit with the kids too.

If you don't want to go with rice, try pouring over a bowl of cooked mee-sua too !

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My favourite kitchen tools :
Garlic Press
Daiso Egg Timer

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