Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[Food Styling +Mobile Photography] with Bosch X Bloesem

I am an active IG-er and I love snapping pictures with my mobile phone camera of #WhatI8today, what have I cooked for my meals and feeding my Instagram gallery with snippets of my daily life.

We have driving licences but we don't own a car.  Am by myself most of the time if my other half needs to work and would usually lug a pram, a heavy diaper bag, a toddler @26 months and a 7 year old with me.

Hence, you hardly see me with my camera and lens, not to mention a DSLR for professional use. It's way too bulky and heavy. Most of the time during events, you will see me snapping away using my mobile phone.

Anyway, back to the topic, I was most delighted to receive the invitation to attend a Food Styling + Mobile Photography Workshop with the Bloesem Team (Zara and Mei Kwee), organised by Bosch Home SG.  The last Satur-date with Bloesem Team, I had my first attempt in food styling and picked up awesome tips from the workshop ! Here are a few tips to share when taking food photography with our mobile phones :

Tip #1 Light is the most important when comes to food photography. Establish the source of light.

Tip #2 Applying the Rule of thirds.

Tip #3 Backgrounds of different textures and colours help to give the pictures different visual effects. Daiso visits soon to DIY my own boards for the different background.

Tip #4 A mobile phone coupled with a few Photo editing apps are helpful too ! I am currently using Meitu.

Do check out the  following as recommended :
- VSCO Cam
- Snapseed
- TouchReTouch
- Instagram.

Tip #5 Use props and tools in the background but remember to "avoid" clutter and have enough space for your subject.

Taken with my mobile phone camera
Taken with my mobile phone camera
Taken with my mobile phone camera
 Taken with my mobile phone camera
Taken with my mobile phone camera

During the workshop, we picked up some baking tips from Veteran Chef John, ambassador for Bosch. He has a rich experience in food styling, 80% of the marketing and food packaging in Singapore were done by him !

 He demonstrated the baking of butter cupcakes with Bosch 20T MaxxiMUM mixer
and their latest Series 8 Oven.

Bosch 20T MaxxiMUM mixer
Bosch Series 8 Ovens

The pancakes ! I could not stop at one and Chef John has generously shared his recipe with us.

Taken with my mobile phone camera
Estella, Me, Chef John, Cynthia and Winnie
Thank you Bosch Home SG & Bloesem

New to food styling like myself or if you love food styling, calling all cooking enthusiasts who love taking pictures of your food to be posted and share on Instagram, food bloggers especially. Come join this inspiring workshop and pick up some tips ! Click for their future workshops.

Thank you again to Bloesem Team and Bosch Home SG for having us.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !  

Disclaimer : I was invited for a complimentary workshop by Bosch & Bloesem, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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