Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{Giveaway} ZooMoo - It's all animals, all the time !

I have two animal lovers at home ! Their discovery of new animals are usually from:
- walks in the park
- screen time (educational DVDs or kids channel)
- picture books.

I have never install any apps on my phone for games nor learning apps because I prefer the kids to be engaged without any gadgets if possible. What a boring phone of mine! I tell you, the kids usually won't ask me for my phone because they will only get to see tonnes of their daily captures stored in the album and nothing else ! 

I made an exemption this time. I loaded ZooMoo app in my working tablet when I got to know that this wonderful app allow the kids to discover and learn up to 150 animals as they play ! This app reminded me of Tamagotchi, if you still remember the electronic pet ! But for sure, this is definitely more fun and educational !

What you can expect from this app includes:
- Pictures of real animals and their habitats.
- Short video clips of animals and real sound effects made by the individual animals.

- Show some love to the animals by feeding, keeping them clean or making them dirty too ! (Sounds like a Tamagotchi pet ! )

When they have received enough love (a full green bar) they reward you with a pack of cards which you can collect them and store them in the album.

- Snap pictures of the animals digitally

Even for myself, I was motivated to "work" to receive the free packs of cards ! This app is FREE to be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Store.

So basically, what is ZooMoo?
“ZooMoo is a collaboration between world renowned filmmakers and early childhood educational experts. Hundreds of shows combine spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppets, animations and strong narration to create a unique experience for little viewers.” - shared by ZooMoo.

Photo Credit : ZooMoo Asia

On 16th September, ZooMoo has launched a new hair-raising adventure series called "Lost" on StarHub Channel 306.

Usually, I don't encourage screen time but this is only allowed when I need to keep Vera away from the kitchen when I am cooking and Xav's screen time will be after his daily revision. The type of show I prefer them to watch leans more towards educational shows where they get expose and learn educational stuff.

This brand new series on ZooMoo follows Flash, the dog, ZooMoo's resident wildlife photographer who gets lost in different wildlife habitats while he tried to capture award-winning photos. Through his good friends, Owl and Piglet,  Flash made it back by finding his way through clues and quizzes based on his surrouundings. You should have seen how Xav and Vera had their eyes fixated on the screen !

And with thanks to revolutionary technology, while you watch ZooMoo on TV, load the ZooMoo App too ! The app will be able to "listen" to the channel and send the cards packs to your tablet ! How cool !

Find out more about ZooMoo as I have a giveaway for one lucky winner to win a similar pack of ZooMoo Fun Pack of what we had !

Thank you ZooMoo for the special gift pack !

If you would like to win a set of ZooMoo goodies for your little ones, do follow the steps below  !

To participate :
1. Like ZooMoo Asia on Facebook.
2. Like Xavvy-licious on facebook.
3. Comment on this original post indicating the title of ZooMoo's new series and which Channel is it airing on.
4. Like, share and tag as many friends as you like.
5. Winner is to reply to the pm within 48 hours after I have pm you else I will choose to draw out another winner.

ZooMoo Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
- Giveaway starts on 23rd September and ends on 29 Sept, 2359 (Singapore time)
- Giveaway is for contestants residing in Singapore only.
- Winner will be notified via email.
- Only one winner will be allocated to per household.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
- ZooMoo reserved the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Disclaimer : We received a pack of ZooMoo Pack from ZooMoo Asia for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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Lost" on StarHub Channel 306

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'Lost" on StarHub Channel 306
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"Lost" on starhub channel 306

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"Lost" is on Starhub Channel 306

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