Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Special Edition Hello Kitty Electronic Labeller !

What a treat ! I had a crafty morning with Brother Singapore on my birthday and Hello Kitty fans, crafters and mummies out there, you will love the Hello Kitty Electronic Labeller , PT-D200KT ! Add a touch of fun to your labelling !

This is an all new standalone electronic labeller from Brother P-touch series, powered by 6 AAA batteries. It comes with the following specifications:
- 15 character LCD Display
- 14 font styles, 10 type styles
- 97 frames of which 22 are Hello Kitty Frames
- 651 clip art and symbols including 34 Hello Kitty Symbols
- 12 Deco mode designs for 12mm tape use

Hello Kitty Electronic Labeller , PT-D200KT

- Prints 3.5, 6, 9, 12 mm TZe tapes that area of high quality and durability, tested to the extreme for chemical, water, Temperature, Fade and Abrasion Resistant.

Tape cartridges

- As well as a variety of tapes to choose from. I can't resist printing one out for myself.

The second and third strips (from the top) are iron-on fabric tapes. You can print it to label the little ones' uniform or towels to prevent them from being mixed up in school. Customized your own labels by choosing from the wide selection of frames and icons.

And I just realised I overlooked in changing the icons and gave Xav a Hello Kitty as well ! I'm sure he does not mind it at all  !

Conveniently cut the printed label manually with a "Click" !

Hello Kitty tape for the Hello Kitty Bottle !

Hello Kitty Laminated Tapes - TZe-HW31

For home use, it's useful for organising of CD, albums, books and miscellaneous items for easy storage.

For school use, label your stationeries with a personal touch, water bottles too.

For dining, use it to label your containers, even frozen packs if you need to track the expiry date. Label those lunchboxes and cutleries.

For crafters, print the labels and use it to seal party bags !

Not only the Hello Kitty Labeller made me fall in love with it. I have always find threading a huge challenge for sewing machines. But Brother Singapore carried this embroidery & sewing machine with built-in Hello Kitty Embroidery Patterns  (INNOV- IS NV980K) and it comes with numbers printed on the machine itself. Just follow the numbers in sequence to thread, press the buttons for selecting your desired design and the machine will do the job for you !! Just sit back and relax. The only part that you need to do is to change the colour of the thread yourself.

I tried and got a Hello Kitty sewn on the empty space of the black pouch and managed to iron on the trademark - Hello Kitty's duper cute bow at the back. The crystals added a bling to the pouch. Duper love !!

Embroidered a Hello Kitty on the pouch
Embroided Kitty Iron-ons  

Scan N Cut is also another machine that I am even considering selling off my silhouette cameo for this.

Now if you are still deciding whether or not to buy that pretty Hello Kitty Labeller, there is a promotion going on. Purchase the labeller at $88 that comes with a SURE WIN Lucky Spin until 27th September 2015.

After purchasing the labeller, simply proceed to Brother Customer Service Centre and present your receipt. Prizes inclusive of Hello Kitty Theme Instax camera, home appliances, kitchen wares etc. Retailer stores like Challenger and Major Popular Bookstores carry this labeller.

All in all, the morning was fun with opportunity to hands on using the gadgets ! Thank you Brother Singapore !

For more information on Brother International Singapore and its products, please call :
+65 1800-276 8437 or visit


The mummies with their creations. From the left : Me, Edlyn, Adeline

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Disclaimer: I was invited for a crafty session with Brother Singapore. No monetary compensation is involved.




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Dawn Tan said...

Hi, chanced upon your blog while looking for Hello Kitty Labeller. Just wanna check with you if you know where I can get the iron on tape and how much it cost? I'm contemplating between a dymo and brother labeller.

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