Monday, June 1, 2015

Term 2 Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)

Finally, term 2 came to an end two days ago. We had the Parent- Teacher's Conference (PTC) 1 week ago. Academically, he has done well enough. Though not perfect (would be if he is not careless), overall both his English and Chinese were in the Band 1 (over 90ish) category and he aced a perfect score for Math. This was our survival post from Term 1 onwards and the books we used in our daily revision.

This term, we received comments from his form teacher which surprised and amused us at the same time. She told us that Xav is very knowledgeable and it is really commendable that he is always ever so willing to share his knowledge and benefits his classmates.

She further commented that sometimes Xav would take over her to teach the class whenever he has another method of solving the problems. She was perfectly fine with it and allowed him to take over ! Seriously, I am really thankful to his teacher for giving ample opportunities to him for doing so as I find that this helps greatly in building up the self confidence in him and I'm really, really proud to know !

He had improved much on the house keeping of his desk. It was less messy as compared to term one. But he tends to be more on the sensitive side emotionally. Am still trying to work on this with the daddy.

Last week, Xav told me they had drew something in class, his classmates pasted stickers on his drawing while he pasted the sticker on his friend's. And he has a few of it on his paper. I was a little lost when he shared with me until I went to his class and saw these beautiful drawings on the notice board. I went to look for his masterpiece and spotted it right at the corner. Only then I got to know what it was actually.

6 friends had given their votes to him and the number of "votes" he received was indeed a great morale booster for him. He was pretty happy about it.  I was thinking how fun it was, to be going around to give your friends' masterpiece a vote !

It is only during PTC that we can get to see these little interesting stuff that has been going on in their class.

Xav's masterpiece

And do you know that the drawings they drew meant something ? No am not a psychologist but I do read up a little here and there. You can decode their emotions, dreams, likes and dislikes from the strokes, the sizes of the pictures etc. For instance, a picture of himself, can give you information of the child's state of mind , character and fears they are having. You can read more about decoding the colours here, I find it pretty interesting ! I will tend to look out for any tell tale signs of unhappiness or if he is lacking that attention from me.

Xav drew this picture of himself and gave it to me. The very first thought I had was, I would think he is still a happy Xav after this 5 months (based on the colours he used) and noted the smile on the face of which he drew. It's pretty interesting on how colours can affect us psychologically. Read more about it on Art Therapy Blog with their colour charts. I will usually take note of both the positive and negative effects of each colour.

Xav's happy portrait !
Let's take for instance Macdonalds' signboard. It's in a warm yellow and red. Both are warm, happy colours which attracts Kids to the them (my guess). Correct me if am wrong or feel feel to share more of what you have read up with me. I would deeply appreciate that !

You may also like to get this from the library or purchase for your own read if you are interested to read up more about it. I have read pretty good reviews on this book.

Photo Source : Amazon

Wish to decode your child's drawings ? Get them to draw something this school holidays ! At the mean time, we are counting down and prepping for our coming trip !

As for myself, I hope to keep the momentum going with the daily revision when the new term starts in July and not stressing Xav indirectly I hope.

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