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Army Museum of Singapore - Cadets, Fall in !! 2015

Term break is all about FUN, FUN and more FUN ! June is fully packed with activities for Xav for the first two weeks and the following next two weeks with our travelling plans in place.

My friend shared with me a "poster" for the Children's Season at the Army Museum Singapore and I was lucky enough to register and got a slot on the 30th May, 3pm for the "Cadets Fall-in" Programme. For an hour, the children get to got through the Basic Military Training experience.

All the way from Sengkang, we took a train to Joo Koon Mrt Station. If you are taking train like us, alight at Joo Koon Station, turn left after you exit, take a lift down and turn right onto the pathway.Walk all the way straight until you see the signboard towards Singapore Discovery Centre, cross the road and keep left to reach.


We were slightly late for the briefing but managed to join them in time for the first activity at the mini obstacle course where the designated area for the kids is located.

There is a mini version of the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) for the little cadets. The facilitator ran through three stations with the kids before they proceed into a room where they displayed a typical setting of the cadets' bunk.

Xav did not had enough of the mini-standard obstacle courses. After the programme ended, we went back to the corner for more.

This station really requires a lot of confidence. He made it up but had no confidence at all to make his way down. The fear of falling hindered him from going further. Daddy then went through a few times with him until he was confident enough to walk down.

 Meet the youngest cadet !

* Do ensure that parental supervision is always there when the little ones are attempting at the various stations.

Stand- By-Bed Challenge was next, they fall in for a briefing in a room before they commenced the challenge.

The cadets were to form groups of threes or fours and observed how the sample setting was laid (located right after the entrance), the arrangement of the items in the cupboard as well as how the shoes, boots and slippers were arranged under the bed.

The little cadets were given three minutes to complete the task and stand by bed for inspection. Parental involvement may be needed here especially when the children needed help to spread and tuck in the bed sheet neatly.

Last station was Fire and Movement where the children proceeded to have a mini round of laser tag game before the programme ended.

A briefing was conducted on how and when to shoot down the enemy.

While waiting,  the father and son kept themselves occupied with the screens.

Enemy spotted !
Cadets : You have been cornered.

With the friendly facilitator
POP loh !

All cadets were given a really nice momento "I am a soldier" Pass. After you made your booking for the preferred time slot, an email will be sent to you asking for the child's name and age and subsequently followed by a photo of the child so that they can print on the card.

Somehow I felt that the session would be more complete if the children get to dress up as a soldier ! I hope they would include it in the next Children's Season. If you have missed out this season, do keep a lookout for the next with updates from the Facebook page. Should you are able to book a slot, do remember to bring :
- insect repellent if you are very prone to mozzie bites
- water bottle
- a cap if you have booked a mid noon slot to shade the little one from the scorching hot sun

Admission to Army Museum of Singapore is free for all Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents of Singapore.

Photo credit : Army Museum Singapore

Army Museum Singapore is located at  :
500 Upper Jurong Road,
Singapore 638367
Hotline : 6668 0338

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