Sunday, February 8, 2015

Singapore Sports Hub - Kallang Wave

Kallang Wave Mall - I love such mall that allows adults to dine and shop while it caters fun to the young shoppers as well with an outdoor water playground. It is not too huge, hence in one glance you can spot where your little one is.

Best of all, if the weather is thunderous, the alarm will be sounded for all to leave the play area. There are two lifeguards on duty too to make sure everything is in good order.

With three slides available for a short moment of splashing good time ! 

Xav being the super sociable one, easily blend in with other friends for a game of catching !

While little V here watched her brother played as she was nursing a cold.

This area below is for little ones below the age of 2. It's free for the public to use, no admission fee is required.

There is a also a changing room to change out of the wet suits. After a little water fun, tea break was next inside the mall.

Whenever there is food, you'll catch her smile.

What I loved best about Kallang Wave Mall, was the huge wall climbing facilities within the mall itself. Personally, I feel that this is really good ! Usually I do not bring the kids to the video arcades but would rather they spend the time on something else. I wouldn't mind paying for such sports to keep them occupied.

Dear and Xav paid for an hour of fun at the tallest indoor air-conditioned sport climbing venue in Singapore - Climb Central.

1000 Sq meters of climbing wall space

very focused

Both father and son had a great bonding  time though it's physically tiring.

He made it again to the top and I would say that it was a pretty good endurance training for him.

Two years ago, we exposed him to rock climbing at The Rock School. It was real fun, Xav said he would love to try it again.

Westgate Wonderland is another Singapore shopping mall with an outdoor playground, a mini wall climbing wall as well as a water play area. (Refer to blog post HERE)

As compared to other malls in town, it is not as crowded at Kallang Wave. I do not mind coming by on weekends so as to escape the crowd in other malls.

Oh yes, do drop by Singapore Sports Museum if you are at the sports hub. It's free entry for Singapore Citizens when we went in early Jan.

Hope your Sunday was a great one before we welcome a brand new week tomorrow !

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