Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yio Chu Kang Chapel - Sports Day 2013

How fast ! The annual school event is here again. I have been volunteering to help out for the past two years. But this time, due to the unexpected arrival of baby, I have to miss this, one of the major events for YCKC.

Despite me not able to attend, I have emphasised to dear, no matter what, he has to attend the event with Xav as I have promised him that I will be there with daddy. But under the "bo bian" act, I have to be absent from it. 

I was waiting for his sports day to be over on the same day that baby and I can be discharged. When he reached my room, proudly he told me, his team came in first !

I knew that he has practised real hard for his event. Each time after he came back, he would excitedly share with me that he has put in his best and as a team, his group would come in first !

All ready for the game !
 He is ever so excited ! See how he cheered for his team mates !

Cheering for his team  !
His turn to go ! Seems simple for us, but to the lil' ones, it can be pretty challenging ! After looking at this pic, it reminded me that few days before the sports day. He used his books to practise balancing at home ! It did not occur to me that infact it was linked to this sports day that he has been balancing bean bags for the event.

Balancing and strutting with caution
Go Xav Go !

Put the bean bag into the mini pail
Sandwiched the ball between the legs next
Rejoice !! They came in first !
Prize giving ceremony
Well done Children ! Regardless of which team came in first, most importantly, am sure all of them had fun and had displayed their sportsmanship well ! At the end of the day, every child is a winner !!

Looking forward to attend the annual event next year !

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