Friday, August 16, 2013

Pig Trotters in Vinegar & Ginger << 猪脚醋>>

This is one of the most common dish - Pig trotters in Vinegar and Ginger, cooked during confinement for new mums to keep their body warm within the one month after giving birth.

It is supposed to have the following benefits (As per my confinement lady) and advisable to eat on the 12th day after delivery:

- To help in shrinking the womb
- To rid wind in the tummy
- For improving general health ( For non confinement consumption)
- Collagen from the pig's skin helps replenishes the loss of nutrients
- To help clear blood clots (Lochia)

I'm not a fan of this dish but I have to say that I love the taste which my confinement lady managed to bring out. It's not too sourish and yet it is not too sweet and has a slightly hot gingery taste.

She shared and taught me how to cook this.

Ingredients :
1. Pig trotters (1 front feet and 1 back feet)
2. Doggie Brand Sweet vinegar
3. Gula Melaka 1.5 block ( Can be replaced with dark brown sugar)
4. Sesame oil
5. Old Ginger
6. A little salt

Method :
1. Wash the trotters, blanch them to remove the cloudy residue (Like how u blanch pork ribs for boiling soup)
2. Cut the old ginger into chunks and bruise them.
3. Fry the ginger chunks to dry them and add a little sesame oil and continue frying. 
4. Fry the cleaned trotters with some ginger chunks/ slices till fragrant (This is to eliminate the smell from the trotters)

5. Using a ceramic pot, put in the ginger and trotters, pour in a bottle of vinegar and 1/3 bottle of water. Bring to boil and simmer for 30 mins and add a little salt to taste.

6. Add hard boil eggs if you want. Off the fire after 30 mins, and let the flavour infused into the trotters for at least 3 hours. As for the remaining gravy, you can still keep and reheat the next day. Add more trotters if you want to have more.

It's that simple ! Its not advisable to cook vinegar dishes in steel pots, hence ceramic pots are the best.
I have always thought that this is a difficult dish to cook but apparently, it seems pretty easy. Probably the challenging one for me is handling the trotters when cleaning. =P

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