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Gifrer Liniment Oleo-Calcaire

What makes a happy newborn ? Diaper rash free I would say ! For most newborns, they will normally clear their bowels during each milk feed. In a day of 24 hours at an interval of a 3 hourly feeding, I have to clean her buttom at least 8 times and best part was, my little cupcake will give me a triple combo during one milk feed !

I was all the while using water and cotton balls to clean as I am trying to avoid using wet wipes for as long as I can as the skin for newborns are very sensitive and wet wipes can be quite harsh on their skin. Until I tried  Liniment doses from White As Milk. Go to the right column of my blog, you will see a logo for WAM, simply click on it and you will get access to WAM's website.

A quick introduction on White as Milk; it is run by Mr Guillaume, a father of two, who likes to spend more bonding moments with his two children than having to waste his time queuing up to pay for his purchases at the supermarkets.

Hence, WAM wants to offer the lowest price to its subscription members, a monthly recurring service concept of doing away the hassle of making a trip down to the stores and get the baby needs delivered to you right at your door step !

White as milk

And yes, one of the subscription benefits, delivery is free.

Ordering is made simple :

Simple isn't it ?

Back to Liniment Oleo-Calcaire. Basically, it's consists of only olive oil and calcium. This is a better alternative to use for cleaning the baby's bottom for every diaper change.

It looks a bit like mayo when I squeezed out on the cotton pad.

It cleans off the poop on my lil' cupcake well and leaves a film of oil on her skin. I felt that cleaning with it is easier as compared to even using just water and cotton pad, which can be stripping off the moisture on her skin each time I cleaned.

Furthermore, as compared to using wet wipes. I believe this is much economical. I don't even need to apply diaper rash cream after cleaning with it.

Liniment has multiple functions ! It can be a "moisturiser" as well, applying to dry skin (which I did it for Xav and Vera)
The before and After application
or on skin prone to eczema, massage purposes and also mummies, you can use it as a make up remover ! All natural and best of all am sure it is much affordable than having to buy the make up removers from the cosmetics counters !
The version of Liniment oleo-calcaire (small doses) as shown above is very convenient for short trips and travels, sleek and slim, you can easily slide it into your handbag. It comes in a box of 20 X 10 ml doses @ $16 SGD.

For home usage or of course if you don't mind bringing the bottle along for your trips, the bottle version, 250 ml is available as well @ $16 SGD per bottle. 

I fell in love with this product after trying out. Just a suggestion, if you are cracking your head what to get as gifts for your friend's babies or add in your diaper cake hamper, I would feel that this would make a great gift !

Good news for all my blog readers, WAM is offering a 20% off one bottle of Liniment. Simply key in the PROMO CODE : XAVVYLICIOUS upon checking out. This is valid till 15th September 2013.

Apart from the discount, WAM also offer free delivery for all purchases exceeding $80 SGD, which is about the costs of 2-3 packs of diapers. But of course if you have decided to subscribe, you'll get to enjoy more perks !

You can check out WAM on Facebook too !

Disclaimer : There is no monetary compensation for this post. I received some samples from WAM for review purposes. All opinions are of my own.

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