Friday, November 16, 2012

Run ! Run ! You can't catch me ! I'm the Gingerbread man !

As we come to the end of the school term, the school always ends it with a year end Christmas party ! So what's for this year to bring to school ? Guess it from the title ?

It's Gingerbread man cookies !

Jo had a session with the kids on making gingerbread cookies over the weekend so that the kids can bring for the party.

They get to flatten the dough by rolling with the pin, and choose the cutters they want to cut the dough

Here's our tray of men ready to be baked.

Fresh and nice ! The plain men before being dressed up !

On wednesday night, made a last minute decision to dress up the men after seeing what Jo has done and thought that they look prettier. So here's my version and they are ready to be packed !

I used couveture choc chips, melted and dipped the legs in before coating.

A pretty nice idea to include in the goodie packs for Christmas parties. Start baking ! Oh yes, not forgetting the dough comes from IKEA ! Grab them fast before they go out of stock !

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