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Need some ideas for this coming Christmas ? Something speacial and personalized to the close ones around you at work ? I got this idea from one of my crafter friend, here you are as I present my "Altered stationery holder". Quite a simple project to follow along !

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To get your engine started, these are the materials needed :
1. Some ribbons
2. Washi Tapes ( Patterned Masking Tapes)
3. Glitter foam (To cut out the names of the receiver, do drop me a mail if you are interested in getting the foam fonts. Several fonts available)
4. Patterned cardstocks
5. Die cuts of your desired design (I chose to piece up a reindeer)
6. A bottle of craft glue
7. A plain wooden box that can serve as a holder (Alternatively, you can look for plain wooden giant pegs)
8. Some 3D foam dots if you prefer your embellisment to look more 3D. (Optional)

Step 1 : On the underside of the cardstock, draw and cut out the outline of the holder. I drew the outline of the three sides so that I can "wrap" the three sides without much fuss.

Step 2 : Apply glue along the borders of the holder and stick on the cutout cardstock.

Below shows the complete holder after being "wrapped" up.

I used a yellow washi tape and taped around the holder at the border. Cut out a small part of another roll of washi with the "Christmas" wording and sticked on my reindeer embellishment with 3D foam dots

There you are ! A very personalized altered stationery holder ! I made four holders for the ladies in my team for this coming Christmas.

Design #1 - Christmas Moose

Design #2 - Merry Chris Moose with Washi Background. I simply just tape washi of different designs to form the background. Sounds easy ?

Design #3 - Angel with a scallop backing

Design #4 - Chris Moose

This is part 1 of the Handmade Christmas gifts. Part 2 coming up next on how to make a simple photoframe with just a piece of A4 cardstock and some embellishment ! Stay tuned !

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