Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Dragon Year 2012 !!

Here's the Chuas wishing all of you a prosperous Dragon Year !!

Finally, something special this year ! Made my first visit to Istana officially as a visitor after all these years ! Think my visits to the Istana while am on duty definately surpassed my visits as a visitor. My lil' buddy has grown to be an even more independant preschooler and of course we can trust him now with photo taking ! This lovely pic is taken by Xavier. Thank you darling !

Made our way to the Istana Building, paid a $2 entry fee into the premises.

The father and son !

The surroundings in Istana is really great for taking pics ! I love this especially !

This pic was requested to be taken by Xavier. He told me he loves flowers and would like to take some shots with them.

This pic below made him looked so grown up ! How I wish he could stay at this stage ! Mixed feelings ... he is growing really fast !

We made our way out at 10.30 am and the real crowd started to stream in.

Tip of the day, if you wanna avoid crowd, reach early !

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Lin ZiKwan said...

Hi Serene, Mr Yoong offer to take over my a.m shift so I will be in IMH for my MeDoc. Did U brew the special drinking for coughing. If yes text me. My number is 9833149. Hope U read this before 2 to 3 pm. The scheduled had never be followed since my first visit. :-)

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