Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ginger bread Man !!!

A delightfully sweet musical and Xav enjoyed it for the first time inside a theatre !

As usual, he was reluctant to go into the theatre (Which I think he is scared of the dim lightings or the dark when the lights are dim off) But after ths play he is no longer afraid of entering the theatre when brought him for Playtime @ Esplanade watching Todd, the big green frog !

The Ginger bread Man was directed by Christina Sergeant, written by Brian Seward and Music by Bang Wenfu. It's catchy tune caught Xav's attention and he enjoyed it tremendously ! Before the play started, the nice beautiful props on the stage caught his attention and he requested for a pic of him to be taken with the huge milk carton !

He sat through the whole play and was really enjoying chasing the gingerbread man round the theatre with his eyes !

By the end of it, he even stood up and applauded !!!

We'r indeed looking much forward to attend more of such plays in the future !

Next play would be Todd, the big green frog. What a shame that we didn't get to buy the tickets for the Ugly Duckling ...

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