Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deevali 2010

Another overdue post ! Think I still have quite a number on hand !

On Deevali PH, we had planned to bring the todds for a beach outing @ Sentosa. However, the weather hadn't been too kind and we changed our venue to Marina Baraage ! The rainy weather didn't deter us from going continuing to have fun !

Thank you to David for some of the wonderful pics below.

Capturing the future soccer star !!

Next, he changed his mind to be "Yeo's" spokesperson.

After the rain was gone, we had our first attempt in flying a kite !

Am sure Xav was enjoying himself too !

After kite flying and off he went for water play before we went back to the mats for our lunch.

Looking at the pic below, I wish they could be friends for life just like how their mummies would be.


Baby Comforters said...

Cute kid!

xavvy said...

Baby Comforters: Thanks for dropping by =)

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