Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Potty training in progress

We started the training again after stopping for sometime.

I retrained him sometime in early august. No fancy potty nor reward charts as I believe in determination, patience as well as whether if the child allowed himself to be trained.

I don't believe in buying expensive potty for fear that once he is trained and that potty becomes a white elephant.

Training pants, I believed that it will not work on Xav as he belongs to the category of no matter how big or small he did in his diaper, he can still walk around as if nothing has happened and keep mum about it. Not that he doesn't know how to pronounce poo poo and urine but he simply don't want to say it !

I remember first starting him without any diaper or pants so that it's easier for me to spot for signs of him wanting too pee...

I almost gave up when I see no improvement for 2 weeks. All I had was accidents on the floor and I got to clean and clean and at the same time keep repeating to Xav, telling him "urine please go potty". He just refused to tell us.

Until I decided to try the reward system and getting him underwears. I told him big boys go potty, only babies use diapers. Probably he thought that he is still a baby ? Still it doesn't really work.

Then, I took out the box of Crayola Mini Stampers with different expressions to try the reward system. Then again, no expensive reward charts used !
I told Xav that if goes to the potty for urine or poo poo or simply just tell us, I will give him a stamp on his hand.

And YES ! This works ! He loves the stampers ! Each time he tells us, I will allow him to give himself a stamp on each hand and give me a stamp on my hand as well. And everytime he goes to the potty, he will tell me "mummy gives a stamp", asking for his reward !

I would say this little man here is partially potty trained as he makes an attempt to tell me each time he wants to urine or poo, even when he is wearing diapers, he will tell me he wants to urine and I will bring him to the potty.

Good Jov Xav ! Continue with the good attempts !

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