Monday, September 20, 2010


Finally !!! Did my ever first bake on cuppie ! To be frank, I don't dare to bake on my own because I am afraid that it might flop ! I waited and waited till I found this really simple recipe !

This is known as Clear Water Cake (Sponge Cake),清水蛋糕.

It's really soft and Xav couldn't stop eating ! I made this for him for his teabreak.

Came across some new terms which I learnt at the same time.

Frothy: Foamy or bubbles forming in the egg white mixture.

Stiff peak: Egg white mixture stands up straight when beater is lifted up from the bowl while it is still moist and glossy.

Pour them into the cups

and ready for the oven !

It will sink a little after it has been cooled down and I like it as it's not too sweet yet it's so soft.

Give this a try !

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