Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twoosy Doodlers Lesson 1, 2 & 3

On lesson 1, Xav did "peek-a-boo" craft as inspired by "Yuko Lau".

And on Lesson 2, I can't elaborate much on what he did during the class but Xav did his first sculpture !

And if you noticed the long spagettis holding up high

by the end of his lunch, he broke all the spagetti and his sculpture "shrink"

Funnily, Xav named his sculpture his "birthday cake" ! Probably it looks like a birthday cake to him, with all the decorations as candles ? Let his imagination run wild here !

This is his art piece for lesson 3.

He was pretty terrible in class today. He is just simply having difficulties to return the car back to the teacher, if you knew that he loves cars and trains.

I had to bring him out of the class to make sure he stopped crying so as not to disturb the rest of the class. By the second time I brought him out, I had to distract him. And he calmed down after that, telling me " open the door please, want to go in". I told him "yes, you can if you stopped crying" . Apparently, it worked and he stopped his whines. But he didn't want to present his work when was asked to and simply answered "Don't want" !

Just wanted to voice out something with regards to this school. They actually doesn't allow us to take pics of what the kids are doing during the class with the reason of wanting to secure their curriculum as there are alot of competitors out in the field.

In my opinion, I felt that they should be confident enough about their curriculum, instead of having to worry that competitors might "copied" what they are doing. To me, I feel that somehow or rather, the activities are more or less the same if you wanted to compare to other enrichment classes. Just that in certain ways, one is stronger than the other.

One good example is Zoophonics. They allowed pictures to be taken and what they have been teaching in class, you can easily google to find learning videos which has been taken in their classrooms !

In anyway, I shall respect their decision and post only pics that were taken when Xav did his presentation during the gallery time.

Coming back, for the third lesson, Xav didn't want to present but instead he presented to me at home !

Personally, I like his piece from the 3rd lesson with no particular reason ! Keep on going !

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