Friday, May 14, 2010

Zoophonics ~ Lesson 4

I went in with Xav for lesson 4. I observed how he listened to the instructions given and he is actually doing quite well.

He understands when to go and take the materials from the teacher and to return it when asked to.

What really amused me was, normally at the end of the class, the kids will give teacher Janet a hug before leaving. Lil' Xav somehow went to the teacher's right side, wanting to give teacher a hug. But the other classmates kept streaming in from the front and Teacher Janet did not notice Xav until lost his patience after waiting for so long, he went to tug Teacher Janet's arm.

He was so happy that he has finally been noticed and he gave a big long hug. Not once but five times !! How envious am I when he did not even hug me for once that morning !!

They were introduce to mouse and hamster (chang shu) during the Chinese class. How to tell the difference between the two by the look of their tails. The mouse has a longer tail than the hamster etc.

Activity done was to colour the hamster and stick the hamster onto the correct home as shown on the sheet.

As well as a sorting game on matching the animals according to their habitat, using fishes, hamsters and cat pictures.

And here's Xav posing with his snake from last lesson !

During the English class, they were told of a story of Little Bird by Red Campbell.

Then, they did an activity on colour sorting of the birds and nest.

For instance, they are supposed to place the yellow bird in the yellow nest or green bird in the green nest.

Rhyme learnt was "Two little dicky birds"

and here's Xav during the music and movement !

And they did a bird craft during the English session.

Using paper plates, they made a nest and a bird.

I'm quite impressed with their simple yet fun crafts, best part was using paper plates as the main material .

Shall load the pics after we collect back on tuesday !

After Class we went to Qian Hu Fish Farm to look around for some aquarium stuff. While daddy went to enquire, Xav went around to see the fishes in the huge pools !

Surrounded by tanks and fishes !

Looking out to the ponds out there !

And engrossed with the mini lobsters !

We went to Farmart after that as it's just around the corner. But pretty disappointing as most of the pet shops were closed by the time we were there.

We spotted one shop selling water features with a small koi pond in there ! And Xav was so excited to see so many large kois swimming in the pond ! He tried to imitate the kois that were opening up their mouths as they swam !

He was thrilled when I asked him if he wanted to step on the platform to get across to the other side of the pond and we had fun feeding the kois !

Followed by dinner at Jurong Point before we went home !

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