Thursday, April 29, 2010

More carpentry up !

The carpentry for the living room, kitchen and master bedroom are more or less done. Left with the shower screen for the bathroom, the vanity top for the master bedroom bathroom, some touch up for the lighting and another coat of paint.

More or less, I guess, all would be done by next week.

We opt for a refreshing yellow for the shoe cabinet

and a different tone of yellow for the tv console

to differentiate the area. At first sight, we did not really like the colour of the console but after looking for a while, we find it acceptable though. Hence, we decided not to change it.

The kitchen is up ! But due to the space constraint, the kitchen only has two small cabinet to hold whatever we need to hold. We need to brainstorm for another storage space !!

Two pull out mini rack for the cooking oil, salt, sauces etc ..

These are the only two usable storage spaces.

The common bathroom door is done. We opted for acrylic white bi-fold door.

The grills are up too. Infact, I hate to have grills around the house. Makes me feel "locked up" but for safety aspects as there is a child in tbe house, better playsafe than sorry.

This is the mater bedroom wardrobe.

Configuration is done by ourselves after going around for some ideas.

This shall be shared between dear dear and me to hang attire that needs to be hang up. Think most likely, I be settling for the lower portion cos, I'm not tall enough .. hahaha

The extreme left compartment is longer for dresses. And the middle pull out is for either our watches or smaller garments like under garment, ties etc ..

Vanity top for the master bedroom bathroom.

Dear dear got his favourite fountain tap to match with this basin.

A simple white light to go with.

Last but not least the sliding window for the service yard is done !!

Last shopping to be done are the the fixtures for the bathrooms and kitchen.

Air con units will be up by next week too ! Looking forward for the completion !

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