Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bye bye hair !!

Gone are Xavier's long hair as we have decided to make him more comfortable with a short crew cut hairstyle to accomodate to the ridiculous hot weather !

For a start he was alright during the haircut.

We were saying that he looks so much like Justin from this view.

Even helped to comb his hair !

However, when it comes to the fringe and when the hair started to poke him, he refused to continue with the haircut !

This was when the battle started !

Xav: don't cut away my hair !!!

Bye bye fringe !

Got distracted for a while by the Barney show.

Tah-dah ! Daddy rewarded him with a train for finishing the haircut !

And I find it so hard to get used to his new look !!

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