Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zoophonics Lesson 1

Today brought Xavier for his first lesson at Zoophonics ( Serangoon Branch)

I guessed he is pretty excited! He just happily ran straight into the class and participated in the activities.

The first half an hour was mandarin lesson. They were going through vegetables (蔬菜) and fruits.

They were shown pictures if strawberries, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, bananas, pears as well as papayas. Xavier was done excited that he went up right in front of the teacher to see the picture !

Next, they were given a gigantic carrot for painting !

And sang 拔萝卜 before they continue on with the English session.

They have their music and movement. But I feel Act 3 is much better in terms of this.

Kids were given the rhythm sticks to beat to the beats.

I'm pretty glad that Xav has finally learnt to "give" the materials back to the teacher without fussing. He used to get angry and cry when it's time to return the materials. Great job, Xav!

Follow by the teacher running through the phonics using animals related actions. Here's Xavier paying full attention to the teacher.

Afterwich, they were introduce to the type of building tools used to build houses.

And we built and construct our house together.

There it is while he went to disturb other houses.

Pretty much similar to the activities in GUG.

Looking forward to Xavier wearing the uniform on Thursday !

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