Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Xavier's 2 ! Happy Birthday !

The next day after the bash, we had a mini private celebration for Xav @ mum's place !

Before that, we went to Marina Square for some window shopping and caught these mascots !

Jo made a Thomas cake for Xavier and she's smart enough to make it with sugar paste rather than cream, for you see, a train lover like Xavier, was playing the trains on the cake !!!

Xav: Thank you yiyi ! I love the train cake and your personalised storybook that I made mummy read to me at least twice a day and counted the number of hot-air balloons in the book!

And it was so fun to see Xav blowing out the candles! He actually put in the candles onto the cake by himself and he was so reluctant to blow off the flame from the candle ! Imagine, we sang the birthday song for him thrice

and he blew out the candles thrice !!

and they really spoilt the boy silly, knowing that Xav loves Thomas, Caca and Kelvin bought him a set of Thomas & Friends loader set !

Look @ all the kids at work ! Even lil' Edna joined in !

Spot the little Minnie !!

And here comes Mummy Minnie !

And Xav was sure fascinated with the train !

Silly boy trying to observe how the loader works.

And guessed what he played till he didn't want to go and sleep !

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