Thursday, December 10, 2009

Xavier @ 20 months

In another 4 months, Xavier will be turning 2 year old ! Just crossing my finger that his "terrible 2" stage is not as horrible !!

Just cannot figure out why ... recently, he woke up in the middle of the night and always wanted to look for either his toy car or toy train, otherwise, it's his water bottle or just wanting us to go into the kitchen and give him an apple or an orange .. madnesss ... This can drive us crazy at time, as we couldn't understand what he was trying to tell us !

The things he could do now adds on ... the list is getting longer !! Exciting ?!! heee .. I'm happy and proud of him !

Here's the latest update on his knowledge and understanding.


He can identify most of the basic body parts: head, nose, eye, ear, mouth, tongue, knees, leg, toes, fingers, leg, hand, belly button, stomach (tummy)

He can even name all of them except for knees, toes, belly button and tummy.

He has been flipping through the range from "Your baby can read series"


Xav recognises red and purple when I wear clothing of these two colours and can name them when I asked him.

Rest of the colours he managed to read them out when I flipped through the book from "Your Baby Can Read - Colours"


He has learnt to read out number 0 - 10 from this range of books too. But i think to ask him to count, we have to give him some prompts.

During his meals, he will point out to the numbers printed on his bowl and name me as he points to them as well as the numbers on his yellow bear mat !


He can recognise and read out anything that is circular in shape.


Xav will tell me it's "rice" as he makes his way to the container that contains the rice grains and picks up a grain of rice. He will ask for soup when he sees us drinking or when soup is served to him during meal time.

He will tell me "cake cake" when he sees that I buy a loaf back and indicating he wants to eat.

Egg, apple, banana and orange is on his list too.


Normally when we go down for morning walk, he will run and point to the plants along the pavement and tell me "plants, leaves and trees" as he points them out to me.

He recognises the word as well as pictures and will read out "star" and "moon"


He sees a cat and he will "cat" non stop. Once a while, he will imitate the cats' meow.

For dogs, he doesn't know how to say dog. But he shows he understands by imitating a dog's bark "ooooh oooh"

He can name birds, fish, snake and goes "ssss" !

Monkey when he pronounces sounds like daddy .... lol... don't ask me why .... I find it rather hilarious though.


Xav can recognise mrt stations even from far away, he can tell me that's the place to take a train and goes "train ....." when the train is approaching.

Follow by car which he normally sees on the road as well as taxi ! When I tell him "Xav, there is a taxi coming" He will raise his arms and try to flag for it and goes "zi-zi (taxi)

For bus, he seldom talks about it. But will go "ba" when he sees the bus picture on the DVD cover.

He understands what is a bicycle but he has yet to learn how to make out the pronouciation.


1. Pull your ear
2. Wriggle your fingers
3. Touch your hand, toes ... (Parts of body)
4. Stomp your feet
5. Show your tongue
6. Lie down on your bed
9. Drink (He knows how to tell us that he is thirsty at times by saying "drink" in his own way )
10. Legs up (Especially useful when changing diapers, he will raise both his legs up high)
13. Wear your shoes (and yes he is good ! Much improvement ! He managed to get his feet into the shoes but doesn't know how to velcro it though.)
14. Take off your shoes (He will sit down and take them off by himself)
15. Wear your shorts and I tell you, I got a surprise. He did try to make an attempt to wear on his own. He didn't get in the right hole but it's a good attempt as he managed to put one leg in ! Bravo !
16. He imitates daddy putting the eye drop into his eye and blink blink his eyes after that.
17. For the action song "If you're happy", he surprises me with his action when it comes to the part "if you're happy and you know it and your face will surely show it" ... he will place his two index fingers by the side of his cheeks, poke in and goes shaking his head.


he can address:
1. Daddy
2. Mah mah (grandmother),
3. Mum or mammy (mummy) when he wants me..
4. Yiyi (in a very soft manner.. heee.. depending on his mood !)
5. Baby
6. Mei or Nana (When he is on good mood to call Edna)
7. Can say hi and bye (dye)

These are his favourite reads from his Eric Carls' Collection:

1. The secret birthday message

He can memorise about 4 story lines in this book. Whenever, I read to him starting from the very first sentence, he will try to fill in the blank of each sentence. (Bracket refers to Xavier's reply)

Storyline: When the (mmm) comes up, look for the biggest (star), below it you will see a (rok), there is an opening to a cave, go (in) .... ....

This book is interesting ! I love it too ! It's a good buy !

2. The very hungry caterpillar

Xav loves to get me to count for him by turning to the pages from Monday to friday and you can visually count the illustrated fruits from 1 - 5, with the caterpillar crawling through.

For this, he can only tell me when I read :
In the light of the (mmm "moon"), a tiny (ehh "egg")lay on the leaf ...

Then, he will hold my index finger and run through the food list which the caterpillar ate, one by one ..hahahha ...

This all-time favorite not only follows the very hungry caterpillar as it grows from egg to cocoon to beautiful butterfly, but also teaches the days of the week as I have mentioned above, counting, good nutrition and more. Striking pictures and cleverly die-cut pages offer interactive fun.

3. 1,2 ,3 to the Zoo

Xav can recognise numbers from 1 to 10 and is able to read the numbers when he sees them.

The rest of the collection, Xavier has yet to start on them.

4. The mixed up Chameleon
5. Does a kangaroo has a mother too ?
Meet the little joey, whose kangaroo mother carries him in her pouch. See the cygnet riding on the back of the mother swan.

Eric Carle’s colorful collages of animal babies with their caring and affectionate mothers offer small readers visual delight as well as comforting reassurance.
6. A house for Hermit Crab

7. Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?

8. My very first book of Animal homes.

9. The tiny seed
10. Papa, please get the moon for me.

Xav can share these books with Edna ! heee...

He seems to be more aware and most importantly, I realised he puts on his thinking cap now to solve problems which may seem tiny wheeny to us.

He realises that it's easier to poke the fork into the food if he holds it lower rather than at the far end.

Then comes, joke of the day. Daddy was trying to teach Xavier to tell him when he wants to urine. In a way to try to toilet train the boy. So whenever he goes to the toilet, he will tell Xav "Urine urine" ... Guess what did Xav did after that.. for the day, I think it happened twice if I did not remember wrongly. He pulled his daddy to the toilet and tell Daddy to urine ! So well... in this situation do you see Xav trying to train daddy instead of the vice versa ? hahaha ...

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