Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas 2009 !!

It's X'mas again !! I love it !! Especially, when I can go and shop around for gifts, wrapping them up and doing up my cards. This year's like a mini production for my cards.

These are Rebecca's order.

And these are for the NEA's colleagues.

I need two weeks to on and off to wrap them after Xav was asleep. Finally, it's all done !

Does my work station looks like as if I'm selling pressies ? Heee...

We had a x'mas exchange on the 23rd which explained why the gifts are there. Managed to take some pics randomly with some colleages on the 2nd last day of work. Here's Ling Ju and me.

Follow by Jamie,


And Selvi

Zhiwei, Rahim and Farid.

Last day of work was on X'mas eve. That evening, went with dad and mum to citysquare for dinner. Brought them for dinner at BBQ Chicken !

We had a black angel with us that evening. Thanks Jo for the bag. Can't wait for Edna to carry the white one.

Check him out..

The angel now can wear shoes on his own totally without assistance! I'm proud of him !

Here's angel waiting for the lift.

And roaming on his own at CS.

We caught the mascot from BBQ Chicken and had a pic with them.

Spot the old kid !

And Xav was happily enjoying himself while we eat. He was scooping the food for himself and served us the chicken wins !! He will poke his fork into it and places the chicken on your plate.

I gave him my last bit of snapple in the bottle to taste. He loves it so much that he really emptied the cup dry !!

And he got hold of the cup with ice cubes.. Trying to drink from it.. But sorry Xav, there isn't any water...

No more ??

On Christmas day, we had our annual x'mas feast at home. Jo baked an extra large chix and pork knuckles, plus mashes potatoe and sauteed mushrooms !

Caca bought soup from soup spoon, salad and mini doughnuts ! I contributed a log cake ! And we were so full !!

All pics to load later..

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