Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My little helper !

Let me introduce my part time helper.... Xavier Chua !!

Look all set to help me (make the place messier instead) clean up the room !

Xav: mummy's gonna give me my reward later ... Yummy Swiss rolls from crystal jade.

Ok work's done, now it's reward time ! Uumph ....

Yummy, wanna share with me ?

Xav: Before i shower, let me play with the toy house.

Anyway, we named the figurines mainly ; daddy, mommy and baby.

After his noon nap. We went over to Han's place.

Here's Edna in her jumperoo !

And Xavier was helping Edna to "bounce" by shaking !! Our heart almost pop out man!!

Later, settle the two little ones plus a big one to watch baby Einstein.

Here's the big one with the smaller one! Hahha ... Daddy Han with princess Han.

Check out Xavier's tarzen catwalk pics in facebook yeah !!!

Orh yeeee orh yeeeee orh....

Looking forward to dec when christmas mood is in the air...

What should I get for all..... Shopping time !!!

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1 comment:

seahan said...

ur wallet itchy rite!?!?!?! tat y must go shopping hahaaaaa

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