Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner @ Bugis Junction

Last Saturday morning, brought Xavier to East Shore Hospital, Kinder Clinic, to see Dr Cheng, as recommended, due to his chesty cough again.

But this time round his cough is due to his cold, which is more to sensitivity. Hence, only zyrtec drops and singulair is given.

Till date, his is weighing 10.3 kg and measuring 81 cm in length. His weight has been stagnent for quite some time already. Guess at this stage, they are growing slower.

We were there quite early and Xav was happily pushing the doll's pram around

And he goes "fiesh" when he saw the tank of fishes.

This little mischief can recognize and say out the following "5,6,8 & 9" between 1 to 10.

He can say "3" but yet to recognise it. Probably it looks similar to "8" ??

Later in the evening, brought Xav to Bugis Junction to meet up with the Hans before the old folks join in.

We had dinner @ Crystal Jade and as usual, Mr Xavier cannot sit still for long in the high chair unless there is food for him.

Brought him for a walk and this is another word he knows, understand and can say it out whenever he sees one... "Flower"

And I'm surprised with his self feeding skills as compared to a week ago when we met up with Sharon at Kenny Rogers.

I ordered a plate of fried rice and scooped some into his bowl. He was happily feeding himself but of course with minimal spillage !

(xavier's gonna save that grain of rice for supper heh )

I don't even really need to feed him but occasionally help to scoope the food onto his spoon.

If you realise, he no longer use his four fingers to grab the spoon.

Now he knows how to rest the spoon on his second last finger.

After dinner, we went for some shopping and Xavier was sitting on the floor, playing with the toy house. Ended up, dad bought him this set of toy house,

This is the rear,

Cute isn't it ! Comes with three little people, a cot as well as a set of cutie little table and stools!

And there is a little play area on the roof top as well.

There is a little board book with sounds that comes along with the set.

I set up the little house by the mattress on the playmat and Xavier had a "surprise" the next day.

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