Friday, October 16, 2009

Yu guo ~ 4th Visit

Today, went back for the tui na. This time round, Xavier improved !! No more crying and he was relaxing when dear dear carried him !! Today's condition is still the same for his back ..

I wonder why he is so heaty inside !!! I have been giving him all the cooling tea on alternate days and yet still the same !! Not sure, if it's the accumulation of eating cereal for too long ... ... Hence, I hardly give him any cereal for brekkie now. Mainly, it's wholemeal bread with a bit of jam spread over the slices and a cup of milk.

Anyway, today's brekkie was special. Xavier cut out his own stars with my guidance. I held his hand and taught him how to press and cut out from the bread.

(Pic to load later)

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