Sunday, October 4, 2009

Xavier @ 18 months

Xavier, now an official toddler, is growing, gaining independence and is always full of energy and curiosity ! Sometimes, he can really trigger my "button" but am really, seriously trying very hard to hold back my temper.

Guess what he did ... ... He opened up the bottle of Ventolin and pour everything out onto the floor ! One thing for sure, he has grown taller. Alot of things are within his reach on the table. Thank god, he did not drink any of it.

Once, I prepared a cup of strawberries in his snack catcher and placed it on the table. I did not know that he could reach as it was pretty far in as I supposed it to be.

I was like .. ehhh .. no sound of Xavier ... and I caught him sitting quietly on the kitchen floor and his hands full of strawberries, happily eating away !!

He has got fantastic memory too ! I knows where is "Junior League" at Suntec. Whenever, I brought him there, no matter how, he will make his way into the shop and starts to dig in the toy box! Best part was, he dug out all the toy cars and trucks or simply toys with wheels !

He can even climb onto some rides by himself !! And will noramally stayed in there till he's satisifed ! Will try to load the pics should I have a chance to invade caca's computer again.

He knows how to play peek-a-boo with me too !

He will go and hide in my wardrobe and goes "chiak" when I call out to look for him !

Simply filled with loads of expressions too !

Can even pose when gnawing on his bread !

Shall send this in for father and son look alike contest if there is .. heee

Back to Xavier's developments. These are his new physical developments:

1. He is now able to walk up 3 steps up the stairs unassisted when I bring him for walk around the neighbourhood.
2. He is able to stack about 4-5 blocks on his own when I ask him " Xavier, shall we play stack stack"

1. Full straw feeding for milk and other drinks.
2. He prefers to self feed himself when I tends to be "slower". His hands will come grabbing at at the spoon, if I'm fast enough to put the spoon into his mouth, he will let go of his hands and wanted me to feed him instead. But he sures enjoy feeding himself when I bring him for tea, especially when I ordered a slice of cake, specially just for him.

Language: I'm not sure why... he simply just wouldn't want to call "mummy".
1. He attempts to call his daddy and had pronounced it quite accurately and had actually said "papa" after watching on tv how a girl in the show keep calling "papa".
2. He knows how to address his grandmother "ma ma" when asked. (To be frank, I'm a bit sore when he knows how to address his grandmother "ma ma" but the way of addressing is supposed to be for me, who is his mummy and has been taking such good care of him since birth !)

Not that I'm petty, but why teach him this way of addressing ! Isn't the way of addressing grandmother known as "nai nai" or "ah -mah" ?

Anyway, I'm happy on the other hand, because I make sure he addresses his grandmother and he knows how to do it. At least I did not fail here. I'm sure one day, he will call "mummy" when he is ready.

Anyway, in a way I feel special is because Xavier will only come and kiss me voluntarily in the whole household, not even the daddy. As what Jo told me, probably, he feels being "forced" to call me mummy, but he had preferences to each individual. Maybe he prefers to kiss me ! =)

Objects he recognises/words he understands when I tell him (Those in brackets are words that he can say but accuracy is not there yet)

1. Train (Trr-rain), Car (Car), Lights (Nye) and he will point to the lights, Star - (tar), Circles - (ker-cle), Carry - (Bao Bao), Water - (Ber), Up - (Up) and he goes "up"'ing when he is in the lift, Sit - (Sit) , Eat - (Eat), Change - (chain chain), Nice - (ni ni), Bus - (ba)

Sometimes for the objects he sees, he will say it out loud for me.

2. Wheels, Fan, Phone, Pram, Toy bear, Shoes, Ball, Flowers

Animals he recognises when I tell him
1. Bird (Xavier knows how to pronouce Bird when he sees one)
2. Cat (Makes a "eow" sound when he sees the cat)
3. Dog (Tries to bark like a dog by going "ooh ooh")
4. Tiger (Tries to pronounce "ger ger")
5. Lion (He will give a cute roar by going MMMMMMMM .... )

Body parts which he can point to me correctly:
1. Tummy (Will apply shower gel on his tummy when I ask him to during shower)
2. Head (Tap on his head)
3. Hair (Feel his hair)
4. Nose (Point to his nose)
5. Mouth (Point to his mouth)
6. Toes (Point to his toes)
7. Fingers (Wriggle his fingers)
8. Leg (Tap his leg)
9. Tongue (Sticks out his tongue)
10. Belly button (Lifts his shirt or mine and point !)

For flash cards, he recognises No. 2, 3,4 & 9. When I flashed the cards to him and he will start pointing to the body parts)

Songs that he recognises and will try to sing or add in the appropriate actitons:

1. Old macdonalds
When I sing old macdonalds to him and reach E.I.E.I.O, he will repeat after me using his own version ya !
E.I.E.I.O (yee ya yee ya yee ya)

2. Twinkle Twinkle little Star
Xavier will go "tar tar" to name the song when he hears it.

3. Ten little indians - Xavier goes imitating the actions of the red indian by making the "oooohhhh", using his fist rubbing against his mouth for the sound effect

4. Row Row Row your boat - I change the lyrics of this song to (Row, Row, Row your boat. Gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream ~ Arrrgh) After the song ended, Xavier will give a little scream ! Probably he understands what is scream. And surprising, he knows the difference wen I sang the song with the original lyrics (... ... Life is bout a dream), he doesn't scream at all.

5. If you're happy - Normally, he will do all the actions when the song is being played. So far he knew how to clap his hand, stamp his feet and swing his arms.

6. Shake your sillies - Will normally do all the actions up till the yawning part where he pretends to yawn by covering his mouth)

Best was, two days ago I tried to hum the tune of the songs above and he can name them with the actions or words he knew.

Actions/ reaction when I ask him simple questions or request him to do it:
1. When I finish singing a song to him, he will applaude for me !
2. When he is having his meal, I will ask "Xav, is the food nice ?", he will reply me ("ni ni" to indicate "nice nice".)
3. Give friend friend/ pooh bear a hug, Xavier will and hug them.
4. Did you wave "Hi" (He will then wave to the people he sees or whom he is being involved in a conversation)
5. Do you want to eat ? (He will reply me "Eat" and will run to the kitchen and say "sit"
6. Can you lie down, I need to change your diaper. ( He will auto lie down if we are out and changing in a changing room with the changing station)
7. TIME OUT RULE: I count to 1,2 ... He will end it with a 3 !
8. Dry your hands (Dun be surprised ! I taught him twice and he knew what to do and where to go after I washed his hands)
9. Take off your shirt (Normally I will assist him in taking out his arms from the arm hole, the rest he can do it himself)
10. Wear your shoes (He will walk over to the rack where his shoes are, sit down and tried to wear the shoes himself),
11. Stand up
12. Bend over (After he pooed in the potty, I be cleaning his butt, he will hold onto my thigh and bend over)
13. Sit down
14. Can you close your bottle and give it to me ? (He normally closes and pass it to me after finishing his sip)
15. Brush your teeth (When he sees the Darlie commercial, he will automatically try to brush his teeth with his fingers !!)
16. Comb your hair
17. Take off your shoes (After coming back from his walk, I will say sit down and take off your shoe, and he will sit down and pull open the velcro himself and take out his feet)
18. Roll the ball to me
19. Sit properly and stay (His legs will go postion back within the chair area and sit still)
20. Bubbles time (He will know it's Shower time)
21. No touch (He will not touch the things on the shelves when I bring him for shopping to prevent him from breaking anything.)
22. Clap your hands
23. Hold the chair (when I ask him to during shower)
24. Hold the bottle
25. Arms up
26. Turn around

Sign Language (Depending on mood):
Wave bye bye , Flying/blow kiss , Kiss/love mummy/bear bear, milk, Jump, Stamp your feet, Swing your arms. Now learning how to tell me "No more"

One funny thing was he is still yakking away on the phones and remote controls which he got hold off !

Wonder why there are not much pics ? Xavier has totally crushed and dismantle my one and only card reader !! Help !!! Wonder how m I going to load the pics until the Toshiba is back ... sob sob ...

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