Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Preparation for Full Day Child Care

After having not to work for about 2 years, from the wedding to pregnancy, to delivering Xavier, to be on continuous mode taking care and protecting little Xavier under my wings for the past 16 months, I'm not sure if I should be happy to go back to the work force.

On one hand, I wanted more financial freedom... you know I hate it to ask money from dear dear to buy my stuff. Secondly, I wanted Xavier to learn independance,learn and make friends in school, for he can't possibly face me everyday and there is a limit to what I can teach him too.

You see, on the other hand is like teaching him independance and letting him learn to leave my side as he grows day by day. It's easy for Xavier to get used to the separation anxiety but harder for me I guess.

Especially now, he understands simple instructions and best of all, I definately miss his smiles and kisses.

I am really feeling kind of sad when I wrote this. When did I ever get so emotional boi... only Xav has the power.

Anyway, will be preparing the list below for the teachers to take note for Xavier so as to make things easier for them to help to settle Xavier down into the new environment.

Xavier as of 16 months:

Daily Routine:
6 am - wakes
6.30 to 7am - Breakfast
7.15 am to 8.30 am - Morning walk
8.45 am to 9 am - Shower time (Bubble time)
9 to 10 am - Show time (Your baby can read )
10.15 am to 12 pm - Nap time
12.30 to 1 pm - Lunch time
1.15 pm to 3.30 pm - Free play
3.45 pm to 5.15 pm - Noon nap
5.30 pm to 6 pm - Dinner
6.45pm to 7 pm - Shower time
7.45 pm to 8 pm - Milk time
8.15 pm - Lights out

1. Knows how to self feed for solid finger food, using fork to poke on the fruits etc.

Uses his hands at times ..

Enjoying his strawberry .. slurrp..

2. Meals are taken either on chair,

high chair or stroller.
3. No milk required after lunch and dinner.
4. Intake of milk: 120ml during breakfast and 240ml before bed time.
5. Has wean off bottles. He is now taking milk from straw cups during breakfast and last feed. I have not been washing any teats for the pas 2 weeks ! Well done, Xavier !

6. Water will normally be given to him after meals. During meals only when food is too dry. His own language for water is "ber ber" to indicate he wants to drink.

Types of food:
1. Full grains, bit sized food. From porridge, pasta, vermicelli, noodles like kway teow, macaroni etc

1. To make him move his butt to the shower room, have to say "Bubble time or shower time"
2. Bathe using shower head and he definately loves it !

Bubbles time !!!

Covered with bubbles.. bubbles.. bubbles ...

3. Using GAIA, soap free products for his eczemna.
4. Apply moisturising cream three times daily at affected areas or when needed.

1. Every morning will sit on the potty and pass motion. Sometimes, he will pat on the diaper to indicate that he had passed motion and need a change.
2. Normally will poo either in morning or lunch.
3. Diapers to change every 3-4 hourly, depending on his fluid intake.

1. At home normally, rolls himself to sleep with me by the side. Occupies quite a big area when rolling.
2. Alternatively, sleeps in pram when pram is being push or rock.
3. If cranky, singing songs to him will help soothe him. He likes "My bonnie lies over the ocean .. my bonnie lies over the sea... " This song helps when he is too distracted in pram when I bring him out.
4. Prefers to hug his bolster when he sleeps.

If routine is followed well, his crankiness could only mean he is either sleepy or thirsty. No others of cos not to exclude the fact that he is looking for me when I MIA.

Gonna start his playgroup next week. Shall accompany and help him get adjusted to the second home he's gonna have =)


karlsfoodie said...

big boy le... i also feel sad when I heard he gg to child care.. hugz xavier.. hope nxt tiem u enarer to yiyi then i can bbsit u and u can play w edna hehe... be a gd boy in sch and dun let ppl bully u ok.. and of cos u DUN bully ppl also haha

Prawnie said...

lol.... Soon he has to go school.Pros and cons.. Hope he can adapt soon. Luckily he din bite his friends there ! hahahaa

Zrehena said...

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