Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary !

12th July 2009 ~ Our second anniversary ! 730 days since our wedding !!

Seems like yesterday that we just had our celebration for our 1st !

On our way to town, let me tell you a joke.. hahaha..

One anutie commented: "wow you're a very young mummy" (Thanks for the compliments !)

Guess what did dear dear reply?

Don: Anutie, the boy's not my son, he is my younger brother. My wife is his sister ! hahahahaha ... we had a nice laugh though.

We went to Taka Food Fair and grabbed some bites there. Of course, Xavier too had his fair share. Bought him a Dorayaki for tea time. He had his first taste of roasted sweet potato ! Yuummmm...

We went for a nice dinner at Spices Cafe Concorde Hotel @ the former Le Meridian to try their BBQ sticks ! Initially, I thought that it was buffet style but after reading, it's infact Ala Carte. Each stick ranges from $1.50 to $7.

Should you want to eat salad before ur meal or dessert thereafter, the salad bar costs $8 while the dessert bar costs $6. You will top up for which ever you choose.

The food was quite nice. The service I would say is excellent. The manager recommended us the hot picks among the range. Thumbs up for their scallops,

prawns in walnut pesto and the skewered beef in Tahini,

and we ordered crocodile meat to try as well..

Didn't know why the managr was so nice to tell us that the dessert bar is on the house if we are interested after our meals (This was before he knew that it was our anniversary)

We were surprised by the manager's little surprise ! Really appreciate his thoughtful gesture. This was

Perfect dinner ...

With flowers, red wine, cake, yummy food...

and this is my surprise gift from dear dear ... Thank you dear ! Add on to my collection !

Ok, back to serious stuff.. hee.. Gotta really thank dear dear for his support all along as well as tolerating with my nonsense sometimes.. hahhahaa.. Pls continue to bear with me !!! And also please continue to shower your love and care !! I would love to receive them !!

And if you are wondering why Xav is not in the pics above cos the fellow fell alseep at 7pm when we were having our dinner halfway through !!

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