Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Xavier !!


Time flies, little Xavier has turned 1 !!! We threw a party for him at Aranda Country Club on 22nd March '09. I chose a nice room no. 2222 for easy remembering.

Daddy Don, me and little Xavier really thank all for your presence, gifts and wishes !! You guys had made the party an enjoyable one.

Thank you dad for ferrying us there, as well as my little assistant, Eden, who had helped me prepared the party bags,

consisting of clappers, jungle animal troopers, blowers, DIY thank you cards with animal clips, mini man tous..

& of course each baby will received a air filled animal balloons, ranging from Monkey, Zebra, Elephant and Tigger.. Bigger kids will get one jumbo foil animal balloons filled with helium.

, Eden too helped to blow up the animal balloons

, entertaining Xavier while we were busy doing up the place and using the clappers to attract the little buds attention !! Thanks Eden. Nice having you to join us in the clebration.

Here's lil Xavier imitating gong gong's action !!

Thank you Daddy Don for hanging up the banner of Xavier.

This is with the birthday wordings banner ..

We're done with the balloons !!

Here's Daddy with Tigger !

Sis Jo got Xavier a two tier 6" + 9" Moist Chocolate jungle animal train cake from Aimummy.

A close up of the cake

It was so nice tt Xavier was on all smiles when he saw the cake !!

Thanks Jo !! we love the cake to bits !!

Here's the babies posing with the cake ! Looks like Zhiyan is really happy to see the giraffe!

And Jo baked some nice lil' cuppies for the guests too. Thanks !!

Had engaged Michael's service to blow up the balloons and decorate the place. I almost got a heart attack when he is one and a half hours' late and my guests were starting to come in !!! Anyway, this is how it looks like with the balloons and the monkey bouquet.

Can I float with this balloon??

A Birthday kiss from Zhiyan !!

Holding onto Tigger yet eyeing for other animals !!

Before we sang the birthday song for Xavier, we took group photos first before it gets chaotic after singing the birthday song.. here's one with in-laws.

Here's one with my parents' side

One with all the beautiful mummies and babies !!

Here's Xavier starring hard with his eyes wide open at the candle. Exactly the same look when I was celebrating my birthday the last August.

" Here's a birthday song for Xavier.. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you .. Happy Birthday to Xavier .. Happy Birthday to you !!!

Xavier was having the "Is that song for me" look. Yes, no doubt, the song is for you !!!

Let's count to 1,2, 3 and blow off the candle !! Pooooff !!/

Cake cutting ...

One with lil' Xavier !

Time to wash up after partying !! Guess where did Xavier bathed !!!?? hahahaa.. He fitted well into the sink !

Probably, too many people on that evening. Xavier only started to enjoy being surrounded by the colourful balloons the next day when he woke & he was sure to be enjoying himself.

We went for macdonald's breakfast after packing up all the stuff and Xavier gets to enjoy tasting Egg Mc muffin !!

Once again, thank you to all who have joined us in the celebration on this special occasion !!

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