Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleep and eat training begins !!

I have finally completed the 6 sessions of Parenting with Confidence. I have gained much knowledge and benefitted from it. Xavier's more contented now and cries lesser as compare to before.

I have unofficially started to train Xavier one week ago, at home. He cried for almost an hour for the first time when I put him to sleep for his first nap.

I'm proud to say, Xavier learns and adapts fast. From the second and subsequent naps onwards, he cried less than 10 mins or even as less as 3 mins before he can calm down and settle himself for naps.

He will normally start wailing when he sees me leaving the room after I hugged him, telling him to learn to sleep on his own. I guess, he is too attached to me. Only my presence can make him feel more secure. But I wanted him to learn to soothe himself to sleep as it is afterall a developmental skill.

We had a two days stay at Jo's place. Indeed, it was impressive I feel, that Xavier did not only adjusted well to the "new" environment, he made some noise for 3 mins and slept. Not only that, he slept through the night. Well Done, Boy !!

This is how he looks like when he falls asleep by himself..
Of course Xavier has his fair share of having fun during his stay. Here is little Xavier exploring the pull out drawer..

Xavier ended up playing inside.

Splashing good times during bath !!

With regards to weaning off the comfort latch in the middle of the night, thanks to dear dear who had taken over my role for the two consecutive nights over the last weekend. Xavier managed to kick off his bad habit.

Now that Xavier learns to sleep through the night gradually, this marks the beginning for me to get back my beauty sleep which I have been missing for the past nine months.

The third day,Xavier got to spend a few days at mum's place. He is really adapting well no matter where he goes. At least I need not worry about him not getting used to a new place.

Here's the nottie little one having breakfast and looked like a cat from the mess he made to himself.

The next morning, I brought him to Macdonald for my breakfast after he had his breakfast. He was so happy when I got a balloon for him.

Xavier cam-whore with Rebecca again...

To be continued .......

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