Monday, November 24, 2008

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning table

This is another new toy for me !! It's the Fisher price Laugh & Learn Table !! Daddy and mummy got it for me from Robinson Sale! Yipee !!! The usual price is selling at $119 but we got it at $69.90 !! Great buy !! This is how it looks like, but mind you that the baby in the pic is not me !! hahaha

Check out the product features:

The main feature is a bowl of alphabet soup that baby can stir up with a spoon to activate lights, sounds, fun phrases and the alphabet song
There are cookies for counting, a fruit bowl for colors and textures, a pizza for shapes, a sippy cup with pop-up action, a peek-a-napkin and fun sounds shakers
It plays 21 tunes with 3 sung learning songs, 12 sounds effects and 3 fun phrases along with baby's first words.

Here I am exploring my new toy !!

Mummy, can I flip this over ???

"Peek-a-boo !!"

" I see you !! "

There is no legs attached to the table now as daddy and mummy doesn't want the table to topple over me in case I push myself up by the table..

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