Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Xav's 7 mnths old

Happy 7 months old Xavier !! Time flies !! Xavier is another month older !! Hurray !!
I must say I'm really proud and happy to see Xavier growing chubby, healthy and well. I'm indeed really happy when people on train or in public whom I have spoken to,commented on how well Xavier has been taken care of, how cute he is, I'm feeling proud of myself in a way that I have taken care of him personally (Not easy thou esp I'm a 1st time mummy !!) without minimal help from my parents and parents in law nor any extra assistance. But of cos not forgetting those around me who have shared with me baby tips, esp Sis Jo and the group of mummies in the forums who has also shared their experiences. Without your tips, I wouldn't be able to take good care of Xavier. Thank you to dear dear who is always there to help me in the night shifts and also the constant reminders to be more patient =)

Another happy issue to share is I have made to meet my target of breast feeding Xavier for 6 months !! I have gone beyond that !! Now target entended to feed as long as I can. Hopefully can feed him till he turns one or till I become dry moo-moo.. heh heh

From 24 - 27 weeks
Xavier's become much stronger and he is able to lift his tummy away from the ground,
sometimes blancing himself on his sides (trying to sit up),

he can be on his fours to move around,

sit up for short moments without any support.

laughs at his own reflection when he sees himself in the mirror, knows how to play peek-a-boo with me behind the pillow and laugh himself silly when he sees me,

he knows how to pose with me when taking pictures,

sucks his thumb when I'm singing him his favourite tune to sleep,

and he blabbers sounds like "aah da da.. ahh burr... aiya ya ya..",

Best of all, guess what is his favourite and must have song when singing him to sleep.. It's by the Litte tigers !! " Hong Qing Ting "

Here the lyrics go >>

飞呀 飞呀
天空是永恒的家 大地就是他的王国

轻轻地吹着梦想 慢慢地升空

当烦恼愈来愈多 玻璃弹珠愈来愈少

我们都已经长大 好多梦正在飞
我们都已经长大 好多梦还要飞

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