Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Allergy Test @ Kinder Clinic

Yesterday, mummy brought me to Kinder Clinic for an allergy test, for she wanted to know what are the type of food I am allergic to, so as to improve my eczema.

The test is a skin prick test on my back. The nurse drew a lot of crosses on my back using a marker.. hee.. Then, she started with the tiny pricks.. It was not painful at all.

I was tested against these ten types: Histamine (Positive Control), Saline (Negative Control), Cow's milk, Soya, Wheat, Egg white, Egg yolk, Cod fish, Peanut and Shrimp.

Mummy: I was surprised to see cod fish in the range as I had consume quite a big amount in a week as cod fish was known to be the better option when we are breast feeding the baby.

Dr Lim had also stated that if Xavier can take in goat's milk, he should be able to consume cow's milk as well as their protein contents is very similar. Infact not much difference.

The result of the prick test was kind of a surprise to mummy as I had no reaction to all the food !! Meaning she would not need to intentionally avoid eating the food for fear of aggrevating my skin conditon.

Dr Lim said that my skin condition is only a mild eczema, I should be able to outgrow it and chances of me getting allergies like asthma is the same as normal people, there will not be a high likelyhood to get it.

Mummy had requested for Probiotics to consume so that it goes into the breastmilk when she feeds me. Hopefully, this will work to improve my skin and mind you, each tablet costs $2. Total damaged done was $120 for the test, $80 for consultation, $40 for the 20 tablets of probiotics.

Dr Lim is quite detailed and patient. Mummies who wish to bring their babies to her. I highly recommend her. I was even thinking of switching Xavier over to her for his future jabs or *touchwood* consultation.

Location: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon #07-02/03 Singapore 238859
Contact: 67324718
PD: Dr Dawn Lim

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