Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Xavier @ 6 months old

Today, Xavier has turn 6 months old !! He weighs a nice weight of 8kg and height of 67 cm. I have increased your feeding to 170ml (ebm) with 3 teaspoon of cereal.

Daddy's thought : Hi Little Boy! I remembered the very day you were born. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was excited and happy. It is the start of Fatherhood. Your mummy "suffered" for about 6hrs before you were out. I had the first hand to carry you in my arms, walking around the delivery suite. Watching the nurse taking your weight, length and head circumference. Now you are already 6 month old. You started to crawl,throw tantrum and make funny face and of course, your smile and laughter.

Unlike your mummy, I got to work. Sometimes got to work 24hr. My time with you is only during day off and weekend. Hope you understand. I tried to spend my time with your mum and you. Bath you whenever I have the chance. play with you and make you laught.

I like to watch you sleep. You are sooo cute you know. Your laughter make our days. You cries make us at lost. Not knowing what you want. Your grandmother likes to peep at you and see you in action. She likes to talk to me about you. In fact, everyone is excited about you.

Lastly, you bring us joy and happiness. We both you little boy! Muack!

Mummy's thought : From the first day I held you in my arms, you have turned 6 months in a blink of an eye. Though time flies, but probably mummy was burnt out looking after you full time, giving you all the attention, love and care. It felt like it has been 6 long years heh.. hahaha

But nevertheless, you have brought joy and happiness to everyone, especially mummy. Tears of joy when I first held you and tears of helplessness when you were hospitalised. MAkes me loss for words when you gave me "fountain" at times when I changed you or bathed you. And your poo-poo.. really gotta clear your shit !! heh heh..

Thank you for giving me a chance to learn with you right from scratch. Be it learning how to bathe you, dress you, feed you, observe your feeding and sleeping patterns and best of all, I have learnt to sing new nursery rhymes to you which I have never learnt before.

Thank you for allowing me to learn to be more patient towards you although mummy still have a long way to go to be more patient. Sometimes, you can really drive me crazy with you cries and luckily, Aunty Jo is there to help me when daddy was at wotk.

Thank you for rewarding me with your laughters and beautiful smile when I greeted you in the morning. Your gentle eyes gazing at me as I sing you to sleep.

Xavier, you're mummy's pride and joy ! I love you !!

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