Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gathering @ Chewy's place

On 15th Aug '08, there was a gathering at Chewy's place at CCK cresent. Abit far for me but it's nice to be able to meet up with other mummies. It kinda tested my limit. Imagine, I carried Xavier in the Bjorn carrier, his diaper bag with three books each weighing 1.3 kg and a pram !! Best part was I took train and bus with all these barang barang. It was real heavy but luckily I can still managed thou I was blur enough to misread the message and took the bus from the wrong direction and in the end taking a bus back to the same spot again. hahaha.. Blur mumy..

We had a nice lunch and chat with mummies and babies.

After the gathering, I met Eileen at Yew tee station. It was 5 years since I last met her. Glad that I still recognises her. She was my former primary school and secondary classmate. Cheers to the long time friendship of 15 years !!!

We settled down at Mos Burger Taka to catch up with each other while I breast feed Xavier there. Nowadays, dun think much about where to feed him, so long as I am not exposed good enuf. Anywhere is good heh.

Eileen with Baby Xavier

After that, we met up Huifen at Far East Plaza and had our dinner at Sakura. Huifen also my secondary school pal. Known her for 13 years already. Cheers to our long time friendship too. I'm really happy. Thou I have lots of frens but it's really nice when the one or two really have the effort to keep in touch with one another.
Group photo with the gals and baby.

Thanks Eileen and Huifen for the advanced birthday gift. So sweet.. it's like gift exchange. Cos I bought a gift together with Huifen for Eileen as her birthday falls on the 16th Aug. Was touched and surprised when they gave me mine too which was one week away from Eileen. Thanks babes !!

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