Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Mummies Gathering

During the nine months, I joined in Singapore Motherhood forum under April Mummies thread. We exchange information, advices, shared our grouses and joy in here. And of cos we do make effort to meet up for meals and gatherings. This was taken when we met up at Centrepoint for dinner and followed by an ice-cream party at Haagen Daz..
Amy & Me Me & Jubilee Amy, Me & Jubilee

The second gathering was the high tea meet up at Serene's place on the 22nd March 2008. Jaspire, Me & Serene
Chewy, Yvonne, Xiang, Cherish, Jaspire, Me & Serene.
It's a coincidence !! Yvonne is actually my secondary school mate !!

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