Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baby's cuttie top and booties

This is baby's cupboard, I was surprised by the heap of clothings he is going to have.. hahaha.. so no worries about having insufficient clothes to change. Cos we have been buying clothes for Xavier whenever we came across nice ones.. hee..

But of course it's only the top two cabins for his clothings. The rest are baby's toiletries and necessities. Together with daddy, we got this from GAP. We intend to let baby wear it on his full month celebration.
This pair of cute boties was spotted at Pumpkin patch and we got it for baby as well to keep his little legs warm.

Till date, only part one of the washing has been done. Still got the second cupboard to go.. Let's see when mummy is free.. hee hee.. alright shall log off now..

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