Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photo shoot at Studioloft

Mummy finally managed to convince daddy to go for the maternity shoot !! YEAH !! Cos once in a lifetime to take down these beautiful pictures which leave behind the wonderful memories especially with little Xavier still in mummy's tummy. This is of course how mummy looks like when carrying little Xavier. Will only put some pictures here.. cos Daddy said those more "exposed" ones is for own consumption only !!!

Look at daddy's beautiful heart.

This is the size of mummy's tummy in her 35 weeks.

Good chance for Xavier to give daddy a kick !!! Hee Hee ..

Daddy kissing mummy and Xavier at the same time.. Killing two birds with one stone heh !!

The rest of the artistic photos will not be gonna put up here. On the whole, the session was quite fun. It was taken by photographer Maryann who is also currently in her 26 weeks of pregnancy. Now awaiting for the photos to be developed and ready for collection.

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