Monday, October 21, 2019

[Review] FARM Florist Singapore

A box of gorgeous, fresh smelling, elegant hydrangeas in hues of light violet and lime cream petals, arranged beautifully with some other flowers were sent right to my doorstep.

No occasions needed, the day was made sweeter with the surprise bloom box from FARM Florist Singapore.

You really don't need any reason to send love to your special someone or just to put a smile on a friend, with flowers at an affordable price, starting as low as $25, there is a selection for terrariums too!

You can pick from a selection of:
Hand Bouquets choose from fresh Gerbera, Carnation, Roses, Baby's Breath and Sunflower to name a few or if receiver loves something rustic, then go for Dried Flowers Bloom Box or Bouquet.

Graduation Bouquets - Surprise sunflower bouquets that allow you to choose from 1,3 or 5 stalks

Surprise Bouquets for senders who are totally clueless about flowers, leave it to Farm Florist team to come up with a bouquet for you! I am going to order these stalks for the year-end graduation concert.

Bloom Boxes for senders who would love something special from the usual hand bouquet. The flowers will be arranged in a tote carrying 'bag', with a ribbon beautifully secured at the handle.

Thank you Farm Florist for the Hydrangea Box, it had definitely brightened up my day!

Why choose FARM Florist Singapore? Not only the price range is affordable, you can have the gorgeous bouquet plus a personalised message card sent to your recipient within an hour of ordering with the express delivery. And why not give your support to Farm Florist Singapore, they only partner farms that are sustainable with anti-slavery policies. Read more about it here. For more updates, do visit:

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

[Media Invite + Review] Lim Boon Keng, The Musical

[Media Invite]

I love how our local history is now brought to life through interactive and immersive exhibitions. Coinciding with Singapore's bi-centennial, I was looking forward with much anticipation when I got to read about the upcoming of our very own local production by Musical Theatre Live MTL as it is going to present to us, the first-ever musical of a prominent historical figure of Singapore in the early 20th century; Lim Boon Keng, The Musical.

Prior to the musical, I got Xav to read up a little on Dr Lim Boo Keng so that he could understand the musical better. Who is he actually? Think about Boon Keng Station and Boon Keng Road, this figure had played a prominent part for sure in shaping Singapore's history to have districts named after him.

What did he contribute to the people whom he had served and why did he end up being accused as the spy who collaborated with the Japanese during World War II. It was a great learning session for both of us as we attended the opening night of the musical together with Jenn and her son.

The most suitable candidate to write the script and lyrics for the musical is none other than the great-grand-daughter of Dr Lim Boon Keng, Stella Kon, who was also the renowned playwright behind Emily on Emerald Hill. Drawing on the family's memories and the historical events in the process of crafting the script for this 90 minutes musical with no intermission.

Photo credit: The Makeover Inc

Dr Lim Boon Keng, The Musical, had "Broadway Beng" Sebastian Tan starring as Dr Lim with his flamboyance turned serious stage performance this time, showcased the inspiration, dreams, contributions and love life of the young Dr Lim as well as the rich culture of Peranakans.

Photo credit: Musical Theatre Live & AT Marketing & PR Consultancy

Like the saying goes "Behind every successful man, is a strong woman." but Dr Lim had two! Both his wives championed strong feminism and supported him fully in their own ways. Unfortunately, Dr Lim's marriage with his first wife was shortlived as she passed on early.

Left: Sebastian Tan, Right: Audrey Lup (starring as Margaret), Dr Lim's first wife
Photo credit: Musical Theatre Live & AT Marketing & PR Consultancy

Left: Sebastian Tan, Right: Celine Rosa Tan (starring as Grace), Dr Lim's second wife
Photo credit: Musical Theatre Live & AT Marketing & PR Consultancy

Grace, who shared the same vision as Dr Lim, was also actively involved in community work. During Sino-Japanese war, Grace had organised donation drives for China Relief Fund, headed by Dr Lim and was detained when Singapore fell to Japanese in 1942 because of this. 

Photo credit: Musical Theatre Live & AT Marketing & PR Consultancy

Grace was detained by the Japanese and made to kneel down for hours under the hot sun to pressurize Dr Lim to head the Overseas Chinese Association to help raise funds for the Japanese War effort but he hardly took part in the activities and he was exonerated from the British Authorities after the war ended. 

Photo credit: Musical Theatre Live & AT Marketing & PR Consultancy

A successful musical does not need fanciful nor elaborate lightings and props. Lim Boon Keng, The Musical, had minimal props set up, no fanciful lightings nor elaborate props but they had a company of talented cast who had successfully retold and brought the life journey of Dr Lim to life with a normal projection of different scene against the backdrop of the stage and had the choral ensemble sang harmoniously on the upstage for certain scenes. You deserved a thunderous ovation from us! 

Photo credit: Musical Theatre Live & AT Marketing & PR Consultancy

We had definitely learnt more about Dr Lim, here is a summary given by Xav about Dr Lim's background and his contribution:
- First Chinese boy to receive a Queen's scholarship to study medicine.
- Founded OCBC Bank.
- Made education reforms and strongly supported the idea that girls should be given a chance to go to school and founded Singapore Chinese Girls' School. 
- Led the fight against opium smoking and founded an anti-opium society.
- Was forced to help Japanese raised funds and being labelled as a traitor or spy during Sino-Japanese War. 

Photo credit: Musical Theatre Live & AT Marketing & PR Consultancy

This 90-minutes show and will run from 10-13 October 2019, get your tickets from Sistic. Infants and Children below 5 yo are not permitted for the show. Children above 5 years and above would require an entry ticket.
Venue: Victoria Theatre
9 Empress Place

Merci Beaucoup to Musical Theatre Live and AT Marketing and PR Consultancy for the invitation to this splendid performance!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Wonderful Minds- Dermatoglyphics

Read this if you are:
- at your mid-life crisis and planned to have a career switch but have no clue on what you are actually good in and what is the next job you would like to land yourself in.

- facing parenting challenges from your child/children. If you think that you really know your child very well but apparently not and what parenting method suits best for the child as well as how to improve communication between parents and child.

- discussing with your child on their choice of the course they are planning to take on but is caught in a dilemma.

- you are managing a team and would like to find out the hidden talents or weakness of your staff and would like to improve their overall performance.

- curious to discover for yourself or for your child, out of the 8 intelligences, which intelligence is the strongest and the weakest and from there, you can choose to work on what has been suggested to improve it as well as which learning method suits the child best.

What comes to your mind when fingerprints are involved? Most of us will associate it to our unique identity but do you know that we can actually have neuro-mapping done by scanning the fingerprints of our ten fingers? Do you also know that different contours and markers on our fingerprints can actually tell us a lot more information about ourselves apart from that unique identity?

How did I chance upon this? I went on a trip with my poly friends and was having our night chat as usual. I shared about my parenting challenges with Xavier and I think she could sense my helplessness. Hence, she suggested me to give Wonderful Minds a try. It was a very simple and short process yet the analysis could bring insightful readings on one's persoonality traits and character on top of what I have mentioned at the beginning of the post.  

The report includes the tabulation of the Brain Capacity based on the fingerprints reading from our ten fingers, maps the 10 areas of the brain:
Thought Function (Left Brain (LB): logical & language ability, Right Brain (RB) Spatial and Creativity),
Kinesthetic Function (LB: Fine Motor Skill, RB: Gross Motor Skill),
Visual Function (LB: Visual & Observation Comprehension, RB: Visual and Image Appreciation), Auditory Function ( LB: Auditory & Language Appreciation, RB: Auditory and Music Appreciation)
Mental Function (LB: Communication Planning & Execution, RB: Leadership creation and Vision)

Read on as I am going to share some parts of the findings from Xav's report. Below picture shows the functional capacity of his brain. On the top right corner, it showed a reading of 338.33 which was derived that he has a very active brain even during sleep, unfortunately just like mine). Hence, his quality of sleep would not be good and the report has suggested ways to help calm his brain during bedtime. Do note that the brain capacity for every individual is different, so, do not compare. 

This table has findings from all his 10 fingers, the strength of learning style and what can help to strengthen. Click on the image below to enlarge, this is one page out of that few pages. 

The 8 kinds of intelligence from the strongest to the weakest, as well as learning recommendation as a guide for me as a reference.

He is by nature, a natural leader, probably the traits are not obvious now but I am definitely looking forward to see if the traits will show as he grows and matures.

In summary, this is what the report for Xav is about:
- Good with numbers
- Good at emulating (copy and learn) - highly influenced by good role models and environment.
- People-oriented, accommodates and get along well with others.
- Value relationship and togetherness -willing to go extra miles for family and loved ones.
- Takes action when motivated and vice versa.
- Very moulded and opened to absorb, willing to work hard and stay long in an industry or company.
- Highly emotional - gets affected easily by past experiences and emotions.

With a 'U' print on his right thumb, his talents could be natured and the weakness could progress from there weak/ average to strong.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post and these are the reasons why I would pay for this. This consists of a 16-page report which we could just do it once, keep and utilise the report for a lifetime as I do know that our fingerprints do not change as we grow but only enlarge.

I met up with Justin for the first appointment to have the scan done and the second appointment, to get the report (prints would be sent to the United States of America for analysis) from him and he explained the findings to me two weeks later.

If this report could help me understand Xav's mind even better, lessen my screamings and scoldings (yes, I am not a chill mom and I have low tolerance level for having to repeat and repeat umpteen times yet he still does not do it even though he knew he had to), before the relationship is strained further, why not! I got received a complimentary four-finger scan (worth $68) for Vera with a full paying pax for Xav at $299 nett. And I even paid to get a scan for myself too! How acccurate is this for Xav, I gave it 8.5 out of 10. Do check with Justin on the rate as the rate may differ due to the credits purchased.

Should you be keen to find out more or to engage this service, do drop a message to:
Justin, Mobile no: 97299073 

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Monday, September 16, 2019

[Review] Bee Choo Origin Ladies

Bee Choo is not uncommon if you have read my review on Herbal Hair Treatment with Bee Choo Origin. This time, I am going to share with you Bee Choo Origin Ladies, it is offering the same service as Bee Choo Origin, to help their clients with hair loss, oily or sensitive hair scalp, greying hair as well as dandruff problems. What is special about this outlet is, this outlet is for ladies only, the concept is good for especially Muslim ladies who want more privacy.

The ambience was totally different from the rest of the Bee Choo Origin outlets1 The ambience at Bee Choo Origin Ladies was totally feminine and beautiful! With floral design wallpaper plastered onto the wall, beautifully matched with Victorian style mirrors and the warm lightings. I fell in love with this place and I seriously, will not mind travelling a little further to get some aesthetic satisfaction.

I noticed my mum's silver strands have been increasing over the past 6 months. Hence, I asked her out for a date to Bee Choo Origin Ladies! The perk about going in the morning was, we could get the Microscopic Scalp Analysis done during the off-peak hours.

This time, my scalp analysis was bad. Refer to the picture below:
top photo: scalp could be a little dry as the pore seemed to be surrounded with a flake.
middle photo: a blocked follicle was shown, which was a result of an oily scalp.
bottom photo: showed a reddened part which was irritated badly two weeks ago. I thought that since the itch was gone, the scalp should be back to normal but not in this case.

It seemed like the reddened part of the scalp was sensitive certain chemicals, it could be the colouring I did in late July that aggravated the scalp, as a result causing irritation as well as mild inflammation that did not go away!

The procedure at Bee Choo Origin Ladies was no different from the previous review. After massaging ginger wine onto the scalp to help promote better blood circulation and stimulate the opening of the pores to help with better absorption of nutrients from the herbal paste. This was another special request which could only be done at Bee Choo Origin Ladies, 'colourless' herbal paste so that it would not cover my current hair colour and highlights. 

All done with the herbal paste coupled with a really good shoulder massage to loosen those tight knots!

The staff were really warm and friendly and I could hear my mom chatting with them happily!

Enjoying the treatment! 

Happily selfie-ing away because of the pretty wallpaper and mirror!

The steaming took about 45mins, in between I got some posts done too while waiting via the see-through hair-cutting cape.

We could either shut and rest our eyes or enjoy the beautiful painting on the wall right in front of the beds. My scalp was being pampered by the minty shampoo and felt instantly refresh and clean!

The treatment was done with the completion of blowing dry the hair for the last step. The staff would usually inform us what she would be applying on our hair to keep it soft and manageable. You could also purchase the full-sized product from the shop to accompany home-care maintenance for treatment to be more effective.

I bought the  Damaged Hair Rebuilder for both Xavier and Vera. Their hair has been exposed to chlorine weekly and in Xav's case, almost daily. His hair has become so dry and hard to manage. Just rub onto wet hair and blow-dry, I get soft to touch hair after use!

The orangy part on my mum was the part where most of the silver strands were sprouted out while my hair colour remains unchanged. Here, we are done and I had a happy and satisfied mum who said that she is going to bring her friend here the next visit and as for me, I had a clean, happy scalp again! Thanks, Bee Choo Origin Ladies for pampering our scalps!

Bee Choo Origin Ladies
5 Pahang Street
Singapore 198606 
Phone: +65 62915354

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am to 8pm 
Sat, Sun and PH: 10am t0 8pm 

For more information, you can also check out Bee Choo Ladies' 
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

[Review + Giveaway] Shepherd's Pie Singapore

Established in 2011, the humble beginning of Singapore's tastiest Shepherd's Pie began with baking their own shepherd's pie for Christmas! Recipe had gone through rounds of research and fine tuned over the years until the perfect recipe was born!

From passion to businness, here is what Shepherd's Pie Singapore has to offer! Simply just order one day in advance for a next day delivery, what you will receive at your door will be freshly baked pies!

I ordered one Massive Chicken Shepherd's Pie and some Mini Beef Shepherd's Pie for our family of 3 adults and 2 kids. When the delivery reached me, the bottom of the box was warm to touch, meaning to say that the pies were still warm and can be eaten anytime!

I was stepping into the walkway from my bedroom and I could smell the buttery fragrane of the pie from the living room!

Massive Chicken Shephard's Pie comes in 9 by 9 inch and is good to cater for 4 person. A few of this size is good for potluck with family and friends!

Each of us liked a different part, Vera 'fought' with me over the crispy crust that surrounded the pie while I loved the fillings for the chicken shepherd's pie. Mine did not seemed to be as creamy as I saw from others' posting but it was still nice!

The filling was a mixture of minced onions, chicken and mushrooms as to what I could made out. I liked the slightly tangy and mildly sweet taste and I thought I tasted tomato content in it, which probably made the pies appetizing!

For the Mini Beef Shepherd Pies, I love them in a mini cupcake size! Perfect and easy enough for the kids to handle and each is held using a mini aluminium tray. Totally good for parties and gatherings.

Xav told me both the chicken and beef pies were nice but being a beef-lover, he would cast his vote for the mini beef pies.

And if you do not want something too heavy, they are just the right amount for an afternoon tea break or just simply pack them in a lunch box and bring it to school. Depending on what kind of lunch box you are using, I am using Yum Box but can only fit one mini pie fully. The second piece would have to be halved and place it in another compartment.



Wish to try these yummy shepherd's pie? With thanks to Shepherd's Pie Singapore, I am giving away one MEDIUM Shepherd's Pie worth, $25.90!

Simply following the following steps:
1. Follow Shepherds Pie Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.
2. Follow Xavvy-licious Instagram.
3. Tag a friend in the comment of the post, multiple entries are welcome! The more you tag, the more chances to win!
4. Contest starts from 11- 15th September 2019 @2359 hours.
5. Contest is open for residents residing in Singapore only.
6. Winner is to respond within 48 hours, otherwise I reserve the right to choose another winner.

Lastly, should you been keen to shop for the pies, do go to Shepherd's Pie Singapore website: and cart in. Psssst, they are now having the shepherd's pies at a discount! Don't miss the chance to indulge and make some savings! 

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Walking with Dinosaurs - The Live Experience

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS - THE LIVE EXPERIENCE,  is based on award-winning BBC Television Series, watched by more than 9 million people in more than 250 cities around the world!

Photo credit: Lian He Zhao Bao 

The kids have always read about dinosaurs in books, watched them on the big screens and it was until the WALKING WITH DINOSAURS - THE LIVE EXPERIENCE Premiere, they had an most extraordinary experience that evening to watch 18 life-size dinosaurs (the tallest at 11 metres tall and 17m long) roamed, roared and fought just like the real thing!

18 dinosaurs in all, 9 seperate species presented. This production took a team of 50 - including engineers, fabricators, skin makers (yes so real and so 'fierce' that I actually was a little scared of it when I went up to take a picture with Baby T-Rex during the media call) , artists, painters and animatronic experts - a year to build up the production .

This theoretical story was hosted and narrated by Huxley, the Paleontologist for the shows, brought us back to the Triassic, Jurrasic to late-Jurrasic and Cretaceous period. Boys being boys, Xav actually read up all these in books and corrected me when I got it wrong. His eyes remained fixated on the stage even though the second part of the show had a longer narration, that did not bore him. Instead, he had his eyes on those amazing creatures while he listened attentively!

Vera went was WOWED each time the dinosaurs appeared bigger, taller and magnificent, so was the audience! Surprisingly, she remained seated throughout the whole show and looked on with anticipation of the appearance of the next dinosaur, even though 2/3 of the show, she was covering her ears from the deafening roars.

I am not a dino fan and my knowledge on them is limited! I actually learnt to know of some of them which did not exist in my knowledge.

Ankylosaurus and Torosaurus

If you have hardcore dinosaurs lovers at home and would love to be upclose and get a closer interaction with the dinosaurs, go get the front seats! You get their heads hover right over you! 

Taken from Section 216, Row 26

Mummy Tyrannosaurus gave her RAWR after saving Baby T-Rex, 

Taken from Section 216, Row 26

ferocious creatures they are but they do have heart-warming moments like this.

Mummy and Baby Tyrannosaurus (Taken from Section 216, Row 26)


We mistook Allosaurus for T-Rex! They both looked kind of similar! So here it is on the right with steogosarus on the left. 

Stegosaurus + Allosaurus 

These Utahraptors are standing at 2m tall and 4m long. 


Below shows two Torosaurus in a fight.

Torosaurus fight!

Broken horn!

Do you know that based on the construction of a Torosaur, each large dinosaur contains the following: 
- 145 meters of hydraulic hose
- 29.5 square meters of fabric
- 13.2 cubic meters of foam
- 20 litres of paint
- 180 meters of cabling in each body
- 24 microprocessors control movement along with 18 hydraulic cylinders and 1 DC motor producing 130 kilowatts of power from 12 car batteries to drive the hydraulic pump. 

Each large dinosaur actually weighs 2100 kilograms in show mode (medium family car) and runs on 3 x 150 mm steerable polyurethane wheels!!

I was seated at Section 213, Row 26, Seat 1-4, the view was great, overlooking the area. We watched in awe when the beautiful and tall-standing Brachiosaurus appeared. They stood at 11m tall and 17m long while the young stood at 9m tall and 15m long! In my personal opinion, regardless of where your seat is, you will still get a good view of the dinosaurs as they would be moving around the arena most of the time. But having said that, front seats will still be the best to get upclose to these creatures!

Do you know that the dinosaurs are operated by world class performers using a series of animatronics and physical puppetry? This is how they bring the 18 life-size dinosaurs to roam, roar and fight just like the real thing, check out the clip below!

Show will run till 8 September 2019. Get your tickets from @sgsportshub, tickets start from $78.

Aren't we honoured to be 'photobombed" by Walking with Dinosaurs' Touring Director, Ian Waller! We did not realised that he was behind us when we took the photos and only realised it when we were scrolling and checking how the photos turned out. Thanks for adding fun into this shot, Ian!

Top row: Ian Waller 
Bottom Row (from left): Me, Karen, Lup Wai 

Thank you Sliding Doors Entertainment and Unusual Entertainment Pte Ltd for the invitation last evening, it was a great experience, it was spectacular! We went home with new knowledge about these amazing creatures! 🦕


With thanks to Sliding Doors Entertainment, if you would like to win a set of 4 tickets to experience this spectacular show with your family strictly on 6th September 2019 (Friday), 7pm, join this FLASH GIVEAWAY now!

Do following the following steps:
1. Follow Sliding Doors Entertainment on both Instagram and Facebook.
2. Follow Xavvylicious on both Instagram and Facebook.
3. Leave a comment indicating why you would like to win this set of tickets on the corresponding Facebook post.
4. Share this blogpost on the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance to win! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can be view your sharing.
5. Contest will end tomorrow, 5th September 2019 @ 2000 hours. MAI TU LIAO!
6. Winner will be contacted by PM, so do your check your Facebook inbox promptly!


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