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Marshall Cavendish - P3 & P4 Maths Coaching Workshop

Math, being one of my most hated subject, I struggled to pass both my Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics and not to mention during my three years of studies when I did my Diploma in Marine Engineering. I did not fail any modules, just that I did not pass with flying colours.

For Xav, we sailed through P1 and P2 smoothly without having much difficulty in managing Mathematics. We were satisfied with his grades for Math though it could be better or probably aced the papers if he was not careless.

I did not send him for any tuition or enrichment classes as I do not believe in loading him with classes for subjects which I could teach him within my ability. What I did was letting him practise using assessement books and past year papers on a daily basis. Afterall, Math is about understanding the concepts and practising.

Occasionally, I will ask for some "time-off" from Don so that I could attend workshops organised by Xav's school and external workshops for parents to help better in coaching the kids in their work. I feel the need to equip myself with the knowledge to guide him better.

Over two Saturdays, I sat in a Parent's Workshop [ P3 & P4 Maths Coaching Workshop] conducted by one of my favourite publisher- Marshall Cavendish Education. The reason why I was there, the kia-si me started to get jitters as I realised that the difficulty level for Math is slowly getting more and more challenging, especially so in solving Heuristic problems, which is my worst nightmare and I seriously hated to deal with it.

The workshop basically covered topics like:
- Whole numbers
- Fractions
- Decimals
- Geometry
- Measurements
- Heuristics

Let's me share some of the tips on Whole Numbers. How would you say 22345 to your child ?

If you have been reading out the whole number as "2,2,3,4,5" you had better stop this habit and read out in words instead "Twenty-two thousand, three hundred and forty-five". Get your child to read out in words too if they have been reading like the way you do. It allows them to learn the place of the numbers better.

Learning can take place anywhere! Supermarket is a good learning ground. Get your child to look at price tags, weigh the vegetables and get them to read out the value in words.

You can also spot number car plates and get your child to think on the spot. For instance, 2478, there are several ways to make it fun. It's so common around us and I did not think of it. This is good to keep the brain thinking constanttly.

1. Ask your child to read out the number in words.
2. Ask what is the place /value of each digit.
3. Ask what is the sum of the four digits when they are being added up. Great to train their mental calculation ! You can ask them to multiply as well!

Ms Dhillon highlighted the common mistakes made by the kids as well.

Weak Area #1 Common problem is always the "hypen", comma and "and". I did not know that they will be penalized too if they forget to write or if they put it at the wrong places. Using her rich teaching experience, Ms Dhillon pointed out which are the "weak areas" for students and the type of common mistakes she had came across.

Tip #1 Using back the same number as above "22345". Using the Rule of 3 (Refer to the bolded part), if it's before the 3 digits, use a comma, if its inside the 3 digits, use "and".

In words: "Twenty-two thousand (comma), three hundred and forty-five"
In numbers 22(comma) 345 and not 22345.

Then again, it depends on the one marking the papers. If they are lenient enough to close one eye or if they want to nitpick on this and fault the child. For me, I would rather drill Xav and let him learn the right way early to make it a good habit for himself and Vera if I can instill in her before she starts official school.

Weak Area #2 Spelling Forty as "Fourty" and Ninety as "Ninty"was one of the areas pointed out. I remembered Xav made the exact same mistakes not once in these two years and we were told that you'll be surprise that even older kids have the same problem.

Tip #2 : Do not over-pronounce "Fourty" and if possbile, get the child to read out the sentence which they wrote and hear if they sound right.

The understanding of the basic concepts is very important. I came across this in Xav's textbook but I did not know how to explain to him because I, myself cannot understand the basic concept behind how the answer is being deprived. I was only taught the old fashion way of just multiplying and carry up without being taught on the concept why. Now you see why I could not explain and probably it also explains why my math foundation is so weak. It is tedious with the renaming but it teaches the basic concept which the kids were being taught and explained on numbers with renaming.

We were also taught on Heuristics, to read and identify which methods could help to visualize better so that it makes it easier for the kids to see. These are a few methhods:
- Draw a diagram / model
- Guess and Check / Working Backwards
- Look for a pattern
- Listing
- Make a supposition
- Solving part of the problem
- Simplify the problem

Then, we were tasked to work in groups on different Heuristics problems and shared how we solved them.

I did not find it easy at all, so what do you think it will be like for our kids who are only nine or ten years old to solve such problems?  Never throw them the problems and leave it to them and expect them to solve by themselves unless they know how to. If we find it "daunting" to solve, it's exactly the same way how our kids will feel.

The parents in the workshop, some could solve but not using the fastest, time-saving method. Time factor is a very important, the kids need to do it fast and accurate during the PSLE exams. Hence, it is good if we can start training them early.

Look at the question below, go ahead and laugh at me but I really did not know how to do it.  This is the typical kind of question that always either made me shut off otherwise, I will list the letters until I reach the 57th position. But what if it's not 57th position but at a 156th position, which is much higher? Am I going to waste my time listing? I was so glad that I learnt how to solve this question using the right method, in less than 30 secs.

At the end of the day, Ms Dhillon emphasised that it is not all about getting an answer for the questions but more of the process of getting the answer and understanding the concepts.

Yes, back to the basics and I am ashamed of myself that I did not even know how to count squares properly, until we were taught how to distinguish a partically shaded square to be counted as one, half or zero We got to hands on as well, identifying the most effective way in counting the area of an irregular shaped object.

If we are able to find the relation wtihin the question itself, tthe problem can be solved easily.

By the way, this is not the first time, I am attending Parents Workshop organised by Marshall Cavendish. I have attended one Math Heuristics Workshop conducted by Ms Peggy Foo when Xav was in Primary One. She is one very engaging trainer and her workshop is never boring. You can also hope over to Mummy Ed's blog to read on the recent workshop she attended on Stretching your child's Mathematical Abilities.

Apart from Mathematics, you can also read on Mummy Christy, who blogs at KidsRSimple on:
PSLE Student English Workshop
PSLE English Workshop for Parents

She has also generously shared her No Tuition #30minrevision tips on her blog. I find them pretty useful and am inspired to start on this #30minrevision too! 

For more updates on Marshall Canvendish Parents/ Student Workshops, you can visit or follow them on :

Facebook: Mashall Cavendish Education

If you are very much involved in coaching and revising with your child, these workshops will be great to attend.

Cost Fee : $150
(Two days course, 9am - 4.30pm with one lunch included)

I did not see the date for the next run for 2017, do look out for any new updates on their website. These are some of the upcoming workshops should you be keen to attend. Do click on the picture to enlarge, this is the best I can show.

Venue: Times Centre
1 Industrial Road
Singapore 536196

Tel: 6213 9300

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Disclaimer: I was invited to this attend this workshop to learn how I can coach better for P3 & P4 levels. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Newly added All Day Breakfast Menu

[ Media Invite]

It was great to have sweat it out after having this flu symptoms in me for a few days. I met up with Mama Jenn from Mylilbookworm for a jog around the vicinity of Promenade before we head for our brunch at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Suntec City.

I did not even realise there are two stores within Suntec City itself and we eventually found the other outlet at Basement 1 at the fountain of wealth vicinity.

CBTL @ Suntec City #B1-132

Now patrons can find these new addition on the All Day Breakfast Menu (Halal Certified) ! We ordered these dishes that were new on the menu and shared among ourselves. I kid you not, we were filled to the brim. Let me bring you through the new dishes, beverages and dessert.

Served with a generous amount of dried cranberries and roasted almond flakes. The dressing is just nice over the fresh and crisp leaves, it will make you wanting to go for more. Oh, the chicken slices are not dry and pretty nice to chew on. Should you decide to go for a filling yet light meal, go for this healthy choice, Smoked Chicken Salad.

To be frank, I hardly take greens but I do make Xav and Vera takes them. But I am loving this ! It was quite appetizing.

Smoked Chicken Salad - $11.90

If you want a heartier meal, go for the pastas! I ordered Creamy Seafood Fusilli, it was a tad disappointing. I placed the order and opted for Fusilli but sphagetti was served instead.

The prawns and scallops were juicy and the dish was served with sprinkled parmesan cheese.  The mustard cream sauce was creamy and heavy but the taste was bland. The  cheese toppings could have been more generous. We have to ask for extra cheese and chilli flakes to spice it up. I do understand that different chef produces a different taste somehow but I hope they can improve on this dish.

Creamy Seafood Sphagetti - $14.90

Jenn ordered Mediterranean Sandwich. It is a fact that I hated to eat egg yolks, totally not a fan of it. I will usually removed the yolks and eat just the whites, unless it is soft boiled eggs which I will drink it up together.

The yolk ! I placed the whole yolk into my mouth, sank my teeth into it. Guess what, I told Jenn on the spot, the yolk was nice and soft and it did not taste "bitter" ! I actually took the whole yolk with no complaints ! You got to try this !

Mediterranean Sandwich was served with some sauteed mushrooms, vienna bread topped with spinach, feta cheese, turkey ham, tomato slice. The vienna bread was soft and flavourful after soaking in the flavors from the eggs and hollandaise sauce. It tasted like bread pudding but a much nicer version as I always find bread pudding to taste much sweeter.

Mediterranean Sandwich - $13.90

We were sipping on the beverages as we ate. If you are a fan of chocolate, go give this a try. For a limited period, grab this before it's gone, from 2 March - 24 May 2017 only. I opted for Maxican Chocolate Ice Blended, it was rich and aromatic yet not too whelming in terms of sweetness. Opt to go without whip cream if you do not have a sweet-tooth.

If you like to have some coffee kicks, go for Mexican Chocolate Latte. I give my vote to the former.

Top: Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended
Small $7, Regular $8, Large $8
Bottom: Mexican Chocolate Latte
Small $7, Regular: $7.70, Large $8.20

We indulged our tastebuds with a slice of Mexican Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon Mascarpone Frosting.  The combination of Cinnamon dust, cheese and chocolate was just nice, it's not too sweet nor heavy. Am sure this slice is set to make a great after meal dessert ! A whole cake can be purchased at $59 SGD.
Mexican Chocolate Cake

For updates, do follow Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sg on their social media sites:
- Facebook: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Singapore
- Instagram : Coffeebeansg
- Website :

Should you need to locate an outlet nearest to you, you may want to check out this list of stores. Any enquiries, you can email to :

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[Reivew] Canon HD FotoJournal

Keeping memories, which is your way? These are some of the ways I believed some of us used to do. From puchasing thick, bulky albums to contain the 4R hardcopies, stashing the thousands of shots (softcopies) into a portable hard disk and forgot all about them simply because out of sight, out of mind. On top of that, if the hard disk is corrupted, bid goodbye to all the memories.

As compared to the option of keeping the photos in the hard disk, I thought it would be a better idea to scrap the photos into layouts. For my hobby sake and one of my ways to de-stress, I love scrapbooking. I would print out the photos and make them into layouts.

At least, Xav will still flip through the album and got to look at his photos. But sad to say, my scrapbooking tools and papers are now totally thrown into the cold palace due to the lack of time.

As time past by, I could no longer afford to sit down and craft the whole night away. Layouts soon got simple and more simpler than before.

Apart from scrapbooking, I have actually started to create photobooks 8 years ago. I got myself started with 2 albums for our honeymoon trip in Hokkaido and Xav's first visit to Hong Kong when he was 9 months old, with FotoHub. Personally, I prefer it to that of those bulky albums. And you know what, after 8 years, these three albums still looked the same as 8 years ago! The colours remained, nothing fades off.

Recently, I had an opportunity to review Canon HD Fotojournals . I created two sets of softcover Fotojournals measuring 10" by 10" and 8" by 12", with 20 pages each respectively using FotoIdeas

Working on the FotoJournals at the comfort of my home, all I did was:
- Visit Canon eshop to make my purchase, select the size of my preferred FotoJournal, FotoHub sent a voucher code via email and I would use that to enter when I need to submit my e-book for printing.

- Download the FotoIdeas Software. Inside the software, it contains a range of templates, layouts, frames, fonts and etc. Go play around with it ! I am not a very tech-savvy person but this software is pretty user friendly ! I just had to import the photos which I have selected into the folder.

I did not download any other fonts of my own, partly it was because I was feeling so lazy but hey, the fonts in FotoIdeas Software were good enough for me!

Font selection

- I was spoilt for choice to choose from the many layout options. After selecting my preferred layout, I simply just need to drag and drop the image into the black box. The software allowed users to do image enhancement too.

Layout selection

If you would love to, frames can be added to make the photos stand-out from the background.

colour frames selection

- Spot those "caution sign" at the right corner of a photo, it actually prompted me to take note on the low resolution of the photos.

On the other hand, the software will prompt me again with regard to the low-resolution photo when I re-log in to continue with my project. A little reminder here to SAVE your project as you go along the way. I had to redo the album all over again when I wanted to save the project which was almost completed. I hit "save" and it was unfortunate that the software had to die on me.

Re-do and submit for order, I received an email with a link to the PDF for a preview and check if all the pictures were in place and should I decide to change my mind to make any changes at the eleventh hour, I just have to click on "Disapprove"

Within 5 working days from the day I submitted the project, I received a SMS notification on my mobile that my albums were ready for collection.

The end product was AWESOME! I created the 10 by 10" Fotojournal with pictures from Pulau Ketam while the 8" by 12" Fotojournal was used to keep memories of our US Road Trip.

Canon HD FotoJournal - 10" by 10" and 8" by 12"

The cover page did not look a bit like a softcover at all ! The cover is thick enough for Vera to handle and flip through, without having the fear that she may crumple the FotoJournal.

Some of my favourite prints from the two albums. I love how I can stretch one picture across to make the front and back cover.

Pulau Ketam 

 By the sunset

If you do remember, I did mentioned about of low-resolution pictures prompted by the software earlier? The pages turned out great and colours were vibrant ! True to that of what I saw on the screen during editing.

Young Living Mona Farm, Utah

Mona Farm, Utah

San Francisco Day 3

Grand Canyon, West Rim

Alcatraz Island
Prices are steeper as compared to the ones I made previously but you are paying for quality. More to come as I can work on it at the comfort of my home instead of rushing out the entire project if I were to do it outside! I am planning to work on my Taiwan and Khao Yai trip soon ! Thank you again Canon Singapore !

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

[Review] Superlife Co. - Asian Flavoured Quinoa Packs

Taken from my previous post "Why Quinoa (pronounced as Keen-wah) ? Being the Mother of all grains, Quinoa is an energizing suerfood which is high in protein, minerals, good for metabolic health improvement, weightlossrich in antioxident and best of all it's gluten free. Today, they call it "Super grain". Quinoa is a low GI product as well, hence, it is also beneficial if one is on a diabetic diet.

This is part of Vera's diet too if you have read about her eczema management. She has to be on a gluten-free diet. Quinoa was also recommended by her doctor as kids needed protein to grow, Quinoa or Millets will make better options. Furthermore, Quinoa is easy to digest and is naturally gluten-free and wheat-free.

I have cooked Baked stuffed capsicum with cheesy quinoa for both Xav and stir-fried minced meat and vegetable quinoa for Vera. Both of them polished everything off their plates !

Usually, people would lament how yucky, healthy food would taste. But let Superlife.Co change your opinion of the usual boring and plain quinoa with their newly launched Starter kit if you would like to get yourself all 5 flavors to try out.

I think it's so creative of them to come up with the five Asian Flavours + 3 4pm Quinoa Cacao Protein Blocks and putting them together as one starter kit. Per pack is sufficient for one person's serving.

5 Asian flavours
Quinoa Cacao Protein Bloc
(Photo credit: Superlife.Co)

I cooked Japanese Quinoa for Vera's dinner and was pleased to find the flavour of the flavoured quinoa were packed individually. You can estimate on your own, how much seaweed (in this instance) to put in. I like that the amount can be controlled by my own preference.

Generally, this can be a #Quickfix dish for a healthy and fast lunch. Quinoa is pretty easy to cook. In less than 15 mins, they will be cooked. Simply just boil the quinoa about 10 mins, off the fire and cover the pot with a lid, allow the quinoa to sit in for another 10-15mins.

What I did in addition and at the same time was, I stir-fried some salmon cubes and asparagus before I add in the cooked quinoa and sprinkled some pink salt over and gave a few rounds of stir-frying just like how we normally cook fried rice.

Here you go ! One healthy and tasty meal served and it's easy to cook too !

I have also tried the Korean Kimchi Quinoa, I am no fan of kimchi BUT surprisingly, I could accept it! I wish the kimchi bits come in a larger pack. But overall, I find this flavour pretty appetizing! I am trying out the rest of the flavours in a few days time and if this stirred up an interest in you to try quinoa if you have never try before or if you would love to try these Asian flavors, I have a discount code to share. Enter SUPERSER17 when you are doing your online purchase and get a 10% off with a minimum of $40 purchase. The code will be valid until 30th June 2017. This excludes the Cacao Subscription on the website.

I am currently in search of more quinoa recipes so that I can cook something for Vera. Should you have any recipes using Quinos, would appreciate if you could share them with me ! Just drop your recipes in the comment box !

For latest updates from Superlife.Co, do follow them on:
Facebook : Superlife Co.
Website :

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

[Review] Primero Fitness - NatTone Mat

You must be wondering, it's just a mat. What's the fuss about ?

I was given an opportunity to review NatTone Mat from Primero Fitness. Before that I was using the kids' playmat to do my planking and stretching exercises and having to clear off part of the toys on the mat before I could free up a little space. I received the NatTone Mat in a sleek, classic black cover which made it convenient to carry around. Yes it may be on the heavier side BUT it does have its reason why it was produced this way.

This super-premium mat is designed with input from bodyweight professionals, and was specially made for bodyweight exercises like Planks, sit-ups and push-ups. It's surface features a honeycomb matrix that provides incredible traction, especially just for these type of workout. The proprietary Micro-Skeleton Polymer design ensures extreme firmness during exercises and also increases bodyweight workout efficiency by maximizing grip and having the perfect level of cushion. I did not need to be bothered about if the mat did shift and if my feet did skid.

On top of that, the best part is, I would not need to worry about Vera using it with me especially that her skin is more on the sensitive side. NatTone mat is completely skin-friendly, made with premium all-natural eco-friendly materials, from natural rubber tapped from renewable rubber trees. This is the only skin-health mat with no unnatural toxins and chemicals used during the production process.
It is best suited for the hot weather in Singapore as its open-cell rubber absorbs oils, odors and perspiration.

Just a few nights ago, I actually fell asleep on the mat on night while taking a break from writing one of my post. The mat was firm yet the level of cushion was comfortable enough for my back. Did I ever tell you that I cannot sit or sleep on soft surfaces for prolonged hours? It actually result in me having an aching lower back at the end of the day.

Here are some technical specifications of NatTone Mat:
  1. Material of Yoga Mat: Nature rubber
  2. Color: Olive Green
  3. Size: 183cm* 61cm
  4. Thickness: 5.2 mm
  5. Logo: Debossed logo
You can also read about how Christy's review, who uses the mat with her foam rollers from Primero Fitness as well.

About Primero Fitness

Primero Fitness Singapore, is a one year old company which specializes in affordable gym equipment. Their aim is to provide affordable, high-quality gym equipment to every household in Singapore.

Having Virgin Rubber Weight Plates being their most popular product. This Weight Plate is protected by a proprietary elastic, non-recycled rubber that is odourless, durable and soft. The rubber protection protects floors from damage and is perfect for use in homes. And for women who wish to start a healthy and active lifestyle, do checkk out their Neoprene Dumbbells.

Should you be keen to start working out from your home,check out Primero Fitness' Home Gym Bundle (Beginning)

For updates, you can visit Primero's social media sites:
Website :
Facebook: Primero Fitness

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Eczema Management

I believe alot of young children are plagued with this. I am concluding what have worked for Vera after having to trial and error for this 15 months anad I hope this post can help mums who are dealing with a similar situation as me.

Vera's first eczema flare was when she was 9 months old.

Two years later, a sudden flare came in December 2015

The flare did not completely go off and turned for the worse in May 2016 when she was supposed to start her Nursery 1.

Unfortunately, I have to hold her back from attending school as I felt that it was unfair to both the school and ourselves. The teachers cannot be giving her the full 101% of their attention like the way I do and on our side, would not want Vera to go through the painful cycle again. It's mega tiring on the adults as well, as our sleep would be badly affected for the fact that we had to stay alert to prevent her from scratching.

It has been 10 months, that her flares were under controlled and managed by totally non-invasive, drug-free and steriods-free treatments. For a period, I felt like I was stepping into mild depression. I teared out of the blue while making our way to the clinic and I teared as I watched her going through the electromagnetic wave therapy. Not that the treatment was painful but I was upset because, we have been going doing intensively ( thrice a week without fail) for 7 months, the stubborn patch on her left foot remained dry and red, sometimes with tiny blistering, refused to go off. On the other hand, I cannot say that the treatments were ineffective because after each treatment, it did helped to bring down the angry flare.

It was financially draining as well, as per treatment was pretty costly plus the time taken to travel to and fro. I felt exhausted at a point, I did thought of giving up on several occasions, I did questioned the doctor why the patch did not go away, I asked him if there were other ways or methods that may work. Thinking back, I have to be thankful that Don kept encouraging me not to give up.

What I have leart about managing eczema from this one whole year from three doctors whom Vera was brought to. For your information, all the doctors I went to, use non invasive treatments. No drugs were given to us, it's all on improving the body's energy flow and healing naturally. This is my very own understanding from them. To conclude, it's these three things that you got to note. DIET, SKIN CARE PRODUCTS & DISCIPLINE.

Let me just share on the three doctors which I went to and both their treatment were working alongside each other.

From Dr Lai @ Bai Chuan Clinic: Eczema is an auto-immune disorder and occurs when the brain stem is inflammed thus affecting the hypothalamus and pineal gland. Vera belongs to the monority who will flare up first when her immunity is being compromised before the symptoms appear while normal kids with no eczema condition will usually just have the flu symptoms.

I was also told about CerebroSpinal Fluid . When there is an inflammtion going on in the brain and spine, the flow is not smooth and the obstruction of the flow could also affect the eczema flare. This is from my own understanding, I am still trying to figure out and understand what it is about.

Lastly, nerve fibre sensitivity does affect the condition of the flare and different parts of the vetebrae are link to different part of our bodies.

These are new terms to me altogether, as there were no other doctors be it western or TCM ever did share about such knowledge.

Bai Chuan Japan Enrac Collateral Meridien Therapy
1 lrving Place
The Commerz @ Lrving
Singapore 369546
Tel: 67379611

From Dr Diana Tan @ NAET (Shenton Clinic),it was from the energy testing. Sounds absurb to some of you if you are not into natural healing just like how Don is, until I "educated" him slowly. From the energy testing, I got to know that Vera had leaky guts (which every eczema sufferers have), which organs of hers are weaker in and what kind of food, she should be avoiding.

She was tested to be allergic to: yeast (bread and buns),cow's milk, egg whites, almond milk, Beef, Beta Carotene, gluten and papaya. I got to be thankful to my chiropractor, Dr Daniel, for recommending this doctor. I tell you, this was the turning point!

I was left with no other options but to give diet change a try. I cut away her favourite bread and Man-Tou (buns) for just a week. Remember the stubborn patch on her left foot? That enlarged patch, can be angry at times and also can be blistering. In just a week of no yeast in her food intake, that patch miraculously got better, the blisters dried up and it was no longer angry. It was just like back to the normal state but more on the dry side. You have to believe that "You are what you eat".  I have already cut her off from dairies, seafood as well as some fruits, you can read the list here. Hence, with just the yeast and some new found food allergy off her diet. I was really happy to see the huge improvement. Finally, I saw light at the end of the tunnel !! Vera was doing great with the diet change.

I was told to bring down all of the possible creams which I am using it for her for energy testing as well and phew, much to my relief, all of them passed. Another cream I used was Young Living's Boswellia Wrinkle Cream, the dry patch on her left foot was smoothened out with just two application.

Shenton Clinic
Blk 498, Jurong West St 41
#01- 464
Singapore 640498
Tel: 65654442

I have to admit that it is really challenging when it comes to preparing her meals with the limited choice of food she can take. Some mummies were exasperated when I told them to cut off dairies. Most will tell me"No, my child cannot do without milk !" Remember there are other alternatives, you have to know that dairies are acidic in nature and it will not benefit the flare at all. Go for oats or rice milk, remember to read the labels too. No added sugar does not mean that there is no sugar. Look out for Sucrose or Fructose on the label. If you did see this on the label, give it a miss. I am currently giving Oatly to Vera and got some Oats drink in tetra packs for her to bring to school.

Due to the distance, arranging time to go all the way down to lakeside for further tests seemed is pretty challenging as Vera has now started school. It is impossible to complete all the tests in just one hour as they are broken up into different segment.

What I did next, was again through reccommendation. I brought her to Naturopathic Therapies Clinic and had her hair sample sent it for an allergy test. Dr Saravanan gave me the report 2 weeks later and part of the findings were, she was indeed tested positive for some allergens of which some of them were already off her diet. Vera could benefit further with the following health support tips he gave.

- Improve Digestive Health
- Promote Detox
- Improve Immune Health
- She may progressively avoid all food that are tested positive.
- Avoid all foods and supplements that may contain yeast.

Apart from food, Vera was also found to be allergic to Echinacea, house dust, dust mites, certain chemicals in antibiotics likes Trimethoprim, Erythromycin, Acetyl Salicylic Acid, Lovebird and Parrot feathers. Even droppinngs of certain animals and two ingrediets commonly found in beauty products like Ethylene Oxide & Formaldehyde. Again, this reminded me to read the labels !! Even sugar and the type of oils were being tested.

I was told to use Rice Bran Oil / Coconut Oil/ Ghee clarified butter. She was tested positive to be allergic to: Peanut oil/ Canola oil/ Peanut oil/ Sunflower oil / Palm oil and Olive (Refined) and to give Vera Molasses if she has to take sugar. For these half a year, sugar has been omitted out from her diet. I usually gives her fresh fruits and her meals to be cooked using fresh ingredients as much as possible. To be exact, she is on a Vegan and Sugar diet (Gluten free, Dairies-free, Egg-free and Wheat Free) This is one of the meals I have cooked for her using Quinoa.

Dr Saravanan had also taught me how to remove the  food allergens graudually by block. First, list down the list of food to be removed from the diet. One block is equal to seven days. For a start, you remove one food for a week and slowly add on the second food on the second week. at the same time, you continue to wean off the first. You add on gradually as such that the body will not go into a state of shock if you remove all at one go.

Getting to know and removing the food allergens out from the diet, requires great deal of discipline and determination. Frankly, it's not easy but it is DOABLE! I saw the improvement personally otherwise, she would not have been able to start school in January!

Naturopathic Therapies Clinic
1 Coleman Street, #03-20
The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel: 68365615

Basically, if you are searching for a non-invasive and drug free solution, you may wish to go to these 3 doctors. Do share with me if you have recommendation of other doctors who are into natural healing.

You have to know that healing by food is from inside out. If you think that by just using good skincare products, that is only providing external support. You have to start from working from within the body. If you have no clue about what are the food allergies your child might be having, these are the few which certainly make a difference; Yeast, Dairies (cows milk, butter, eggs), Soy, Seafood and Sugar.

Next, let me share a little on Skincare products. If you recalled reading my bloody and weepy post ?

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast, remained as my top favourite. It is non-steriodal and I highly recommend it for skin with open wounds. The only cream which soothed her open wounds without stinging and it really heals broken skin fast.

Creams which I bought and I will usually read the labels first. For sensitive skin like Vera, I prefer to go for skincare that are:
- Hypoallergenic free
- Fragrance-Free
- Alcohol-Free
- Colorant- Free
- PH balanced
- Parabens- Free

Apart from my own concoction of oil blends, I bought Curel Moisture Gel Lotion to moisturize her dry skin too. I like the cooling sensation and it is non oily. It does not leave the skin feeling sticky or uncomfortable given the humid weather in Singapore.
If you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room daily, Curel Moisture Cream is much thicker. I would think it is great to bring it along if you are travelling to a cold country.

Curel body wash too has became part of her daily skincare. If you have watched on TheAsianParent Facebook Page as well as on Curel Singapore Facebook page on production of a mum fighting eczema, yes that's us.

Before we were selected to shoot the ad, I have already finished using a number of bottles for Vera. It has integrated into part of her daily usage. I am glad that I am able to share my experience with them. It was our first time doing a shoot and the experience was awesome!

Thank you for reading through this lengthy post. To the parents out there, be it your child or you, yourself is suffering from eczema, I really do hope that this post is of use to you. Remember, it will get better if you are discipline enough to step out and make the first change in the diet. Don't give up ! 

Share this along with anyone whom you think may benefit from it. Am not an expert, am still learning along the way. It's also a trial and error phase for me until I came to this stage where I finally know how to manage it better.

Do share your eczema management with me too if you are also into natural healing. I will be so glad to learn more about it.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

Sunday, March 19, 2017

APS 11th Junior Squad Meet 2017 - ATTITUDE that matters

Currently, Xav is in Endurance - Station 8 in APS Swim School. We have been there like 3 years? Alot of friends asked me why I would not want to look for a nearer school but chose to travel all the way down town. We decided on this school because of the small number ratio of coach and students. It's 1:4 ratio attracted us. In terms of safety and the amount of attention the coach can give. I will still prefer this small, comfortable group.

Since last year, he was selected to undergo extra trainings to train up his stamina for time trial. If he could pass the time trial, he gets to join the competitive team. The journey was not easy, trainings are about clocking mileage, building up of stamina, fine tuning of strokes and endurance. By the end of the trainings, he would be so exhausted that he could just fall asleep when we were taking a train back home, all the way from ACJC back to Sengkang.

Unfortunately, after three months, he did not managed to pass the time trial. But I was glad that the school has offered prep classes to continue to train the kids. I did not want Xav to be demoralised and gave up just because he could not pass the time trial. He continued to swim intensively for 4 times a week, including his formal session on Sundays. These three months, we were actually rushing from school back to home, have a quick lunch and headed to the pool straight and thereafter rush back home again to do homework and do dinner. I barely have any time for him to do my revision. Oh well, we made the choice didn't we ? I told him, it may be tiring but he has to learn to manage it.

His first meet was in 2013! 14th March 2017:  Xav took part in APS 11th Junior Squad Meet 2017.

We signed him up for some events to allow him to gain some exposure and confidence. We knew that he still has a long way to go to reach the stage where he should be. But like we told him, it's not about winning or losing but it's the ATTITUDE that matters. As long as he has go all out and put in all of his best effort, it's good enough. I want him to build up his resilience and endurance, be it in the trainings or in his academic journey.

He did not manage to emerge in the top 3. But from his usual timing of 1:30s, after months trainings, today, he did well ! He clocked and gave himself his new record timing:

Boys 9-10 50 LC Meter Breaststroke: 1:08.36 (Placement 5th out of 16)

Boys 9-10 50 LC Meter Freestyle: 1:04.04 (Placement 8th out of 13)

I have to tell him that it's very encouraging to see the big improvement in his timing, especially when he is weaker in free style but his timing was better than breast-stroke! A big pat on his back for biting the bullet and not giving up despite having to juggle his trainings between his school work, classes and homework. Well done, Xav !! Keep this spirit going! Mummy is sure that you will break this record of yours soon !

Congratulations to those who have made it to the top 3 and to the swimmers who were sporting enough to complete the race, a big pat on all your backs as well for the great sportsmanship and  #nevergiveup spirit. You heard us cheering and applauding for all of you? Carry on swimming and do not give up! One day, you will outdo yourself and make it there !

And APS Swim School, I must say I love the way you encourage all your swimmers and recognise their effort! We look forward to the next meet !

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !
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