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[ Instagram Worldwide Giveaway + Discount code] Stickerkid Customized Labels - Starter Value Pack

6 years ago, I wrote a review for Stickerkid customized labels, that was when Xav was 5! 6 years later, I am doing it again and this time I realised Stickerkid had enhanced their customization for personalized labels.

I selected "Starter Value Pack" which consisted of 154 labels in all and I realised I could now choose 3 designs instead of just 1!

It was really awesome to have all her favourite prints in pack printed on different labels. The Starter value pack consists of:
- 32 large labels, Dimensions: 76 x 19mm
- 60 small labels, Dimensions: 46 x 6mm
- 14 shoe labels, Dimensions: 38 x 40mm
- 48 iron-on clothes labels permanent, Dimensions: 76 x 19mm

This time, the experience I had when I was customizing the labels was, I was able to input Chinese Characters! I chose an unicorn icon for this large label to stick on belongings with bigger surface area, the large label is of a good size! It allowed up to 3 lines for me to input the details.

32 large stickers

The small labels, I like to use them for stationeries, books and lunchboxes. The measurement for this made it easy for labelling items like pens, sunglasses or anything with a small width.   

30 small stickers

The shoe sticker labels allow you to stick up to 7 pairs of shoes. I chose another of her favourite,  happy cloud icon and this label also allowed up to 3 lines for customization.

14 shoe stickers

These labels were of high-grade quality, not to mention for shoe labels too! It does not come off easily and sticked to the insoles pretty well and at the same time ensuring comfort of wearing the shoes remained.

This is the first time I am trying out the iron-on labels by Stickerkid, this set is included in the Starter Value Pack as well and comes in a total of 48 stickers! Simple and fuss-free steps and you could barely feel that there is tag sticking on the apparel, the kids can wear it with comfort.

Just these straight forward simple steps, peel the label from the backing, placed it on the clothing, add on a piece of baking paper and then iron over it.

48 iron on

I have tried ordering from other vendors to try out but I affirmed I will still choose Stickerkid for the superb quality. 6 years ago when I first sticked it on Xav's swim board is still in a good condition after all these years! 

It had survived in the pool and exposed to the sun and yet remained in a good condition still. I had to remove it and replace it with Vera's name, now that she just started swimming. 

Stickerkid labels are waterproof, wear-and-tear resistant, able to withstand a range of temperature from the freezer to the microwave, sterilizers as well as dishwashers.

It is perfect for labelling the belongings if your baby, toddler, preschooler is attending infant care, childcare, after-school care or even adults! Don actually requested for a pack of iron-on for his tees at work. This Starter Value Pack is the BEST SELLER and it is only at $49 per set! 

Grab this opportunity, order your pack today with the 10% discount code offered by Stickerkid. Simply key in XAVVY10 upon check out! This discount code is valid till 15 July 2019 ! Make use of this code to get some savings! 

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2D1N Sinar Eco Resort [Malaysia]

This trip was done together with the group whom I used to spend nights with at St. John Island, Pulau Ubin and in campus. It is not easy to travel with friends and their families. But with this group, I would agree to it without any hesitation. So here it is, the 15 of us for a 2D1N stay at Sinar Eco Resort in Malaysia.

We have a total of 6 adults and 9 kids, hence we booked Legends of Music Room that was in the apartment and each level comes with 3 bedrooms and a living room. Per bedroom came with two queen beds and infact, it was pretty spacious! Some of us shared rooms while one of the room was given to the family with the hubby who came. Nothing fanciful for the rooms except for the portraits on the wall which Vera disliked it but the amenities were basic enough for a comfortable kampung stay. 

We took the package that includes 5 meals for everyone, this was really wonderful! Firstly, we did not need to rack our brains on what to eat. Second, the food served at Lavender Cafe was of homecooked style, simple yet flavorful! The soup was really good and we confirmed that no msg was added because it was so nice that we had more than one serving and we did not feel thirsty at all after consuming it. 

The cafe was built with see through glass wall that allows natural sunlight to come into the space, air-conditioned, spacious and pretty comfortable, minus the flies. There was a table assigned to us through out both days. 

With a playground located just right beside the cafe, we could just easily watch the kids play while we continued to dine. And I think I would like to mention this too! There were two birthday babies for the month and the staff had kindly assisted my friend in getting a cake and it was a really pleasant surprise that they dished out the cake in this presentation, dimmed the lights a little and played the birthday song in loops. Two thumbs up for the staff for going an extra mile! 

Now, the trip has to be completed with a durian feast! The kitchen staff assisted us in the ordering, not the cheapest at RM20 per kg but trust me, although we did not know the grade of those thorny fruits but they tasted decent! It was not about the price but the company that matters and to add on, we were really impressed with the service of the staff, they set up tables at the pavilion which was just right beside the swimming pool, pryed open the fruits for us! Their service by the staff was really applaudable, such that we had gladly tip for their excellent service! 

Buggy service were made easily available if you did not feel like walking under the sun. Just make your request to any staff you spot around the reception area. 

Here's what we did around the farm. Our room package included mini zoo activites like animal petting and feeding, free tractor ride around the farm and use of swimming pool.

The kids went feeding at the bunnies' enclosure and went stroking the cats. There was this most adorable kitten we spotted, all the kids could not resist cuddling it!

Next was to feed the cattles and the flocks.

The very nice staff actually taught Vera how to hold a chicken without any struggles.

This city-kid of mine was on cloud nine for being able to hold a chicken! Such a brave girl! No chickens were harmed at any point of time. =)

We top up for other activities like milking the cow and horse riding. Finally, she brushed aside her fear of horse-riding after the fall from the horse during our Hua Hin trip and was willing to give a try after I convinced her that she would be fine this time. Basically, this horse was a retired racing horse and according to the staff who looked after it, this horse has a gentle temperament.

I had my first ATV ride this round! Infact, Xav had his experience at Farm Chok Chai, Khao Yai and he thought he could drive on his own like before.  Apparently, there was an uncle managing the station (not the staff) told me that the ATVs were not the usual, what they had were the more "hardcore" type and advised me that for every riding child, there should be an accompanying adult. So end up, I got to ride 6 rounds but managed to get a friend to go on two rounds while I took the remaining.

I went for a round by myself to have a feel of it before I got Vera and Xav to hop on individually. Indeed, it was really heavy to steer, my arms seemed to be screaming after two rounds. I allowed Xav to control the ATV on the move and he could tell me the difference. This was indeed much heavier! Anyway, it was a great experience riding with the kids!

Would I recommend this place? Personally, yes for a getaway from the bustling city just to be in touch with nature and yes should you need a social media detox. This place is good as they do not provide wifi at all.

I feel that this self-contained resort is sufficient for a 2D1N stay, not the most well-maintained farm I say but basic standard for the accomodation was met. You may also wish to hop over to read Cheekie Monkies' review, I got to know of this resort from his post.

How did we get there? We booked a 16 seater bus from:
Uncle Pang Travel & Tours
Mobile phone (Malaysia): +60167474357

We took a return trip package and top up for additional pickup points to facilitate convenience.

Address: lot 2346 GM2535 Kampung Sungai Molek Mukim Jeram Batu, Pekan Nanas

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My CoolSculpting Treatment and results Elissa Medical Clinic [Part II]

Earlier in March, I shared about My CoolSculpting Experience with Elissa Medical Clinic [Part 1], in this post, I would be sharing the process and the results after three months! 

Dr. Winston Lin prescribed four CoolAdvantage sessions to treat the bulging stubborn fat at my tummy. The CoolAdvantage range of applicators under the CoolSculpting family reduces treatment time by nearly half compared to legacy CoolSculpting applicators. 

For instance, treatment time with traditional CoolSculpting applicators takes 60 mins but this is reduced to 35 mins with the CoolAdvantage applicator. This meant that my treatment was completed in 2 hrs 20 mins instead of the 4 hrs it would have taken with legacy CoolSculpting applicators. 

Another benefit of the CoolAdvantage applicator is the enhanced cup design for improved patient comfort as well as a larger cooling area to treat a bigger area.

Before treatment, Dr. Winston Lin first used the CoolAdvantage templates to mark out the areas that required treatment. To be honest, I was really embarrassed about showing my bulging fats, Dr. Winston could easily pinched a huge pocket of it.

Before putting on the applicator, the clinic assistant then applied gel pads onto the treatment area first to protect the skin during treatment. 

The process did not put me into any discomfort, I had some moments to catch a wink for a quick recharge and got to 'work' on my phone in total peace while freezing my fat cells.

After the removal of applicator, the treated area seemed to look like a 'cake'. 

The clinic assistant would massage the treated area, to help break down the crystallised dead fat cells, which will be passed out by the body naturally. 

Finally! I am now able to show you the results of the CoolSculpting treatment. The front view of my tummy before the treatment looked 'pregnant' but three months after CoolSculpting, my tummy from the front was less round and I felt more space when  I am wearing my t-shirts. The treatment managed to reduce the fats by 25-30%. I shall let the pictures do the talking!

Front View 
The side profile showed a more significant difference, even the fats on love handles was reduced.

side view (left)
side view (right)

For me, it took me slightly more than 1.5 months for the numbness on the treated area to be gone. There was also no down-time period, I was able to function as per normal. I hope this post has been useful in helping you decide if you would like to try out CoolSculpting but do also keep in mind to eat healthily too! I have lost 1.5 kg after three months after cutting down carbs for dinner and late night snacking. My current weight is now 51kg and probably another 1 kg off, that will be my ideal weight.

Should you be keen to make a CoolSculpting consultation, do make an appointment with Dr. Winston Lin, I affirm that he is one of the very patient and most reassuring doctors I have met:
Elissa Medical Clinic
Telephone: +65 88097896
Address: 1 Hougang Street 91 
Hougang 1 #01-21
Singapore 538692

You can also visit Elissa Medical Clinic's social media sites for more information:

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