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[Giveaway + Discount Code by Floral Garage Singapore] - My birthday month of August

August have been great and yes, it's my birthday month ! I know August has passed, anyway better be late than never, I would very much love to document down the summary of this special month as I turned 35, half the journey, inching slowly towards the big 4.

Earlier of the month, I went on a solo trip to Spokane (To be blogged later) with blessings from my ever supportive hubby. I had a good 10 days break away from the kids and it was really a good recharge for me.

And whilst I was still away in Spokane, we were caught by surprised that Channel 8 News (Digital) would love to feature LeBox Sg in the National Day Special Reports. We were jumping in excitement and was really thankful for this opportunity !

Another first in my life, I actually went to star chasing with one of my crafting friend, just to see Song Joong Ki who came to promote his new movie, The Battleship Island. So much so for experience, we told each other once is enough and never again *Laughs*

And finally, after 5 years, I get to be involved again. I went on a learning Journey with Vera as a Parent volunteer for her class. These moments are precious. And I was glad that I was involved with not only Vera but with Xav as well. His form teacher told me, he had observed Xav to be quite happy with me volunteering to go on the learning journey with the school.

| 11th August 2017: 4y 12d| Field trips involving parents totally stopped when Xav was promoted to K1 as parents were no longer allowed to go with them. After 5 years, am so happy to be able to join again, this time with Vera. When the school asked for parents volunteers, I readily jumped on it! Today, we went #bollywoodveggies supposingly for a farm tour but no thanks to the heavy downpour, they ended up with a mini show and tell plus making their rainbow #fruit 🥗 and this sweetie pie here had a sudden change of mind on the way back and wanted only her Mummy to sit next to her, nobody else was allowed and fell asleep on my arms shortly after. #zzz #lovethemoment #happymoments #Cherishthemoment #mindchampspreschool #mindchampsSg #LearningJourney #Veggie #Farm #instamoment #instafriday #FridayFriyay #Momsofinstagram #Momslife #sahm #sporemombloggers #sgparent #sgmom #sgkids #instakids #kidstagram #preschooler #preschooleducation #sg
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Yet another first in my life, my first half marathon relay with another 7 Mom bloggers. I have not been really running for the past decade, the runs I participated in were usually kids' run where most of the time I was walking instead of running (not even jogging). this Mizuno Ekiden 2017, gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that I can do it way better than the targetted time I set for myself. I think the timing was even better than my school days when I did cross country run of a similar distance. In this case, it was all about mind over body, determination and perseverance.

| 19th August 2017 | Thank you @mizunoekidensg for the invitation to run. This is my first real run for 2017, this may not be the best timing in the eyes of seasoned runners out there but I set my own target ( to complete within an hour) and I met my target of completing 5.2km in 33 mins. #pushinglimits #NeverGiveUp I guess it's not too bad as my last run was probably in 2005 or 2006 for my IPPT and I have never continued running ever since I embarked on Motherhood journey, not to mentioned an almost non-stop 5km. . I joined because of a group of like-minded friends. It was great #teamwork to complete the half marathon regardless of what the timing clocked as timing was secondary. Thank you Team #RacyMamas and #RunawayMamas It was great fun and definately motivating for me to run more after this. #MizunoEkidenSg #MizunoEkiden2017 #MizunoAsia #SgRun #Run #Sgevents #RunningMoms #Runstagram #instarun #Fitness #Healthy #Lifestyle #Sporemombloggers #Sgmoms #Momsofinstagram #Sgmoms #Sahm #Momslife #Saturday #instamoments #Instagram_sg #Igsg #Sgig #Sg #Singapore #ExploreSg
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We made time out for a brunch and catch up, with another August baby, Jenn (Mylilbookworm), thank you for your friendship and Happy birthday to US  !

With the usual gang, out of the 5, 3 are August babies too !

From the left: Xavier, Meiling, Edlyn, Cynthia, Christy, Me and Vera

Back to my birthday, it was really just another day with routines to be carried out. That day was made sweeter with Don taking leave on the day before and on my actual day just to spend some time with me. I was feeling grateful that I could sleep in and woke an hour later than my usual timing as he took over the preparation of breakfast and getting Xav ready for school. That extra hour of sleep meant so much to me ! I guess most moms can relate to this.

On the same day after lunch, I had a task on hand to hunt for some materials as LeBox Sg was really honoured to be commissioned to do up educational party favours for a special someone turning 4. The lead time was really short and but we took up this challenge. The end result was satisfying on our side and yes, we had a happy client. To be able to know that the child loves the activities we made was a huge booster and a big encouragement for us to do better next time.

And I returned home receiving a special delivery from Floral Garage Sg which made my day even sweeter. They had specially sent a Freestyle Bouquet, thank you so much ! Freestyle Bouquet is a customization bouquet. You can simply inform the staff what occasion you are gifting for, they will prepare a bouquet that they think is best suited for your request.

About a year ago, I have done a DIY Terrarium review for Floral Garage Singapore. The current 2 year old Floral and Gift company offers beautiful hand bouquets, flower arrangements in form of baskets, vase or box and get them delivered to the special someone to bring some joy to their day or on any special occasion ! You can now send your love and at the same time, have some savings.
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Disclaimer: Floral Garage Sg sent a bouquet to make my day sweeter. There is no monetary compensation involved and all opinions are of my own.

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[Media Invite] Changi Love Kids Carnival + Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore

 This came just in time as we welcome the one week term break! Right at one of our favourite places, from 31 August to 8 October 2017, do head down to @ChangiAirport Terminal 3 and bond over some carnival activities and have fun together as a family! 

This is what you can expect:
Kids Dine Free: Kids dine for free at some of Changi Airport’s best restaurants on all weekends between 11am and 2pm during the carnival period.  To add to their delight, each child will receive a free carnival-themed kids pack comprising colouring activities, ‘cut-out’ models and more!  

Games Galore: Put your skills to the test with a host of carnival games for children (and adults!) of all ages, from the UFO Claw Machine to the Ring Toss game.

Rides, rides, rides!: A Grand Carousel, Helicopter merry-go-round and Choo Choo trains are for the picking, need we say more ?


How to redeem Carnival Passes:
- Present a maximum of two same-day receipts with a minimum spend of S$60 (S$80 for supermarkets) from any Changi Airport Public Area retail or F&B outlet to redeem three (3) Carnival Passes. 
- Mastercard® cardholders who spend the above spend tier fully on Mastercard may redeem an additional Carnival Pass. 
- Redemption per qualifying receipt(s) is regardless of spending amount in excess of the minimum spend required.   
- Each Carnival Pass allows the holder access to any four (4) rides or games. 
- Entry to all rides and games must be presented with a valid Carnival Pass and will be based on a first-come-first-served basis and availability of play slots.
- For participants below 16 years old, the parent/guardian needs to consent to the assumption of risk through an acknowledgement form signed before participation in the activity. 
- Redemption ends at 10.30pm on carnival operating days. 

Purchase of Carnival Passes:
- Carnival Passes can also be purchased at the event area at S$10 per pass. 
- Only Cash and Credit Card payment modes will be accepted for the purchase of carnival passes to the event.    

Note: Duplicated receipts from tenants will not be accepted at the redemption booth. 

Hello Kitty Café Singapore , being one of the participating restaurants to give Complimentary Kids' Meal with every adult main ordered.

During the phase when the café first opened its doors to the public, I read about the long queue and the food was expensive and tasted terrible. I beg to differ, in my opinion how terrible can the dishes taste? Afterall, it is a character themed restaurant, you cannot expect foodcourt price or One Michelin Star standard for the food and if you choose to be the very first who wanted to share your dining experience to your friends or on the social media when it was first opened, of course you would have to be mentally prepared for the long waiting time.

Here I shared my dining experience, the ambience was cosy and lavishly decorated with orchids.

I was looking through the menu, saw one National Day Menu with choice of "Hae Bee Hiam Pasta"and "Bak Kwa Mac & Cheese",  I was so tempted because both are my favourite ! On the other hand, I could not resist Captain's Favourite Curry and yes, it won me over. This is the cafe's rendition of the popular Kapitan Curry and totally no regrets !

I loved the thicker, richer and more flavourful curry as compared to the normal chicken curry. It was a little spicy but totally manageable and the curry chicken chunks were served with some fresh greens , a soft and fluffy Japanese bun. Be sure to dip the bun and savor together with the curry! I would have to say the portion is perfect for a nice tea break but would not be filling if you are going to take it as lunch or dinner.

Parents can now rejoice ! Kids menu is now available for the junior patrons!

Xav ordered one of the most popular dishes that kids love, Holy Macaroni, which comes with a drink as a set.

Hello Kitty Café Singapore also aims at providing patrons with a different dining experience each time they visit. Be sure to capture pictures with a different theme on certain occasions.

To celebrate the nation's birthday, #SG52, they even had a menu for it with some dishes created specially using our all time local favourites like #Haebeehiam pasta and #Bakkwa mac and cheese.

Looks like I have to make another visit should the Cafe decided to keep this menu permanent. I thought this menu is good to also introduce overseas visitors Singaporean's favourite!
Not forgetting the good company too! Nice to see you ladies !

The rest of the participating restaurants (in Public Area) for FREE CHILDREN's DINING are as follow:

Changi Airport Terminal 1
RV Café - Pizza ,  Burger, Paste & Grill -  Level 1, 24 hours
Saboten -  Level 3, 8 am to 11 pm
PappaMia - Level 3, 7 am to 11 pm
Manhattan Fish Market - Level 3, 7 am to 11pm

Changi Airport Terminal 2
Swensen's - Level 1, 24 hours
Tsubohachi Izakaya - Hokkaido - Level 3, 10.30am - 11pm
Chutney Mary - Level 3, 24 hours

Changi Airport Terminal 3
Milk and Honey - Artisan Yogurt & Desert Bar - Basement 2, 10.30am to 11 pm
Hello Kitty Orchid Garden -  Level 1, 24 hours
O' Coffee Club - Level 2, 24 hours
Xin Wang Hong Kong Café - Level 4, 9am to 2am
ThaiExpress - Level 3, 10.30 am to 11 pm
Gurney Drive Signatures - Level 3, 10.30am to 11pm

* You may also wish to ask the participating restaurants what is the deal to get the complimentary  kids dining before you step in to make sure the choice offered suits or is preferred by your child. For more information, do visit; for more updates.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on : Facebook | Instagram Pinterest.

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[Review] Theo10 - An alternative to Natural Products

Theo10 Pte Ltd, a local company on our little red dot, founded and established by this young entrepreneur, Theodrore Khng in March 2013.

If you are someone who is seeking an alternative to use natural products, you may wish to give Theo10 products a try as they are suitable for babies, kids and adults. The products are approved by HSA (Health Science Authority) and at pocket friendly, affordable prices.

No doubt that I do oils on the family but I am open up to using other natural products too. Much earlier before I left for States, I received a bundle set of THEO10 Special which contains the following:

Theo10® Skin – Mouth Ulcers, Insect bites, Minor Cuts & Burns, Rashes & Allergies
Theo10® Heat – Headache, Tired Shoulders, Muscular aches, Joint pains & Arthritis
Theo10® Eczema – Eczema
Theo10® Repels – Repels Mosquitoes & Ants, Moisturize skin
Theo10® Moisturize – Super Hydrates & moisturize skin

I have personally gave Theo10® Heat a try after my Japan trip in June. I squeezed out a tiny bit and applied on my aching lower back and sore shoulder muscles. I like the part that it did not leave an oily feel on my skin and the applied area was gradually "heated" up and provided relief on the sore parts, making the aches more bearable.

For an unknown reason, different parts of my body when applied with the ointment felt different. I could feel the heat on my lower back but I felt indifferent on my sore muscles between my neck and shoulders.

Now when it states that the effect could last up to 12 hours, do not doubt it! My experience was, I applied on my tired shoulders before I hit the sack. It did not give a warm sensation to the sore muscles on my shoulders. It was only until the next day after I woke, I was packing the house and began to perspire. This was when I suddenly felt the area on my shoulders gradually having a warm sensation. The sudden thought came to my mind, isn't this the area I applied the ointment on last night? I concluded that probably with the presence of water (my perspiration) or a warmed up body, it could have an reaction and made the ointment worked better? My tired shoulders felt so much better at the same time when I was carrying out the packing in the house.

After this discovery, I actually applied on my tensed shoulder muscles before I went for Mizuno Ekiden 2017 run with the intent of letting my perspiration or warmed up body, making the balm more effective. The effect of the balm did helped relieved my shoulders during the run, making it less heavy on me. It was a break-through for me, It has been more than a decade since I last trained for my IPPT back then. But on 19th August 2017, without training, I actually completed 5.3km in a timing of 00:33:17 ! It was a huge milestone for me with this timing when I did not even train for this half marathon relay.

| 19th August 2017 | Thank you @mizunoekidensg for the invitation to run. This is my first real run for 2017, this may not be the best timing in the eyes of seasoned runners out there but I set my own target ( to complete within an hour) and I met my target of completing 5.2km in 33 mins. #pushinglimits #NeverGiveUp I guess it's not too bad as my last run was probably in 2005 or 2006 for my IPPT and I have never continued running ever since I embarked on Motherhood journey, not to mentioned an almost non-stop 5km. . I joined because of a group of like-minded friends. It was great #teamwork to complete the half marathon regardless of what the timing clocked as timing was secondary. Thank you Team #RacyMamas and #RunawayMamas It was great fun and definately motivating for me to run more after this. #MizunoEkidenSg #MizunoEkiden2017 #MizunoAsia #SgRun #Run #Sgevents #RunningMoms #Runstagram #instarun #Fitness #Healthy #Lifestyle #Sporemombloggers #Sgmoms #Momsofinstagram #Sgmoms #Sahm #Momslife #Saturday #instamoments #Instagram_sg #Igsg #Sgig #Sg #Singapore #ExploreSg
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However, I did not like it when my eyes were irritated when the finger which was used to apply the ointment earlier on was in contact with my eye. I guess there were traces of ointment left and not absorbed into the skin, even after half a day. I reminded myself thereafter for future applications, I have to wash my hands with soap after every application. Oh and not forgetting, I actually tried to inhale it from my finger when my nose was stuffy, it kind of help to bring some kind of relief to my congested nose and made my breathing easier. 

Other uses which you can try using for: headaches, rheumatoid, arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscular aches. You can read more about it on the website.

Now I get to kill two birds with one stone, Theo10® Repels comes in a handy spray bottle. Before we head out to the parks, I will quickly give a spray on the arms and legs. Not only it is Deet free, it does not leave a sticky residue on our skin, moisturize our skin at the same time repelling off mozzies.

Unlike the usual mozzie patches which Vera uses in school, Theo10® Repels does not have a strong lemongrass scent. smelled a little herbal but it's pretty effective. I, myself, is a mozzie detector and will be one of the very first to get bitten by them when I head to the parks or forestry areas. Tested and proven, the spray had worked well on me when I was in the parks and I had not got any bites while I was stationary.

As for Vera, usually I will ask the teacher to use two patches instead of one to make sure the top and bottom are protected. But it may not work on both sides and prevent her from being bitten (Imagine if each outing, she needs 4 patches? It is going to be so painful for my pocket). and since they do not allow diy insect repellent from home. Theo10® Repels is a nice size to put into her school bag so that the teachers could just use it on her whenever they are out on learning journey.

Last but not least Theo10® Moisturize. This moisturizer has an pretty uplifting aroma when I first pumped it out. It contains some blends of essential oils like Valencia Orange, Italian Chamomile, Grapefruit Seed, French Geranium and Madagascar Ylang Ylang. From my oiling knowledge, these blends of oils are calming to the mind and the citrus range are pretty good in uplifting moods as well, in another word, anti-depressant.

As for Theo10® Skin and Theo10® Eczema, I do not have the chance to use it as Vera's flare is gone after 9 months of Vegan diet. But you can read up more on the product on the website and you can be assured that the cream is non-steroidal and both was recommended to use together for best results. Since I do not have the chance to use both of the above, I would love to pay it forward to someone who would like to give these natural products a try. Do leave a comment on the FB post "I would love to try Theo10 Skin and Theo10 Eczema and I will pick a receiver from there.

And if you are right now battling with eczema for your child or yourself, I have written a post on Eczema management before. I hope it is helpful to all who needed the information. 

For future updates on Theo10Sg's promotion or roadshows, do follow them on their social media:

Facebook | Website | Instagram

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    Explore Khao Yai [ 考艾 ] - Day 3 PB Valley >> Farm Chok Chai >> Farm Mor Por

    This is the final installment for our 4D3N Khao Yai Trip, during December 2016 and one backlog off the list after 7 months, it's like finally !! I received quite a lot of pms and emails asking about our Khao Yai trip and here you are, finally some pictures and information you can read about instead of just the name of the place. I felt so bad !

    As for those of you who have engaged khemika's service, I hope your trip with her was a nice experience. =)

    Third day was basically visiting:
    - PB Valley
    - Farm Chok Chai
    - Farm Mor Por

    I am not into wine but I planned in this just to show Xav the fermentation process of making wine for his general knowledge. As for wine lovers, be sure to pay a visit to PB Valley, the first winery in Khao Yai.

    Located in a mountainous district, I love the unlimited supply of fresh air at the fields!

    Loving the fresh air and greenary.

    Guided tours were made available for guests, do make an advanced booking if you are keen to tour. But we bought tickets on the spot and booked the tour from there.

    Pretty good idea to recycle the bottles and make them into a Christmas Tree.

    Toured and got to learn about what kind of equipment were used for fermentation.

    Steel tanks to hold the fermented wine

    The cellar


    Photo Credit: Pla

    At the end of the tour, we exchanged for a glass of wine or juice with our ticket stubs. Even Vera got to enjoy a glass. Imagine her joy when she was finally allowed to take a glass by herself.

    Address: 102/2 Moo5, Mitraparp Road Payayen Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30320, Thailand

    Operating Hours: 
    Sun -Thurs: 9am -8pm,  
    Fri & Sat: 9am - 10pm

    Tour charges: From 200 Baht / USD $5.70

    Next in line was a visit to Farm Chok Chai. There is a Chok Chai Zoo as well right beside the farm but we decided to gave it a miss as we were planning for a farm visit later part of the day where we got to see animals again.

    We were a little late in joining the talk on how they breed and take care of their SuperCow. If I did not remember wrongly, 3 visitors among the group could volunteer to learn how to milk. Sorry kids, you will be disappointed as this is only for adults for safety reasons.

    And so, I had my virgin attempt in milking !

    We were brought to another area, where we could have a full glance of how the Farm Chok Chai packed their dairy products and got to savour a cup of ice-cream each.

    There was also a wagon- tractor which we hoped on for a tour around the vicinity of the farm for some picture taking.

    Further into the farm, there was a Cowboy Town where we get to watch Cowboy Show and Trick Roping action !! Heee Ha !!

    Sorry no photos or videos as I just want to enjoy the show with the family. Someone was so delighted to have a go at the ATV all by himself ! Initially, we did have doubts if he was able to find his way out among the tall grasses. Turned out that this young man here was enjoying himself to the max, the thrill of finally able to ride on his own and went on three rounds around the field !

    Address: 169 Moo 2 Friendship Highway, Nongnamdang, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand

    Contact: 044 328 485 / 04432 484 (Fax)
    Email :

    Opening hours:
    Farm Tour Schedule: - Tuesday to Friday : 10 am and 2 pm (fixed timing) Between 9am - 11.40am and 1pm - 3.40 pm, tours can be arranged on a every 20mins basis.

    There will be no tours available on Monday except if it is a public holiday. - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : 9 am - 11:40 am and 1 pm - 3:40 pm, every 20 minutes.
      Admission Ticket: 300 THB  (per adult ) | 150 THB (Per Child) * Note that riding activities like ATV and Pony riding are not included) 

      Farm Mor Por was the last on our to-go list! I was a tad disappointed on the 2nd day as I had badly wanted to bring the kids there but we could not locate it. What a surprise on the third day! I would strongly recommend this place if you would want the kids to have an awesome experience with the farm animals.

      You can purchase a basket of carrots to feed the horses, rabbits and ponies. They were really friendly and welcoming. While I was trying to take a picture with Vera, these horsies just have to join in the fun. I was "tickled" by the horses licking me on my arm !

      Photo credit  Pla

      Our fearless missy, was happily feeding carrots to the horses. I believed this experience was unforgettable for her. Few days ago, she recollected the memories of her feeding the horse. I bet she had a ball with them ! One basket was not enough for both.

      The chicken coop ! If you would not mind that there were chicken droppings everywhere, do not mind a brood of chicken surrounding you. Go ahead with this. Before entering, pay a minimal fee at the counter and they will hand you a basket. The kids had fun being farmers for a short moment in collecting eggs and putting them into the basket. Thereafter, yYou can bring back 4 eggs, nicely wrapped in n egg carton. On  the other hand, if your child does have sensitive airways, I would advise this is a no go for them. 

      Missy was collecting and putting back the eggs, not wanting any.

      Xav was happy to collect a full basket.

      Last activity before we left, we went for horse riding around the vicinity of the farm. The staff was with us all the way. Older kids like Xav will be assigned to a pony while a accompanying parent like myself with Vera was assigned to an adult horse.

      I was happy that we managed to visit this place, the experience for the kids, you bet that they will not forget. Even till date, Vera could relate some activities she had went through for this trip after 7 months.

      No regrets to plan for this trip, I hope to be back again to visit the National Park when Vera is older.

      In summary of Khao Yai 4D3N:

      Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !
      Disclaimer: This holiday is a NON SPONSORED post. All expenses are paid through our very own pocket. Just purely documenting down these lovely memories and to be shared to all who are looking into kids friendly places in Thailand!

      Sunday, July 16, 2017

      [ Media Invite] iROO celebrates 7th Anniversary !

      When I first got to know of iROO, it was a few years back at Marina Bay Sands when the unique pieces at the window display caught my attention and made my head turned back once more to have another glance. It was then recently, I spotted another outlet at Raffles City.

      Last friday, I was honoured to be invited to join Taiwanese Fast Fashion label- iROO , in celebrating their 7th Anniversary at Ngee Ann City, with Taiwan international professional superstar and brand ambassador, Xiao S, 徐熙娣, gracing the occasion.

      With Jenn from Mylilbookworm

      To commemorate and celebrate this special occasion, iROO has launched a Limited Edition Floral Embroidery T-shirt, representing Singapore being a vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan city.

      The colourful embroidery seeks to bring out Singapore's vibrancy and beautiful garden city as well. Going casual is my usual style, just a few days back, I simply just paired it with one of my favourite kicks and hit the town. I have to declare that this is the first tee with floral prints available in my wardrobe. My tops are usually plain not to mention about floral prints. I would say that this embroided floral print is not too overwhelming for me to accept. This top is available at all outlets, do check them out. It is a total comfort to wear with 95% of it made of cotton.

      iROO has a total of 7 outlets in Singapore, mainly:
      - iROO Vivocity 
      1 harbour front walk, #01-179 - 182 
      Singapore 098585

      - iROO Raffles City
      Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-11
      252 North Bridge Road
      Singapore 179103

      - iROO Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #B2-36 
      391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City
      Singapore 238873

      -iROO Marina Bay Sands, #B2-97
      2 Bayfront Avenue 
      The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
      Singapore 018972

      - iROO Great World City, #01-45/46
      1 Kim Seng Promenade 
      Singapore 237994

      I also heard that iROO in Taiwan has launched their active series for sport lovers and it's material comes with UV protection and if you are in Taiwan, do check them out! I wish the sportswear can hit our local shelves soon !

      Jenn was lucky to have got upclose to the gorgeous and confident Xiao S. You can also hop over to read more about it here.

      For more updates, you can check out: 

      Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on : Facebook | Instagram Pinterest.

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