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If you do love musicals, this is one that is not-to-be-missed! Coming to us this 25 and 26th August 2018, Dick Lee, who is one of Singapore's best-known and highly respected personalities in the arts scene, a home-grown pioneer in musicals, bringing us an all-star alumni cast and ensemble from the past batches of his musicals - SINGAPOPERA, in celebration of Beauty World's 30th Anniversary and Snow Wolf Lake's [雪狼湖] 20th Anniversary ! 

The concert is going to be memorable and nostalgic, featuring songs that Singaporeans can resonate with from musicals such as Fried Rice Paradise, Beauty World, Forbidden City, Sing to the Dawn, Nagraland and Snow Wolf Lake

There will be two shows on 25 August 2018, Saturday (7.30pm) and on 26 August 2018, Sunday (5pm) at the Singapore Esplanade Concert Hall. 

Tickets are priced at $138, $118, $98, $78 and $58 and is on sale at all SISTIC outlets or online :

I am looking forward to spend my birthday evening there! If you are there on the 25th August, do say HI !

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[Giveaway Alert] Vera turns 5 and a DIY unicorn themed celebration

July, is a month to celebrate! We welcomed the month with Don's birthday right on the first day, our wedding anniversary near to the mid of the month and Vera's birthday falling on the second last day of the month. 

I decided to do the reverse instead for Vera's, as based on my experience with Xav, he could not remember the parties we held for him for the first 3 years and only remembered his fourth onwards. So 4 years onwards it shall be. 

Vera made her first request months ago, telling me that she would love to have a rainbow cake and unicorns. Her first round of celebration in school, I bought her a rainbow cake from Prima Deli, made my own mini bunting and cake toppers. Acceded to her request this way!

I think an unicorn themed party would be perfect! I told myself, to work on the preps earlier this time. I was surfing through Pinterest whenever I could for ideas and decided to make a backdrop. The inital plan was, I wanted a wall curtain with halogram effect and yes indeed, I found it but it was a $29.90 for a 2 by 1 metre wall curtain. To be honest, I would rather do without it as this amount could be better spent on other items. 

The hunting game began and I found some crepe paper with shimmery effect. I spent $5.20 for four packs of crepe paper, a $2 plus ribbon from SKP and diy-ed a backdrop all under $8. But of course 101% effort and time was needed, the end result was indeed satisfactory when put together with the bunting which was diy-ed as well using some pastel coloured cardstocks and some pretty die cuts from Doodle Bug Design.

DIY wall curtains (Behind the bunting)

DIY your own backdrop:
Crepe Paper - K'rafers' Paradise
Pastel coloured cardstocks : Paper Market
Unicorn die cuts on bunting: Paper Market (Doodle Bug Design)
Unicorn Balloons: Carousell

Don was incharged of sourcing for unicorns balloons on carousell and I totally loved how the colours of the balloons add a touch in spicing up the backdrop further. I was also thinking of getting a customized balloon for Vera since she has a huge love for balloons. Luck was on my side as I found a home-based seller which was just a stone throw away from my place (Fernvale). I did not even need to travel for collection, awesome !!

Since it was planned to be a Unicorn themed party, I bought some plain white paper bags (from Daiso), cut out some flowers, eyelashes, horns and ears. Perfect party bags for the little guests to bring home. I preferred to keep her celebration small and cosy, hence, only her favourite cousins and two of her RKI friends were invited. The number of party bags to do up was managable too. Looking for customized party packs, head over to Lebox Singapore

To add on, I had been eyeing and just waiting for the chance to order a box of pretty Rainbow Lapis Sagu from  Alan_TravellingFoodies. The colours of the kueh were just so vibrant and it tasted better than those I tried before. The best part was, the collection place was just a few bus stops away from where I am staying (Fernvale). So if you are staying in Sengkang or in the north-east looking for some nice homemade nonya kuehs, give Alan_TravellingFoodies a try. Gems founded in the north-east! Per box of 36 pieces of the Rainbow Lapis Sagu costs $48.

We preferred a fresh cream cake over fondant cake. About a week before the party, I went to The Pine Garden which is all along our favourite brand, gave them the picture of the cake as reference and got them to customize it. Look at Vera's expression! She was wowing away as Don lifted the cake out of the box!

An unicorn cake !!

A simple set up with all her favourites!

Happy 5th Birthday, Vera !

The Chuas - Us

With the grand-parents 

With Grandma

Thank you Edna for playing a lovely birthday piece for Vera!

With her friends and cousin (violinist)

Cousins from near and far

With the Teos

With the Hans

Last but not least, the catering. I have a total of 16 adults and 8 kids. I had to go for mini buffet as most catering with full set up requires a minimum of 30 pax. Imagine, I was left with one week to have the catering booked? I had to order a mini buffet based on my number of guests and I did not want my guests to consume "cold" food as most of the mini buffet come in disposable boxes which was not I wanted. 

This time, my angel appeared and told me to check out Ronnie Kitchen. I managed to place an order, I forgot if it consists of 8 or 9 dishes and it came with a full set up. Straight away, I gave my order to them and they were really professional. They called up two days after orders was placed to confirm my order and make sure I have no other changes. There was no picture taken as I was busy with my guests. Food quality, I would say it was not bad, I will put them onto my list in the future. Thanks Eileen for the recommendation ! 

The celebration was simple and cosy. I could tell that Vera was over the moon. She woke up in the middle of the night just to tell me that she liked the party, the balloons and the pau (Laughs) . The pau was actually part of the catering as I have chosen Kong Bak Pau as one of the dishes. She fell right back to sleep after telling me. My heart was full to know that she showed appreciation for the celebration. I knew she had enjoyed herself and hope the guests enjoyed themselves too. 

We thanked all who made time out to join us and showered Vera with your gifts and blessings!

Thank you for all your love ! 

Thank you, Renee, for always making magic ! Thank you for the party outfit (from head to toes)! Vera has been bugging me to let her wear the pretty unicorn shoes to school ! 

On the day she turned 5, she left school earlier, had great fun at her favourite indoor playground and had a complimentary ice-cream from Swensen's. Just these, made her day! Blessed Fantabulous 5, Vera! Dream big, believe in yourself that you can do it and never give up !

Thank you for reading and nothing of the above was sponsored but as August is my birthday month,  I would like to spread some love to friends or little ones whose birthday month falls on the month of August and September with a giveaway of a customized balloon from DecoParty.Sg !

Details of balloon: 
1 x 24 inch Customized Deco Balloon Helium filled
12 x stuffed mini balloons
1 x ribbon 
1 x tassels 
1 x balloon weight

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5. Giveaway runs from 4 -10 August 2018 , last entry at 2359 hours. 
6. Winners will be notify by DM, if winner fails to respond within 24 hours, the next winner will be chosen. Good luck ! 

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

[Review + Discount Code] Durian Delivery - 100% Bao Jiak !

Love it or hate it, this spikey green fruit with a distinct smell, also known as Durian (The 'King' of fruits) is in the season again and this time, it is a good time due to the bumper crop and yes at a more afforable price!

The durians and I had a love-hate relationship. I loved it when I was a child but there was a period when my mum had so much love for durians and us, we were eating durians on almost a daily basis. To a stage, I puckered my nose whenever I smelled durians near me. I stopped eating for a few years until 7 years ago when I went on a Desaru Trip with my gang, the love for durians rekindled.

Yesterday, together with Cynthia (Ilovedefamily) and Jennifer (Dinomama), I invited them over and welcomed the weekend with a durian party, with a supply of fresh and good quality durians from Durian Delivery!

With young kids and everyone's schedules were different, instead of lugging the whole gang to durian stalls, be stuck in the long queue while eyeballing the juniors, I will prefer to enjoy licking the creamy fruit off my fingers in the comfort of my home while the kids were happily playing with each other after they were done with eating.

I do not know how to choose how good a durian and would usually leave it to the professionals at the durian stalls and if I am in luck, I would have met with a honest and good durian seller. With Durian delivery, to enjoy the fruit in comfort was made much easier. 

Sent to us was Red Prawn (RP) and Old Tree Hand-picked Mao Shan Wang (aka Musang King). The boxes were sealed in bags when they were delivered to my place. When I cut open the bag, just the interior of the bag smelled heavenly! Seems like we were going to have durian intoxication.

The fruit was really soft, fleshy and creamy. RP was on the sweet side if you have a taste bud for that. We tried eating OT- MSW then follow by RP, RP apparently did not tasted as sweet as we first took as OT MSW's intense aroma and taste masked over RP's. Try it! Probably, that is why some people did mentioned before leave MSW to the last to eat, savour the others first.

Red Prawn Durians

MSW was really mouth-watering with it's creamy and bitter-sweet taste! I preferred this taste to sweet flesh. But having said that, the three boxes of OT-MSW had a mixture of different bitter-sweet level. 

The seeds clearly distinguished which breed the durians were. MSW definately have much thinner seeds wrapped with thick, creamy flesh.

Not only the adults were enjoying, our juniors were enjoying the durian feast as much as us!

When I asked them for a photo, their hands immediately went straight for the durians and started eating!

These happy faces, I bet you would feel like having a box of durians right now after seeing those wide smiles on their faces.

Happy E !

The older boys, Xav and D

Vera's first taste of durians and she loved it! 

Of couse, I was all smiles, enjoying the durians with great company!

Jennifer and I also took the chance and have an advanced birthday celebration together since her birthday is less than 2 weeks away and we are both August babies. How we loved it! The cake we plated was the best among the OT-MSW, the box with more intense bitter-sweet tasting durians.

MSW Birthday Cake !! 

The purchase is quite straight forward, go to the website , it will be updated on a daily basis on the availability of the different types of durians. Choose the type you like and select your preferred delivery date and time frame on the check-out page.

A group of happy beings! Thank you again, Durian Delivery !

Delivery charges as follow:
Same day delivery: $9.70 per location
Same day express delivery (within 2 hours, add $5): $14.70
Next day delivery: $6.90
FREE delivery with orders more than $120
Watsapp: 93874394

Why go for Durian Delivery:
Fresh and good quality durians and the convenience if you are not driving like myself. The durians are picked up straight from Pahang and arrives in Singapore about 5pm daily. Hence, you can opt for the time slot from 5-8pm if you would like to have the freshest.

Durians are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep, all de-husked. You do not even need sit down with the parang and risk having the kids to go near your while trying to pry open the fruit or your hands pricked by the thorns. 

Should the option of your durian order is not available, Durian Delivery will call you up to check if you are fine having your orders replaced with an upgrade. And if you are wondering what does the AA+++ or AAA++ means, if it is only written MSW with nothing else, means the durian is from a young tree. But if you read MSW AAA++ or AA+ etc, it means that the fruit is from an old tree.

Good stuff must share because I love all of you for staying with me these while! Upon checking out, enter "Xavvylicious10" to get a 10% off any purchase !! Don't say I bo-jio ! Discount code is valid till 31st October 2018 !

Be sure to check out Durian Delivery's social media pages for their updates.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-la

Our last trip to Penang was in 2011, when Xav was around three years plus. 7 years later, we made another visit and this time, it was Vera's first. We had planned for a 5D4N stay in Penang but this time round we decided on a hotel away from town and nearer to nature. I decided to "sacrifice" some of the hunting for those must-eat in Penang food. Afterall, how much can the kids' eat if you agree with me? On the contrary, they can go without food as long as there is play! Hence, we decided on a 2 nights stay at Golden Sands Resort (Penang) by Shangri-la, located right on Penang's world renowed Batu Ferringi Beach before we made our transfer to Lexis Suites Penang.

Right after we touched down, the staff from Golden Sands Resort, Penang, were all ready to pick us up as we had ask to arrange for airport pick up to the hotel. Finally, after about an hour's journey (factoring in slow traffic condition),we arrived at the resort.

The staff were welcoming, warm and friendly and  before we could walked into the Cool lounge, the sighting of the pool got the kids really excited, checking in was seamless too! And guess what made me happy, free wifi all around the resort of course so that I could update my Instagram stories about our stay, go search for #JSinPen, if you would like to trace back on our Penang adventures.

We were totally impressed with our Executive Suite , which had full length sliding glass door allowing us to step out to the balcony, where the magnificant view of the beautiful landscape of the resort and the tranquil sea with sound of gentle waves greeted us,  it was a suite with a view!

The room was spacious and luxurious! I have pinned them on my instagram highlights - Golden Sands Resort. Even the balcony was spacious with a beach chair laid facing the sea and I loved that the balcony was stretched all the way to the other living room where there was an additional pull-down bed! Xav 'chope' that bed immediately for the two nights stay while Don could not be any happier because he usually sacrificed the comfy bed for the couch so that there was no need for us to 'fight' for space. This stay, he could comfortably rest on the big and cosy bed!

Cute animal towels with Polly the parrots added a smile to the kids's face ! 

From the balcony of the living room, the two lagoon-style swimming pools, amidst the lush greenary definately looks inviting! It was no wonder the kids were so eager to get changed into their swimming gears and jumped right in!

I loved the shallow pool for children though supervision was needed but we did not need to be so stress that the pool may be too deep for her. The vibrant blue canopy right above, is just perfect to  filter the scorching sun rays without having to compromise the skin to sunburnts thereafter. Play for as long as the kids wanted, no wonder we had a hard time pulling Vera out from the pool!

Look for for some pool activities organised by the staff of Golden Sands Resort too and managed to catch Xav in action for 'running' on water.

Splash Zone is a "zero depth', outdoor water play zone made up of two slides with a landing pool, tipping water bucket, animal sprayers, water cannons and the ground was designed to be anti-slip for the young guests. Thumbs up for all the consideration of making it so kids friendly! We did not managed to play in here because she simply refused to get out of the shallow pool!

How can a family friendly resort do without an indoor playground? Golden Sands Resort had it all in  mind! Adventure Zone is the largest indoor playground in Penang with the facilities built on 10,300 square feet, catering family-style activities.

The highlights of Adventure zone were Hyperglide Astra Slide, the drop slides - Double Drop Slides and Demon Drop Slide which is a 24-feet vertical drop. When I walked up and looked down, I felt a lump in my throat, alright, I chickened out. I would suggest you go slow first, start off with the Hyperglide Astra Slide first before you try the other two.

Overview of Adventure Zone (Ground Floor)

Believe it or not, Hyperglide Astra Slide could be exhilarating too! But seemed like a breeze for the kids!

The old 'kids' gave it a try together !

And the young ones together.

For Double Drop Slide and Demon Drop Slides, long sleeves top are compulsory. So do wear a light, long sleeve top else bring your sweater, if you are planning to take on these slides. Do not forget your socks too!

Demon Drop Double Slides was the one that made Xav's heart beat faster than usual. Initially, he resisted a little when he was seated right at the edge. I was standing somewhere near him but when I looked down, my heart nearly popped out.

It took him a few minutes to remain compose and he accepted the challenge and off he went, not once but a few times. Soon, he got the momentum of it.

apart from the above, there was also an obstacle course surrounding the premises for the young challengers to complete. On the upper level of Adventure Zone, houses Kids' Club, which offers entertainment like Nintendo Wii, a 55 inch TV for movies, playhouse corner, soft toy and board games. We were totally into the slides until we forgot to check out the upper deck.

As for Vera, she was happy to compete with us down Hyperglide Astra Slide and making new friends at the "Toddler Zone" which caters to kids 4 years and below, with a ball fountain, ball pit, padded corner climber, over-under hurdles and more!

Adventure Zone is open daily, from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

A resort by the beach can never go wrong! Golden Sands Resort Penang, was built on the lovely Batu Ferringghi Beach, known to have softer and finer sand as compared to other beaches as shared by some of my Penangite friends. It was so convenient to hit the beach as it was right behind the Splash Zone.

Back in Singapore, we hardly hit the beach. Imagine the kids were on cloud nine when they were in touch with the sand and sea!

It was not just a beach for sun-tanning, it was a beach with a variety of water sports for you to choose from and Xav got his first ever experience riding on a jetski! He was asking for more after 20 mins.

And we did ventured out to George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was only 20 minutes drive away and we took the complimentary shuttle service made available for all guests of Golden Sands Resort. It is recommended that you make the booking one day before. 

Dining options, right next to the resort lobby, it was an open-air venue where Garden Cafe served international spread during breakfast. Garden Cafe has a seating for 235 and I like it that it is strictly a non-smoking area.

I love this part of the cafe especially, where 1/3 of the cafe had glass ceiling right above, allowing the natural sunlight to pass through while we could still enjoy the greenary that surrounds. This cafe only operates from 6.30 a.m to 11 a.m. 

We were were totally spoilt with the array of choices offered but be sure to give the Kapitan chicken a try! The curry was at the mildest level of spiciness yet fragrant with the blend of the spices. The meat of the chicken was really tender, I could easily slide it off the bones.

Always love freshly cook-on-the-spot omelette or a Sunny-Side Up! 

The very friendly staff gave his most vibrant smile. =)

One for the donut

In the evening, dinner was at Sigi Bar and Grill on the beach in the evening and Jenn requested for a table by the beach, no regrets except for the dim lightings after the sky turned pitch dark. 

This kid and family- friendly style restaurant offered both indoor and outdoor dining.

From freshly grilled seafood, oriental food, Malaysia's local favourite like satay and more, the kids were given choices to go for pizza or pasta and even bbq chicken wings. 

Freshly grilled seafood, sausages, chops and others

We were in for a sumptuous buffet and not forgetting the extensive range of desserts on the dessert table. But I would prefer desserts like tiramisu to be served in individual cups than in a whole tray. I felt that it did not look appetizing with the anyhow scooped presentation left behind. 

Tasty grilled lamb anyone ?
Photographed by Jenn

We fell in love with the mersmerising sunset and watched the parasailers drifted across the
glowing skies as we dined. We had been on and off running to the beach and sent our phone cameras
clicking away. 

It was truly a blessing to enjoy those moments with the family and friends, in that moment, with Jenn and her family. How often do we get to have such moments, these moments were indeed precious. 

Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-la bagged two awards in 2012, for "Most Family-Friendly Hotel" as well as "Best Family Stay" category for the Expatriate Lifestyle Best of Malaysia 2012 Awards. I will highly recommend Golden Sands Resort, if you are planning for a Beach Vacation in Penang. This award winning resort offers much more than I have mentioned above. Thank you Golden Sands Resort for having us and we will definately be back again. Totally perfect for a beach vacation!

Batu Ferringgi Beach, Penang, 11100, Malaysia.
Phone: (60 4) 886 1911 

You can also visit Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-la's Social Media pages for their future updates: 

Planning for a family vacation to Penang with the family, hop over to Mylilbookworm as she got it blogged "Penang with Kids".

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