Monday, November 2, 2015

Mi Xiao Quan’s Diary | 米小圈上学记

Half a month more to go, Xav is completing his first year of official school and the first "assignment" he received was to submit a book review. No, not an English book review but a review for one of his favourite Chinese story books. I believed the main objective was to encourage the students to read and get in touch more with the 2nd language.

We thought for a while and decided to use one of the books from Mi Xiao Quan’s Diary | 米小圈上学记 as I find that it might be easier for him to write a simple review of the book since it's one of his favourite Chinese story book.

This series is hilarious and it has coloured illustrations! I would recommend this series especially to parents who have children who are going to start Primary One next year and if your child has been trying to dodge away from you when you come to them with a Chinese story book, try this series. It's filled with amusing childhood fun of what Mi Xiao Quan has went through.

This set was ordered from Taobao (A china based website) and gifted by my sister to Xav. Can you imagine him laughing as I read to him, to the extend it sent him rolling off the bed and his highly contagious laughter made Vera joined in the laugh too !

Top Left : 耗子是条狗 ISBN 978-7-5365-5742-0
Top right : 瞧这一家人 ISBN 978-7-5365-5744-4
Bottom Left :  好朋友铁头 ISBN 978-7-5365-5741-3
Bottom Right : 我是小学生 ISBN ISBN 978-7-5365-5740-6

There are a total of 12 books, 4 books per series. I have with me the books for series for 1 & 2.

So what we did for the book review, I tried to make a mini 4-pages booklet but I find it too small and he might have difficulty squeezing his writings in it. Hence, I decided to go for an A4 size paper to have the review written in it. The requirement did not indicate if it can be a few pages of A4 sized paper. Hence, I decided to make a little booklet with tabs, indicating the three different section of the review.

The cover page

I cut three tabs from my die cut and stick the tabs behind the papers. The mini booklet was secured to the A4 sized cardstock using brads.

Introducing the characters of the story is one of the segment. Xav chose to draw the characters and wrote their name on top. It's really once in a blue moon when I saw how focus he was when he was looking at the page and tried to draw to look as close as what was being drawn in the book.

Xav's drawings on the blue cardstock

Pretty similar to those in the book after adding on colours. I would say pretty well done by Xav !

With added colours

Summary of the story on the next page

Reasons on why would he recommend this book

And his thoughts after reading the book was the last segment.

His thoughts

I printed out a picture of the book, sticked it as part of the content. Xav drew arrows to indicate the title, the author and the publisher. Used MT washi tape with books design to decorate the page. Perfect tape for a book review. Here it is, our completed review for submission.

The completed page

The process of writing out the three segments; I went through the questions with Xav and wrote down the inputs he gave me when I prompted him. Then he copied what I wrote earlier onto the different pages before I secured them onto the cardstock. Was a pretty nice bonding session with him through the making of this assignment. This was actually a book review competition. Xav told me he wanted to win the prize.

On the other hand, I was worried that what if he does not win, he is going to be disappointed. I responded to what he said that it is alright even if he does not win any prize. I am happy enough to see him putting his 100% effort during the making of this review.

By the way, it has been a few months since I last post for the monthly Chinese Fun. Do link up if you have any activities related to learning Chinese the fun way ! Have a great November !

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