Sunday, August 31, 2014

DIY Compund word kit (Chinese Version)

Welcome back to my monthly Chinese Fun Series ! Finally, back on tracks !

I was packing Xav's bookshelf few weeks back and stumbled upon (imagine, how long have I not touched them) this set of books which he used to bring back after his Endoland sessions in school.

I find this set of books pretty good ! It should not look stranger to you if you child is attending Endoland in school. The books should be the same I guess ?

One way to effective teach word recognition is to group words with related shapes or a common root.

These books grouped a family of a few characters and formed into a short story rhyme, which makes the characters meaningful.

A short comprehension after the story rhymes to see if the child comprehends the story.

Some post reading activities to reinforce the learning.

And I decided to make a simple matching game to revise with him. It does seems like compound words but in the Chinese version. ( I did made a set of kit for the compound words in English, Croc-a- compound word) Am not surprised that he has forgotten how to read certain words or read using the wrong "tone" as all the characters looks kind of similar.

I do have a set of "Han Zi Wang" 汉字王 but the set does not  contain so many pieces of the same pieces for me to carry out. Hence, I used my foam scraps and cut out these cute little fishes and with some round sticker labels, wrote the words on it and stick it onto the foam fishes, with self correcting intent behind it by placing the same colour fishes in a group for a character.

How to further utilise the fishes, simply just flipped them over and you can use them as math counters or let the younger one learn colours through sorting them in a cupcake baking tray !

There are a few more books to prepare for the sets to go with it. You can get foam shapes from Spotlight if you intend to make these sets.

Have more ideas on how you would normally teach Chinese to make it more fun ? Link me up !

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Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. I am merely sharing what I find is good and useful in Xav's learning.

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