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[Media Invite] The Great Moscow Circus

ROLL UP, ROLL UP! This heart-pounding family spectacular's - THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS is finally in Singapore and will be here till 23 November 2018, right under the magnificiant red and white big top, tent circumference of 40 metres!

Direct from Moscow and the circus capitals of the world returned to Singapore for the first time in over a decade, with a company of circus superstars! 45 performers, acrobats, clowns, jugglers, daredevils - all circus stars reowned world-wide for their theatrical flair and breathe-taking talents!

"We are so excited to be bringing the great Russian Circus tradition back to Singapore. Established in 1918, the Great Moscow Circus is recognised around the world as the best of the best." - Andrew Guild

Last Thursday, I managed to get a sneak preview of some of the sensational acts! Meet the Ringmaster! A must have for every great circus and Moscow Circus has the BEST - Mr Stanislav Knyazkov.
Ringmaster and Master Clown.

Endless somersaults by Fast Track Acrobats who were so agile with every single move! 

They made it looked so easy but infact it's danger personified as they landed firmly for every stunt! To execute this, strong team work, trust and alot of trainings are definately required!

How amazing but yet at the same time, every twist the contortionist made, made my heart froze! How on earth can one human being be so flexible! There must be so much of pain and sweat before he could present the best to the audience!

One of the highlight of the 2 hours show, The Globe of Death ! It was not one but up to 5 motorcycles went into the sphere and made their rounds in high speed without crashing into each other! Watch that surprise ending!

Guess what ! I was kind of suprised to see a female biker in the team! Totally had my full admiration! Totally full of guts and she did it as well as the other male counterparts! Whoooo hoooo!

The premiere was perfect and timely for his post-exam celebration! Xav's second time to a circus and Vera's first!

The opening segment, The Catwall Trampoline Troupe already sent the audience cheering and giving them continuous applause! Xav exclaimed that they looked like the acrobats were walking on a wall!

and it was a really a jaw-dropping moment when the box was revealed to show a man in the box! How flexible he was!

Man in the Glass Box

I personally love the Aerialists,

Double Giant Wheels (Exclusive to 2018 Moscow Circus and the Globe of Death! The rest were equally amazing in their own ways but these three made my heart raced faster, made me cheered and gave them all the applaused they deserved! The fearless acrobats were indeed, really, amazing. I think they deserved more than two thumbs up!

Running on the wheels without safety wires on them, no safety net on the ground, I held my breath when I watched one of them used a skipping rope, did flips on the wheel and covered his head with a black cloth the next moment! Totally exhilerating!

Double Giant Wheels

While there were moments that kept us on the edge of our seats, the hilarious Dmitry Clown would popped in and out of the program several times and sent us laughing with his really brilliant tricks! Watch how Dmitry performed with the hula hoops or spinning up to five balls. 

Be amazed!You can expect audience engagement too and the audience who were chosen were really sporting to play along! What lots of joy!

You have seen jugglers using hands, now I think this brilliant juggler, Juan Pablo Matinez, had juggling brought up to the next level by juggling with his mouth!! With ping-pong balls popping out from his mouth continuously and catching them swiftly!

Do not blink your eyes or even bid an eyelid! My ring seat was perfect to watch him upclose, as well as for other segments like Quick Change by Transformationist Sixto and Lucia ( Go to Xavvy-licious Instagram highlights if you missed the ig stories)

And Rola Bola conifirmed to send you biting your nails as you watch Sascha William goes higher and higher, balancing on one cylinder on another!

Rola Bola

Thank you @randomdaddyaw

The Great Moscow Circus provides you with 2 hours of astounding performance filled with thrills, laughter and entertainment with more than 16 sensational acts! The performances have an act for all the old and young! It is not perfect as after all the perfomers are humans too, but the audience still gave them the loudest applause when some lost their footings. This is heartening and I believed, is the best encouragement one performer could get and perform on!

If you have a concern of not knowing which seats to get, we were seated at the ringside infront of Section E and F. For ground acts like juggling, quick change, watching Dmitry, Trampoline acts, we could see the acts right infront of our eyes.

But having said that, segments like Horizontal Bar would require us to lift our heads slgihtly to watch them when they were on greater heights and they gave an effect as if their legs could reach you. Double Giant Wheels from my side could see the acrobats balancing and walking from the side view but of course having said that, direct facing the stage would be the best overview for everything, go for Section D. In my opinion, all seats would be able to let you watch the show not more than 11 metres away but just the angle difference.

Some tips to share if you are planning to watch (show starts at 7.30pm):
- Visit the toilet at Marina Bay Sands first before you head over.
- Be there 30 mins earlier should you need to queue up to get snacks.
- Have an early dinner before the show starts as only popcorns, candy floss, mixed nuts and drinks are on sale.
- if your child is more sensitive to noises like Vera, bring an ear muffler helps to block off some noises which may make them uncomfortable. Do not misinterpret this, the cound system within the big top tent was just nice and further more the performances were accompanied by a live band for the sound effects. Thanks Cynthia for the adorable ear mufflers!
- No outside food and drinks were allowed and be expected that there will be bag checks before the entrance. 

Within the Big Red Top is air conditioned, just sit back, relax and enjoy the performance! Do not miss the circus of a lifetime! Get your tickets HERE ! Tickets start from $65, no regrets! I bet you will be like us leaving the Big Red Top with some sore jaws from the continous cheering, jaw-dropping and laughing moments.

Event dates are as follow:
25 Oct - 23 Nov 2018

Tuesday - Friday: 7.30pm
Saturday: 12 pm, 4 pm & 7.30pm
Sunday: 11am, 3 pm & 6.30pm
Public Holiday: 12 pm & 4pm

Age Limit:
- Infant in arms and children below 3 years old may be admitted without a ticket.
- Children 3 years old and above MUST purchase a ticket for entry.

Venue: Bayfront Avenue (Besides Marina Bay Sands)

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Disclaimer: It was a media invite for the purpose of review and no monetary compensation is involved. We thank Sliding Doors Entertainment and The Great Moscow Circus for the invitation, we had a great evening! 

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