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[Sponsored] Celebrating August with iROO

August is one of my favourite month and this year, Jenn and I had part of our birthday celebrated with iROO (pronounced as "ee"-"Roo"),  a Taiwanese Fashion Brand. iROO was founded in 1999.

Last year, I attended iROO's 7th Anniversary celebration and that was how I learnt more of this fashion label. From it's design and good quality material, iROO has a concept of making luxury afforable to consumers. 

In August, we visited the outlet at Ngee Ann City. The store was spacious with the fitting area segregated with a display shelf, the fitting rooms were equipped with full length mirrors and the floor was carpeted. The fitting area gave me a luxurious and cosy feel.

I felt comfortable browing through the racks with the personal space given. The staff had politely allowed us to browse freely and was always ready whenever we had questions for them.

And if you did not know, iROO launches new arrivals on a weekly basis. The set below was one of my selection which I fell in love with, the first time I saw it.

Usually, I do not follow the latest trend as I may not be able to carry off a particular style. I tend to look for apparels that suit my lifestyle, my body shape and my skin tone. I need to feel good and confident with the right fit.

What do I look for when shopping for clothes:
- Design of the apparel; I preferred it to be simple but unique.
- Multi-functional; as much as possible, that piece of top or bottom must be able to mix and match with others. If possible, with only just a change of the appropriate shoes, I would like to wear the apparels for a casual outing, attending a dinner celebration or for a concert.
- Price of the apparel must be reasonable for its materials and design. I would not mind paying more for a limited edition piece or if the shop only sells that one and only design which I did paid before for a dress. That piece must have that attraction to draw me back to buy it home.

I am excited to show you my selection! I fell in love with this plain white top when I first saw it on iROO's Facebook page. What attracted me was the unique laser cut floral design at the sleeves as well as this denim skirt with a pleated, sheer tulle.

Denim has always make one looks young. I love how feminine it is to have the sheer tulle over the denim skirt, if  you felt the same as me that the combination is unique. I do not usually go for any embroided embellishment but this was acceptable, not too overwhelming for me to accept.

Don could not get used to seeing me wear a "long" skirt as I have never wore one after being together with him for the past 13 years but the skirt had won praises from my gal friends who saw me wearing it. Even Xavier commented that the skirt was unique, I am totally loving it!

A plain white top is the easiest to match. The laser cut floral top can also match with this skirt which slightly has a flare. Yes I did stated I do not like prints but I find the prints on this skirt bright and cherry, I felt instantly younger by a few years.

Further more, this skirt is very light weight, I did not feel anything sitting on my hips. I can even change it to a pair of heels to have a more feminine effect but my old back can only take on flats or canvas shoes for now.

The next set is more casual with the bottom akin to a pair of shorts and skirt. A very casual style which I can wear it to fetch Xav from school, without over dressing. The dark blue, stripped top is perfect for the weather in Singapore, with it's light and soft fabric. Lyocell and cotton is used for the top and for your information, lyocell is more expensive than cotton and has natural breathability and can absorb 50% more moisture more than cotton.

Totally felt like a student once again ! 

The fitting area with full length mirrors.  

This was another piece which perfect and chic for all occasion. I hardly tried on dresses of such cutting but I felt that it was perfect for my silhouette. It's simplicity and the stitched shoulder ribbon strap drawn me to it. Unfortunately the cutting was slightly loose for me at the back and I had to drop this piece.

At the end of the selection, we got a 'SURPRISE' !! I was totally unaware until I heard my name called twice and saw the staff holding a chocolate cake in her hands. Thank you AT Marketing Consultancy and team iROO for the really sweet gesture, felt totally loved!

Just in time for my birthday, I actually 'twinned' with Vera without looking too childish while she wore a tutu, I had a tulle to match with her.

And I think it made a nice outfit to wear for an evening date or a concert too !


Now, I wished I could have dressed up and looked better in pictures when I travelled in the past. I was reminded of the pictures I took when I visited the Colosseum in Rome, I was in a tank top and beach shorts! Hence, this round, I packed my selection along for my recent Hua Hua trip (to be blogged later), making some effort to dress up, no slippers, shorts and tank tops this time!

Stand tall like a flamingo and be fabulous ! 

Instead of pairing with skirts, the laser cut top can be paired with jeans for a casual dinner or

a walk at the night market.

I love how the coloured prints on the flare skirt stood out despite the background was almost of the same shade.

iROO's apparels are designed by Taiwanese Designers for Asians so the sizes are more suitable for Asian frames. I was pleasantly surprised that I can fit into some and if you are wondering how the sizes are, I usually wear UK4 sizes and could fit in Size 36 for some of iROO's apparels. Some of the apparels with the same sizes may differ in the cutting due to designs, nevertheless, give it a try and you never know which piece may just bring out the more confident you or discover a new style that suits you!

You should visit the stores and have a different shopping experience in the retails, here is the list for iROO's outlets in Singapore, all are conveniently located in town.

- iROO Vivocity 
1 harbour front walk, #01-179 - 182 
Singapore 098585

- iROO Raffles City
Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-11
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

- iROO Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #B2-36 
391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

- iROO Great World City, #01-45/46
1 Kim Seng Promenade 
Singapore 237994

For more information, do visit iROO's :

Thursday, September 13, 2018

[Media Invite] SingaPOPera - A Celebration of The Musicals of Dick Lee

Singapore's very own homegrown, talented composer, pop singer, songwriter and playwright- Dick Lee. You cannot be clueless about him even if you have not watch his musicals, he is the composer behind the Nation's most well beloved National Day Song 'Home' composed in 1998. Till date, this song is still a hit in most Singaporeans, even Vera knows how to sing the chorus though not the full song.

25th August 2018, I celebrated my birthday with the privilege of attending SingaPOPera together with Jenn and Lynn, a concert put up to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of 'Beauty World' . Written by Dick Lee and Michael Chiang in 1988, this is one musical with numerous restaging over the past 30 years. 

The amazing two hours, Dick Lee reminisced and brought us through the 18 musicals he has written over the past 30 years together with 7 other shining musical theatre stars; 'Broadway Beng' Sebastian Tan, Alamay Fernandez, Denise Tan, Dwayne Lau, Frances Lee, Benjamin Chow and Cheryl Tan accompanied by a 9-piece band, led by Musical Director Indra Ismail.

The cast also recapped and shared how they embarked on their musical theatre journey and how Dick Lee had influenced them in their careers. That night, the cast took turns to serenade along side with Dick Lee accompanying most of the songs on piano.     

Photo Credit: Dick Lee Asia

2017, I did not made it to watch Forbidden City: Protrait of An Empress. That night, I roughly got a summary through the songs, one of which 'Now China has a son' sung by Benjamin Chow.

I especially loved the piece "My only chance" sung by Malaysian-born talent, Cherly Tan, who played Young Yehenara in Forbidden City back then. The song was repeatedly playing in my head even after the concert had ended.

Photo Credit: Dick Lee Asia

Another favourite for that evening was 'When All The Tears Have Dried' from Sing to the Dawn was brought alive by vocal powerhouse, Alamay Fernandez, one of the best female vocalist in Singapore and also, a Jazz singer.  

Photo Credit: Dick Lee Asia

This year also marked the 20th Anniversary for the most successful Cantonese - Chinese musical, Snow Wolf Lake [雪狼湖], sang by Jacky Cheung, Love is forever [爱是永恒] - in Cantonese version. Dick Lee, whom later claimed that he did not have a clue of what he was singing as it was in Cantonese but I must say it was really good. I have fallen in love with this song 20 years ago and till now I still do love it.

Photo Credit: Dick Lee Asia

Bunga Sayang, composed and written by Dick Lee. This is my first time hearing this iconic folk song, it was simple yet beautiful and melodious when all the voices blended in unison. 

In every village by the sea 
There stands a tall and ancient tree 
That shelters from the sky above 
A tree of hope, a tree of love

It shares with us our joy and feels our pain 
It grows with us through sun and rain 
It stays so green the whole year through 
And flowers when a dream comes true

Bunga Sayang 
Bunga Sayang 
You are heaven's own work of art 
Bunga Sayang 
Bunga Sayang 
Gentle flower of the heart

Nearing the end of the concert, we got on our feet and cha-cha-cha along as we sang "Beauty World" with the cast. This is one of the best known musical of singapore, written with some Singlish and Singapore Slang.

Photo Credit: Dick Lee Asia

The concert ended with Dick Lee leading the whole theatre into singing "Home" which I believed that, this song has been deeply engraved in all our hearts.

Photo Credit: Dick Lee Asia

It had been a night of an amazing showcase by these shining stars and Dick Lee who is one of the best known personality and has a significant contribution to the art scene, especially in Singapore.  I thank AT Marketing Consultancy once again for the invitation and to iRoo Singapore for dressing me up with your unique apparels. I will be sharing more on my retail experience and choice of selection of the iRoo outfits soon. Stay tuned!

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